The Host-Body Arrival of Baal The Antichrist, The Master of the Darkness?

venus sun earth alignment, occult symbolism

Several events that occurred this summer through the autumn equinox produced a profound occurrence that the majority of deluded humans will refuse to recognize. Considering the possibilities is of upmost importance to avoid a shocked emotional system and traumatization upon the intellect when the powers of the darkness present their staged agenda.

The Master of the Darkness must arrive on this earth and will manipulate the events on the earth to cause a powerful deception to maneuver the majority of the collective consciousness to surrender their free will.

From analyzing the events from the past few months during 2010, The Master of the Darkness (Baal, Satan, Antichrist, Man of Lawlessness) arrived in a host body on the earth in human form between the dates of October 29 and November 1.

Updated: 03/2011

A total of 33 lower entities entered into host bodies to deceive the world as humans.
Also, the 2012 Olympics in London is set up to Anoint the Antichrist through covert occult rituals.

The Alignment of the Sun, Venus, and the Earth:

The occult must stage a worldwide ritual spectacle as their celebration for the birth of Baal in a host body

The Planet Venus aligned itself with the Sun and Earth that began an inferior conjunction with the Sun on October 29. The invisible period ended on October 31 (Halloween) the biggest holiday for the Master of the Darkness that symbolizes his demotion. November 1 is recognized within Christianity as “All Saints Day” disguised as holy, but referring to the demotion of the spirits that followed Baal on the side of darkness within the spirit world.
Occult Numerology and Symbolism surrounds the episode of the 33 trapped miners in Chile that occurred between August 5th and October 13. Not only symbolism, but the episode played out an occult ritual relating to the prison of the underworld (lower fifth dimension of the Dark Entities) and escaping upon a bird or “Phoenix” onto the earth.

the christian depiction of the alignment of the sun venus and the earth
The Sun and Venus alignment correlates with the Gold and Copper mine in Chile symbolizes the copulation of the Sun God and the Fertility Goddess that gives birth to the “Baby Boy” that is destine to become King portrayed within Christendom, but king of the children of the darkness.

christian deception of the antichrist birth

69 days underground = 15 in occult numerology and 5+5+5 is the triple death number that may symbolize the death of Baal Entity Spirit within the “underworld”.

The day of freedom on 10/13 symbolizes the birth of Baal into his host body in human form.

The miners emerged with the star of Chile inverted so the point of the pentagram is facing down

Hollywood TV and Movie Releases:

Hollywood events that correlate with the arrival Master of the Darkness in a host-body within the earth are the release of “Devil”, the NBC TV series “The Event” and “2010 The Year of Contact”. Most notably the release of the movie “Devil” on 9/17/2010 with the highest gross of 33,099,550 on 10/31/2010. Prior, The Avatar portrayed the process of how a host body would be made and inhabited.

The movie “Devil” is simple, people get caught in an elevator and one of them is the Devil (portrayed as the older lady). However, the beginning of the movie portrays a man falling from the sky and crashing on a truck. The sky descent, the trap in the elevation, and rescue, symbolizes the fall from spirit world (lower fifth) into the underworld and the rescue to the earth.

The Chile Mine Occult Numerology and Symbolism:

The Gold and Copper Mine = Gold – Sun and Copper – Venus.
The Date of 8/5 = 13
33 Miners Trapped = the Power number of the occult. The foundational number of the occult is 3 and 11.
69 days underground = 15, the entire world became aware of the situation in Chile, the Business Tyrant President said “Chile will never be the same“.

chile inverted pentagrams pointing down

5 is the modern day death number of the occult, 15 is the power number. The occult ritual relates to death of the old and rebirth of the new that directly refers to Baal’s death as an entity and reborn as a human, and the death of an old age and the birth of the new such as the New World Order.

33 days of drilling.

10/13/10 which can be calculated this way: 10 + 13 + 10 which equals…33.

The angle of the access hole projected by the engineers is 11 degrees.

Rescuers used a 13-foot-tall metal cage to pull the miners to safety in less than twenty-four hours — faster than expected. The rescue capsule was a half-meter wide and known as the Phoenix.

The Phoenix is an imaginary bird from ancient stories. It bursts into flames but is continually reborn and rises from the ashes.

The entire episode of the Chile Mine trap symbolized the birth of Baal in human form that will present himself as the savor of the world during the alien war within this decade. And, the alignment of the Sun Venus and the Earth on October 29 and ended on the 31st or 1st of November could represent 3 days in the womb before birth on “All Saints Day”.

the alignment of the word series and the bermuda triangle, the event tv series

The Alignment of the World Series and the Bermuda Triangle:

Also, the San Francisco Giants played the Texas Rangers in the World Series. The Giants represents the Nephilim and the dwelling of the underworld prison. The flag of the San Francisco represents a bird and is the location of the “Golden Gate” The flag of Texas and Chile represents a pentagram. The alignment of the games connecting with the Bermuda Triangle is the interesting context.

The TV series “The Event” timing is suggestive to Atlantean via parallel Equinoctial Planetary Alignments. The Event Debut on September 22 and the main character and girlfriend was vacationing in St. Lucia near the Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle is said to be the porthole for Lucifer as the “Morning Star” or the “Son of Dawn”.

The occult must stage a worldwide ritual spectacle as their celebration for the birth of Baal as a human. Through the alignment of the planets, the recuse of the 33 chile miners, the release of the TV series “The Event” and the movies “Devil” and “2010 The Year of Contact”.

I am convinced that Baal, The Master of the Darkness entered the earth through a host body to assist in the preparation for the staged Alien War and the New World Order, and 32 cohorts are with him in human form. If this information is incorrect I will be the first to admit the mistake; however, after serious research and inquiries the occult used the above events to honor the host body of Baal into the world of the third dimension

Take Note: Baal who resides within a host body will be anointed as King over the children of the darkness during the 2012 Olympics that will kick off the Judgment era—Advent of Deception will keep a close watch within the next few years.

Primary Source Goroadachi

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