2012 Deception—The Arrival of Planet X?


Could it be possible? The arrival of the long awaited Planet X, also called Nibiru that is supposedly inhabited by a race of advanced beings called the Annunaki according to certain sources that derive their conclusions from the era of the Sumerians? The Planet X adds to the 2012 deception that is brainwashing humanity into the ideology of “change“. A deceptive plot will occur within this decade to activate the New World Order and 2012 is generating an international mind-set—an ideology of the end-of-the-world or an awakening.

The mainstream illuminati owned and controlled media rarely mentions the subjects of UFOs, Aliens, or Planet X within any meaningful context. In fact, these subjects are often treated within derogatory content by debunkers and skeptics. Many sources claim that Planet X is already within our solar system, and images of it have apparently been captured by NASA satellite cameras—however, secrecy dominates the government and its big deceptive plot to unite the world for the coming antichrist—the man of lawlessness.

The New Agey Actors and Writers of Deception:

Zechariah Sitchin wrote a series of books including “The 12th Planet”, and made the case that the Annunaki (aliens) visited the earth from a orbital fly-by of Planet X many thousands of years ago. Planet X is to have an unusual orbit, as in, it swoops far out of the solar system for thousands of years, and yet, it’s an orbit that brings Planet X back near to the earth. This theory adds to the 2012 syndrome that is brainwashing humanity.
Alien, Reptilian
Reading and analyzing the books of Zechariah Sitchin 10 years ago, even though there exists a measure of truth, Sitchin’s agenda is peculiar to the point of questioning his motives. As in Whitley Strieber, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, David Icke—Zechariah Sitchin seems to be in the same deceptive ark through abusing the truth to implant an ideology. All of these “new agey public actors” have accumulated a small following.

The Planet X supporters will claim changes in the earth are occurring because its gravitational pull in the solar system. This could be a deceptive reality for many onlookers that debunk the manipulation of Haarp, Longitudinal Wave Interferometers, and Scalar Electromagnetic Super Weapons.

Could the theory of Planet X play into the Deception of 2012?

The deceptive plot to unite the world within a common bond and vision will accomplish the most deceptive scheme yet. The 2012 syndrome is creating a mind-set that will generate a defensive nature of survival which adds to the brainwashing movies and TV shows that relate to survival. There is a 2012 movement that supports the Planet X scenario that will crash into the earth, or create a pole shift, or better yet, the Anunnaki will return with their god “Enki” for the benefit of humanity. The movie makers of Hollywood continue to portray a war and a scenario of survival, however not many movies about a 12th Planet yet. A 12th Planet scenario could produce a deception of the ET Grays arriving to the earth, except for the fact that the ET Grays, whom are deviously working under the powers of the darkness, have been here on the earth since 1947 and are working with the US Government. Once a person can understand fully the deceptive secret of the partnership between the US Government and the ET Grays—then it is easy to understand the cultural dynamics and high crime rate of the United States.

The Possibilities of Deception:

Could Planet X be a reality?

Extreme high possibility of Deception. Considering the importance of the number twelve, and the twelve consolations, but only eleven planets in our solar system, the twelve planet could very well be a realism.

Could Planet X pass by the Earth around the time of 2012 or after?

Extreme high possibility on the A+ level of Deception. Planet X would provide the alien war against the earth that would unite the world with a common bond—save humanity and planet earth. But this war will be staged by the governments, the antichrist, and the illuminati, but act-out as a real destructive war. After, the New World Order will begin with the majorities supporting the new government because of the miraculous war victory.

Could Planet X crash into the earth?

Not very likely, the powers of the darkness have to great of an interest in the earth and the humans. Plus a collision into the earth does not parallel with the Divine Plan.

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