The China Mental Syndrome of HIV-Like Symptoms.

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Chris Hogg from the BBC news website reported from China that hundreds of people believe they are ill and might die. The new disease has HIV-like symptoms but the doctors believe it is a mental condition.

The Chinese have covered up illnesses in the past. People will wear face masks and avoid contact with other people for fear of transmission. Even though there are symptoms nobody is HIV positive, and the tests come back negative in all aspects.

The Chinese chat rooms are filled with people that have the same mystery illness. The two men that were interviewed said they visited a prostitute and twenty four hours later had undesirable symptoms. The doctors believe it is from extreme guilt that is affecting their immune system. Last month a study began of 60 patients with this mystery disease and ruled out HIV.

Dr Cai Weiping describes it as “HIV Phobia”.
BBC orignal article

The editor did not comment if all the patients visited a prostitute, if that would be the case it surely would be a phenomenon.

Could it be a form of Mind Control?

A Personal observation and opinion.

If the reader is currently studying the different mind control techniques that occur in America and around the world, one cannot help from curiously suspecting some manipulation or possibly the testing of a new method.

The illuminati uses mental hospitals around the globe and enjoy subjecting individuals to mental illness intertwined with paranoia. Indeed, America is a breeding ground for mental conditions of fear and paranoia. The mind can play tricks on a person when entrapped in the victimization of the ego.

Surprisingly, the BBC is the only major news network that broadcasted this story.

Naturally the reader may question how can I protect myself from the war on the mind?

There are several methods that we can strengthen our mind.
  • Get rid of your TV and Microwave.
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  • Learn to meditate and how to strengthen your  higher chakras.
  • Identify how to keep your Chi energy strong within your meridians. Seek out Acupuncture and Chi exercises.
  • Surrender your emotional baggage.

The influence of the world through Movies, TV shows, and music is sliding from bad to worse into a satanic nature. Violence, dysfunction, and the “lost of oneself” is a common theme. Surrendering the dualities of this world may assist the avoidance of the affliction of depression, fear, loneliness, and boredom—common human elements all over the world.


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