2012 Deception—The Arrival of Planet X?


Could it be possible? The arrival of the long awaited Planet X, also called Nibiru that is supposedly inhabited by a race of advanced beings called the Annunaki according to certain sources that derive their conclusions from the era of the Sumerians? The Planet X adds to the 2012 deception that is brainwashing humanity into the ideology of “change“. A deceptive plot will occur within this decade to activate the New World Order and 2012 is generating an international mind-set—an ideology of the end-of-the-world or an awakening.

The mainstream illuminati owned and controlled media rarely mentions the subjects of UFOs, Aliens, or Planet X within any meaningful context. In fact, these subjects are often treated within derogatory content by debunkers and skeptics. Many sources claim that Planet X is already within our solar system, and images of it have apparently been captured by NASA satellite cameras—however, secrecy dominates the government and its big deceptive plot to unite the world for the coming antichrist—the man of lawlessness.

The New Agey Actors and Writers of Deception:

Zechariah Sitchin wrote a series of books including “The 12th Planet”, and made the case that the Annunaki (aliens) visited the earth from a orbital fly-by of Planet X many thousands of years ago. Planet X is to have an unusual orbit, as in, it swoops far out of the solar system for thousands of years, and yet, it’s an orbit that brings Planet X back near to the earth. This theory adds to the 2012 syndrome that is brainwashing humanity.
Alien, Reptilian
Reading and analyzing the books of Zechariah Sitchin 10 years ago, even though there exists a measure of truth, Sitchin’s agenda is peculiar to the point of questioning his motives. As in Whitley Strieber, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, David Icke—Zechariah Sitchin seems to be in the same deceptive ark through abusing the truth to implant an ideology. All of these “new agey public actors” have accumulated a small following.

The Planet X supporters will claim changes in the earth are occurring because its gravitational pull in the solar system. This could be a deceptive reality for many onlookers that debunk the manipulation of Haarp, Longitudinal Wave Interferometers, and Scalar Electromagnetic Super Weapons.

Could the theory of Planet X play into the Deception of 2012?

The deceptive plot to unite the world within a common bond and vision will accomplish the most deceptive scheme yet. The 2012 syndrome is creating a mind-set that will generate a defensive nature of survival which adds to the brainwashing movies and TV shows that relate to survival. There is a 2012 movement that supports the Planet X scenario that will crash into the earth, or create a pole shift, or better yet, the Anunnaki will return with their god “Enki” for the benefit of humanity. The movie makers of Hollywood continue to portray a war and a scenario of survival, however not many movies about a 12th Planet yet. A 12th Planet scenario could produce a deception of the ET Grays arriving to the earth, except for the fact that the ET Grays, whom are deviously working under the powers of the darkness, have been here on the earth since 1947 and are working with the US Government. Once a person can understand fully the deceptive secret of the partnership between the US Government and the ET Grays—then it is easy to understand the cultural dynamics and high crime rate of the United States.

The Possibilities of Deception:

Could Planet X be a reality?

Extreme high possibility of Deception. Considering the importance of the number twelve, and the twelve consolations, but only eleven planets in our solar system, the twelve planet could very well be a realism.

Could Planet X pass by the Earth around the time of 2012 or after?

Extreme high possibility on the A+ level of Deception. Planet X would provide the alien war against the earth that would unite the world with a common bond—save humanity and planet earth. But this war will be staged by the governments, the antichrist, and the illuminati, but act-out as a real destructive war. After, the New World Order will begin with the majorities supporting the new government because of the miraculous war victory.

Could Planet X crash into the earth?

Not very likely, the powers of the darkness have to great of an interest in the earth and the humans. Plus a collision into the earth does not parallel with the Divine Plan.

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  • john April 28, 2010, 3:39 am

    i dont think that planet x will collide into the earth but ufo’s are real and i think that planet x will be the collison on 2012

    • Shawn April 29, 2010, 7:54 pm

      Thanks for the comment.
      The Occult Numerology clearly shows that 2012 will be the activation of the New World Order.

      Yet, considering that a very large majority of humanity does not comprehend that there is a strong possibility of Alien involvement, a planet X scenario could play into the deception.

  • Rhati May 10, 2010, 3:22 pm

    I think you are wrong. Nibiru is a reality and has been predicted through the ages,Mayan,Hopi and Sumerians, or are you saying that they are also in the one world order. No one person has all the answers to the enigmas of Earth. Not Christians nor scientists nor creationists and all the other “ists”. This object makes an appearance every 3600 years and with it massive cataclysms such as the great flood of the bible,(which you would probably agree with). Its not all about the New World Order, its about becoming aware of your sprituality while in a body and using that knowledge to better understand your place in the Universe. I along with others have been tracking and predicting it’s arrival.
    It is a necessary part of Earths evolution. Humans are very set in their ways and don’t handle change,good luck in the months to come.

    • Shawn May 10, 2010, 6:01 pm

      So did you closely read the post? I wrote that the reality of Nibiru is an extremely high possibility.
      This post is offering different possibilities and should not be viewed as an absolute generality.

