An Awakening Change into The Golden Age and 2012?


The 2012 issue rose out of the ashes in 2009 but with some preludes prior. Among the 2012 cult movements, pro or con, there are few common themes—the end of the world, a change, an awakening or shift in consciousness into a “Golden Age”. The most common theme for the end of the world is through an axis pole shift that would shift the earths crust. Though, there is also the thought of change into the Golden Age, or an “Awakening” into the forth dimension. Currently the earth and humanity resides in the third dimension. The term “awakening” is the most common.

The Change into an Awakening State:

The rhetoric of “change” is a continual theme among politicians, actors, and preachers. The Clinton campaign in 1992 preached “change”. Since the populace submerges themselves in front of the television, the hypnotic alpha trance levels affect long term memory. This last election in 2008 Obama preached the same message—Change. Some of the New Agey rhetoric is of “an awakening” or “a change” will occur in 2012; however, the message is intertwined with the truth of government corruption. It is evident that the only change that has occurred is the pursuit of control and the New World Order among the politicians. Hence, we can be assured when these public actors who portrays themselves as the “good guy” preaches change, a sly level of deception may be rooted within.

Interesting enough, an awakening is happening among individuals that have a spiritual disposition. Spiritual progression and awareness is at an all time high; people are realizing that spirituality resides within, clearly religion is controlled by the lower entities including playing a puppet for the governments. In contrast, there are multitudes of people that are walking into atheism. One main reason is from the observation of suffering, and their inner core programming taught that “God is Love”, or “seeing is believing” since the content of love is not manifested, God must not exist from their point of view.

The Deception behind the Message of Change into a Golden Age:

The method that these moles of the illuminati are using is to preach the truth about the governments corruption in addition to an uprising by using subliminal messages. Two people that come to mind are Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones that are revealing of such subjects as 911, Big Brother, 2012 and underground bunkers—they might not even be aware of the deception in their own message. The availability of this information such as 911 was complied in 2002 and very few people believed the material, Ventura is teaching nothing new accept to the vulnerable mind.

Combining the context of “Change” that creates hope in turn creates fantasy, and the truth of the governments that creates anger, in addition to the subliminal massages to uprise and fight—the deception should be quite clear. Many of the modern day bands are preaching and uprising such as Muse with their song “Uprising”. All top musicians sold-out to the illuminati and are under mind control in one way or another—truly what produces some of the satanic and masonic images and messages in the music industry. The compulsive television viewer’s emotional reality is congested with the emotional fiasco of negativity that television produces, so when truthful material is presented while under controlled delusion, the reaction may be illogical and scrambled.

Please note: there is a strong possibility that some of the public speakers are preaching this awakening, uprising, and resistance, may not be aware of the underlying deception.

Why does the Controllers want an Uprising?

An uprising will justify their actions of disposal. For the powers of the darkness to effectively control the society, they have to reduce the population. Think the context of deception; the lower entities, governments, corporations, and all offshoot organizations don’t want people who are aware as there servants—they want the mind-controlled ignorant ding-bat that cannot think for himself; the cause and effect of an individual engaging in hypnotic trances through high alpha brain activities such as television. The consequences will be total enslavement, no free will, no independent thinking if a person attaches themselves with the world.

Henceforth, creating an uprising among people that are aware will cause a problem that provides a justified solution: drag the awareness into the underground concentration camps, simultaneously, create an inner (false) sense of security among the fearful of ignorant by setting the trap to enslave. The media is portraying this through one minute commercials.

Please Note: I do not have a TV and will not own the hypnotic box, although I do research on the internet to keep up to date of what is being taught. I recently viewed an American made MTV commercial on You Tube, one minute in length depicting a modern day holocaust. Think about the message they are sending to the viewer.

Clearly, video is instilling fear into the viewer that points to an uprising and being hauled into underground concentration camp. Mostly the younger generation watches MTV.

The above scenario of deception is a high possibility. The question remains would this type of situation occur before the Lawlessness reveals itself? From my current research the situation is much more serious and complicated how this saga will concluded.

Note: Some alpha brain levels such as meditation can be healthy. Our thinking ability to troubleshoot and to recognize the negative relates to the combination of beta and alpha brain chemicals, at least from my personal experience and from my research. This is only an opinion not any medical or health advice.

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  • Matt Wilkes September 26, 2010, 4:25 pm

    I totally agree with your last comment “From my current research the situation is much more serious and complicated how this saga will concluded.”
    There is a great amount of control being persued throughout the world at this current time but i do not see this as a start of the NWO,
    the leader that will bring about the formation of this NWO comes to light in this year (2010) but will not gain supreme power untill the 2020’s-2030’s
    there are more signs that have not come too fruition as of yet

    the movement through the galactic centre and the great change of 2012 are totally seperate to the NWO/ antichrist (dont like the word as it revolves around one religion and not ALL)

    I do not say these things lightly and they are not words of my own but they are words that we’re given too me through my dreams
    I do not pretend to understand most of what i see but some things have become clear to me as event have happened that preclude what i see, call it dejavu if you will (again i use this for a lack of a better word)

    I am not what you would call a true believer in god as i see all religions as corrupt
    but I do not believe we are NOT a cosmic accident and will be shown the way to our destiny

  • Justin T July 1, 2012, 4:15 am

    If you ever read brave new world. Its going to explain how the world will undergo this change and be called Brave New World, as in a new world order. The world is very corrupt as we know it.