The American Black Friday – The Deception and Scam

black friday is scamming americansThe busiest shopping day of the year is the day after the American Holiday of Thanksgiving. Only recently since 2003 has “Black Friday” been the busiest shopping day except for 2004. Prior years the busiest shopping day were the Saturday before the Occult holiday of Christmas.

The month of December is all about materialism and capitalism in relation to Christmas stemming from the manipulative media. During the “holiday season” multitudes of westerners are stressed and depressed from prior emotional baggage that creates depression.

The Terminology of Black Friday stems back to the ninetieth century about a financial crisis in 1869. Referring to Thanksgiving – the first advert to “Black Friday” is from the Philadelphia Police Department in 1966. The term “Black Friday” is negative and is aimed to scam the consumer to spend money and remain in debt and live a stressed life.

The month of December is all about materialism and capitalism in relation to Christmas stemming from the manipulative media

Black Friday is about hurling the megastores into the Black Profitability Zone. They use manipulative tricks to get the consumer to spend their money and outwit the buyers into thinking they are saving money, but in reality they are spending more money and getting into debt. The entire year from January to November most mall stores, megastores, and outlets are in the red. The month of December is the only month that most stores enter the black and will show a profit for the end of the year. Black Friday kicks off this profit month of most retail stores. Countless stores across the States will be opening their doors very early, typically 5 am or even earlier (Is this still affirmative in times of 24/7 shopping) to offer their so-called doorbuster deals.

Thanksgiving is purely an American holiday during the third week of November. Deluded Americans support their fire nation by eating animal products and superficially are giving thanks for a country that enslaved Africans and ruined the Native Indian culture in North America. The early European settlers built a wall around themselves in Jamestown because of their fear. Thanksgiving in America is nothing more than a glutton holiday that blends well with the 60% people who are overweight and kicks off the holiday season of capitalistic materialism.

Black Friday has generated violence in different parts of the country in the recent years. There have been mobs pushing their way into some store injuring people by trampling.

Black Friday is about hurling the megastores into the Black Profitability Zone

The majorities of people are deluded to the fact that they unwittingly participate. Non-participation would run the corporations out of business such as the worldwide dominance of McDonalds, Coke-a-Cola, and Starbucks. While greedy Wall Street crooks rip off America, more foreclosures occur, more Americans live without health insurance, and as personal debt augments – the deluded mind will just keep spending money they do not possess.

During the 2005 holiday season, “Cyber Monday” was coined by Cyber Monday is considered after the weekend of Black Friday.

Elements that Causes Tranced Inducement during Shopping:

Loud Negative or Positive Music
Florescent Lighting
Sales Person Talking Fast
Inflated Suggested List Price

The Entrainment of the Atmosphere (money spending) from the Collective Consciousness:

The collective consciousness of a country is very powerful. As the entire country is focused upon one dynamic, most people who are deluded will get caught up into the day of Black Friday. This site main reason to label a certain day or season. The holiday season in America is completely different from Europe because of the kick from Thanksgiving. The energetic entrainment is also completely different during December except for New Years in non Chrsitian countries. The Christian holiday is a whole deception that motivates the deluded individual to erect an idolatrous tree that symbolizes the Illuminati pyramid.

Offering Free Food or Fast Food:

Fast-food restaurants and Coffee shops are within the superstore such as Target and Walmart. The goal is not just to turn a profit on a cup of coffee, but to keep the shopper fueled and shopping longer. The negative corporations that produce food and coffee also weaken the mind into a short and small trances.

Odors – Everything we smell affects our nervous system through our olfactory system:

Scents to put you in the mood for shopping, coming at you from ambiguous scent delivery systems. The Corporate scam artists know that a scent can lead to the consumers’ wallet, and studies confirm that people spend more when the scent of a store trigger association thought patterns.

Time Pressure:

By putting a deadline on the best deals (think 3-7 AM specials), stores create a sense of urgency. The limited-time-only dynamic of Black Friday triggers an unrecognizable state of fear that motivates people to spend and buy more.

The Give-Away:

Expect stores to advertise an item over discounted, they are probably taking a loss on it, after all it is the holiday season. Stunning you with a price so low that you will not doubt the value of less steeply discounted items lures the shopper into more spending.

The only way to defeat the greedy world of capitalistic commerce is to practice non participation.

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  • Luke November 15, 2011, 2:05 am

    Thanks for the insightful post, I think it is sad state here in my home country of the US. I will have nothing to do with the holidays season.

  • Knows The Score November 15, 2011, 4:20 pm

    As a Native American of North Carolina, I wasn’t taught the truth about the meaning of Thanksgiving because my family did not know the origins of the holiday. We did not know that we were celebrating the genocide of our forebearers and the encampment (U.S concentration camps tantamount to cattle lots is what the Rez really is) of our people. It was a feast day sold to us under the guise of celebrating the unity and peace with the invaders who thrust themselves upon us, but in reality, nothing could be farther from the truth, even today. We stay low and quiet because our spirit is broken just like the horse, and just like the horses under the invader’s barn, most of us are dead broke, having been stripped of our identity and language and resources to earn our own money versus taking Uncle Sam’s blood money. I do not keep this holiday anymore; I declare a fast each Thanksgiving, and pray for my family members who remain in idolatry and think only of sports and stuffing their guts instead of pleasing The Most High. As far as the shopping goes, I myself have fallen prey to the “scents trick” retailers use. Some stores use a scent that mimmicks the odor of new leather which effects a person positively, causing them to buy due to the “high”. Walk into a leather clothing shop sometime to see if this is true for you. Thanks for remembering us in this article,
    Peace Shawn,

    • Shawn November 15, 2011, 4:50 pm

      Thanks for the extra input and nice comment.

    • cheryl January 25, 2012, 7:49 pm

      dear peace shawn,
      your comment is inspiring and touched me deeply. it is so hard to see from someones perspective in a hedonistic society that teaches you that you are only as important as the things that you possess. the institutions that educate us along with the media are designed to teach us to conform and to shun individualism. we can only succeed when we learn what they say, thru repetition , do as they say , and report any perversion of what is ” truth ” as it is . the ” truth ” turned out to be the opposite of all i was taught. patriotism, nationalism in the name of a unspecified god, has mislead all of us, white, brown ,yellow, red,and black alike. it is time to act, not physically, because we are waging a spiritual war where bullets are ineffective. you inspire me to keep my eye on the sparrow, cause it is about not “what ” you know but how you “living “. tell everyone and spread ” the word “.

  • Felipe November 23, 2011, 3:19 am

    I know that this is not on this topic but can you check out the movie interstella 5555 that goes with Daft Punk’s songs? it seems pretty unusual to me.

    • Shawn November 23, 2011, 1:46 pm

      Well 5 is the modern day death number for the occult.

  • asad February 13, 2013, 8:47 am

    Do you believe in god ?.. any thing happening in the world you are saying done by illuminati did it, then what god is doeing?

    • Shawn February 13, 2013, 7:05 pm

      The Divine source is playing out the Divine plan