      First there is no proof whatsoever that Nibiru does exists in our solar system that orbits outside and back in, this idea originates with Stichin. However to cause an alien deception, Nibiru could very well be a reality.

      3600 years ago was 1590 BCE from our current year, is there any evidence that the planet did orbit close to the earth? And if this planet did orbit close to the earth it doesn’t seem like any increase in consciousness occurred.

      The possibility is that Nibiru is a reality, but used as a deception for the New World Order.

      So what are you using to track and predicts its arrival?

      • jojo July 18, 2012, 1:42 am

        HELLO ALL
        first of all im sorry for my bad english (it is not my native language).
        Mr Shawn i must add to your coment that 3600 years ago planet x might or might not have passed near us there is no actual data on this but the change of consciousness maybe is trigger by the 25000 years cycle in wich the Milky Way align with our solar system and it happens to be almost the same date that planet x is supposed to pass by… I really dont know… im guessing here but 2 many things are happening to have the same year of ending and starting…. just my thoughts!
        peace! and i really hope that if something happends it will be for good!

    • conrad May 18, 2010, 7:30 am


    • p0l6rb36r May 8, 2012, 4:29 pm

      exactly what’s. can’t figure out all drama/pomp & circumstance yet. see you on the other side. don’t forget to prepare your FEMA 3 day survival kit!!!

  • Un-known. May 12, 2010, 10:03 pm

    It could be a true thing this 12th planet called {Nibiru} the Sumerians are the oldest race that talk about it. So it could very well be a real thing that our goverment’s do not talk about. It would cause world wide panic if they did talk about it if it were true.The fact that the NWO Ie secret gov groups such as the mason’s and other’s. They do not want to leak the info on the subject there are a lot of things that the US-gov and other goverment’s do not share with the plubic and thats a fact.

    • Shawn May 13, 2010, 11:39 am

      Totally agree, and could be used as a deceptive tool.

  • Decklyn Nibiru May 17, 2010, 5:04 am

    If you take into account that everything that the gov/shadow gov does that is catastrophic, it has a trend, Moment of surprise!. Now that they have public’s interest and eyes open they can write what they want. for example the Twin Towers. The public is looking for answers and they don’t care where they get them from. Who are you going to listen to the little guy in the corner with his head down and can barley hear, or are you going to listen to the guy that is standing tall and speaking with loud firm voice for all to hear? My point is that Nibiru will come, but will not bring forth alien attack but merely present the opportunity at the right time since the public has no knowledge of this in the first place it will be a Surprise yet again to write what they wish once again to put the pubic on path of there choosing. The gov has everyone mind controlled to a point now that if anyone were to oppose them that a person or group is shut up. What’s sad is these people are not silenced anymore by the gov, they are silenced by there peers, followers of the word of the media. Direct portal to your mind and your thinking is the TV. in order for someone to trust your word today you have to say it was on the news cause hell if anyone will believe you otherwise. They will use Nibiru as an opportunity to bring forth another destruction to humanity to bring us all together to put in place new world order. How? they have had alien technology for almost a decade. using technology unfamiliar to the rest of the public UFO. against us will only result in the blaming of alien life for the mass destruction – now common ground is written for all human life – Gov steps up with a plan to save us all — we need to join together. New World Order, then the Chips, because using every kind of currency is not going to work for the cash register — so we need chips to solve this problem, your wealth will be on a chip and you can just scan it – easy — this is the deception, the majority of you will fall to it even if you say you wont now. You will when your sister, brother, father, mother, ant, uncle and dog is doing it. They have already put it to the test — the H1N1 shot was a test of reaction – we failed – because everyone will believe the media before anyone els. I’ve seen it with my own eyes when everyone is lining up for a shot to prevent something that did not exists in the first place. They took something that has been common every year and put it under a flashlight and gave it a name. Now you have something in you, that you don’t really understand, and was scared to take in the first place. If you continue to be controlled, you will end up in a place that will be worst then hell.. Save yourself and find God, he is the light all around you. you must learn to tap into it. there you will find truth just as I have.

    • blank man anninaki May 20, 2010, 10:47 am

      yu have some interestin theories
      i enjoyed reading that
      but the gov will attack ppl
      but not directly
      but in the form of a virus
      the rest of the population will be easily controled

      • Brianx220 January 24, 2012, 2:13 am

        This is already in effect, has been in effect since the water has been drained and sold back to us. Hell maybe even before. There is an odd taste in each and every bottle of water. That is not pure water, you can taste it. Something is in that water it even makes me want to throw it up. Taking something essential to life and selling it at expensive rates only means just the wealthy will have access to it. Not that i truly believe the government is trying to poison us all but pieces fit the puzzle. The thing is trust your instincts and know whats right from wrong, whats true and false.

        • penguinrage1122 January 22, 2013, 10:54 pm

          i agree with you. ive heard rumors

  • tama May 17, 2010, 1:10 pm

    what the last of the earth is realy and true? tama