Comment Policy

Comments are most welcome on Advent of Deception. Comments add to the knowledge of the reader that visits Advent of Deception.

There are some ground rules for commenting that are important to the maintenance of civil discourse in the comments. I regret that there are more negatives than positives. Unfortunately, there are people who want to abuse blog communities with comments that are inappropriate.

I moderate the comments, and check them daily. I also respond to most comments. If you have any question or think a comment is inappropriate in anyway, please Contact Me, and I will address the situation.

Please note: Comments automatically close after 365 days from the posting date.

1. Please be polite, no personal attacks allowed.

Any type of personal attacks toward another commenter or the Author of AD will be deleted.

No name calling, rudeness, personal attacks and similar comments will be tolerated. If you’re unsure whether your comment falls under these limitations, just remember the Golden Rule. And remember that your comment will be visible worldwide. Discussions, even heated ones, are welcome, but please respect other people options and refrain attacking someone whom you have never met in person.

To avoid personal attacks, only refer to the subject and topic of the post.

2. Comments must be reverent to the topic.

The comment section is for the benefit of everyone to broaden their knowledge within the subject of the post.

Any comments that violate this policy will be deleted.

3. Links in comments are OK.

Relevant links in comments are actively encouraged. If you want to point to a link on your own or someone else’s site that is relevant to the topic, then please feel free to do so. This adds to the conversation and improves the blog. Note that if you have more than 1 link, the spam filter will pick it up and your message might not be displayed. If you want to provide more than 1 links, please email me using the Contact tab and let me know so I can rescue your comment from the spam filter.

4. Comments cannot be edited.

Please remember that comments cannot be edited once they are made. If you wish to have a comment edited or deleted, please email me using the “Contact” tab at the top of each page.

5. No commercial messages.

Commercial messages and links in comments are not allowed and will be deleted, no matter how good the product or service is, or how relevant it might be to readers. Allowing the comment or link to stand would be a tacit endorsement of the product or service without my having reviewed it.

Advent of Deception is a “No Profit” Website. We do not run ads, nor are we interested in having advertisements on our site.

All commercial messages/advertisements and links will be deleted.

6. Spam is deleted.

I have spam filters in place which automatically catch the majority of automated spam comments. I don’t put up with it, and if any spam comments slip through the filters, I delete them immediately.

7. No trolls allowed.

I delete comments with crude language, obvious attempts to anger others, or other comments that I deem not to be in keeping with the standards of this site. If these comments persist, I will ban the commenter from being able to leave a comment. This includes Christian fanatical preaching

8. No Christian Preaching Allowed

This site receives a share amount of Christian fanatics that take the liberty to preach within the comment section of a post. This is not allowed and the comment will be deleted. You comment must relate to the topic.

9. I reserve the right to edit any comment.

An example of this would be a good comment that is made by a salesperson for a commercial interest or inappropriate Christian Preaching. I will edit or delete the comment. Comments with poor spelling I might edit.

10. I own this blog and my decision is final.

I am the sole arbiter of whether a comment is libelous, hateful, hurtful, or otherwise inappropriate. This blog is my responsibility, and I take it seriously. The readers of Advent of Deception are worldwide, and I believe I have a mandate to keep comments constructive, polite, and acceptable to this broad audience.

People who choose to violate these policies—your comments will not appear on Advent of Deception.