LaRouche supporter assaulted by Alaska State Fair Security

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A 10-minute YouTube video from the Alaska State Fair is getting people’s attention after an Obama protester was taken down by fair security for what they say was disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

But others say the man civil liberties were violated.
It’s not the typical scene you expect to see at the Alaska State Fair.
Where security took down Sidney Hill on the fair grounds for refusing to stop protesting while holding an Impeach Obama Now sign.

“He was interfering with a show that was taking place there and he’s wanting to put the sign in front of people,” said Dean Phipps, of the Alaska State Fair.

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Advent of Deception’s Narrative Advice:

The speech and reaction of the protester caused the motivation of the security guards. When dealing with any enforcer the citizen must speak as a lawyer, this form of communication is the only structure the enforcers comprehend. The first question to always ask the enforcer: “What is the Law”. Technically, for the enforcement officer to act averse to a civilian they must be breaking the law.

The enforcer must reveal the context of a law to the citizen upon request, and it is important to comprehend the definition of the law and individual phrases within the context of the law. Always remember, Anything You Say Can Be Held Against You. The police will endeavor to entrap an individual from their answers. Always ask what the law dictates before answering a question. And, you have the right to not answer any questions, and have the right to a lawyer if you agree to the questioning of the enforcers.

Rules contrasting Laws are within a different context. The enforcers cannot change you with breaking a law, if you broke a rule. But, an establishment can remove the rule-breaker from the location.

The police around the world act as military enforcement agents, and they do not Protect and Serve the Public as they did 60 years ago. The military enforcement officers pursue the money-making business of the county, city, and state.

Interesting how an excellent video fails to make it on CNN or The BBC.

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  • Amanda Vin Zant October 7, 2010, 1:14 am

    This article shares what’s happening with Sydney Hill post arrest since the newspapers seem to have lost interest.