The Connection of Jesse Ventura and the illuminati?

Illuminati,Jesse Ventura

Throughout the internet people are questioning about Jesse Ventura and a possible connection with the illuminati. Advent of Deception is receiving multiple Google search hits from people using the terms “Jesse Ventura Illuminati”. Since Jesse Ventura aired his “Conspiracy Theories” on tru.TV owned by the Illuminati media beast Time-Warner, the third largest broadcasting network in the world, aside from publishing a book co-written with Dick Russell—there is reason to question the connection to the illuminati.

The television industry rapidly changed from the black-and-white analog TV, to color analog, and now HD digital that can produce mind-altering trances. A technique that TV editors use are fast transitions between clips. Within the episodes of Conspiracy Theories the transitions are extremely fast, under a second.

I decided to slow down the transitions between clips, and under a spilt second, Jesse’s Ventura’s editors appends illuminati masonic symbolism of the eye in the pyramid during the episode about 9-11. When you watched the episode do you notice the symbolism?

Jesse Ventura can easily debunk this revelation commenting that the symbolism relates to the inside job of 9-11. But why would masonic symbolism be added within an overly rapid transition that is under a second. It was very difficult to capture this frame and virtually unnoticeable within the episode.

This video shows the deceiver Jesse Ventura as a public illuminati Mole desiring a Revolution.

To View the 9-11 episode—search Jesse Ventura 9/11 on You-Tube. Take close notice at the very beginning of the episode.

Do you think Jesse Ventura is working of the Illuminati and the New World Order?

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  • nibiru planet x April 2, 2010, 5:03 am

    great overall rating from me 5 out of 5 plus a thumbs up!

  • rebecca May 28, 2010, 8:37 pm

    Nice try Jesse.
    Your governorship was an exercise in judicial anarchy…………
    For if he believed in ‘justice for all’ why was I turned down for an appointment with him to discuss some very important issues. ………and had to hide behind a secretary’s skirt to say ‘no’. Midwestern men are invertebrates propagandized through religion and the proberbial misconstrued book of ‘Romans’, whether acknowledged or believed in.

  • Common Sense July 25, 2010, 5:33 am

    Uh, the show is about conspiracy theories and the occult so why wouldnt they show their symbolism in the lead in to the show called, “conspiracy theories”? This is dumb. It’s clealry visible when you watch the show, not hidden or flashed to fast to see. Consider that the all seeing eye is mass associated with the occult/illuminati of course they’d show that for a show about that. Got any real evidence that hes an agent provacetuer or illuminati? Get a clue.

    • ChrisVVV September 14, 2011, 1:14 am

      You need to “get a brain”, as the clues are all around you. Doesnt the Illuminati / Rothschilds crest logo on the back of Ventura’s leather jacket provide you with enough clues.

      Sheeple can be lead around so easily.

  • BlogTraveler January 2, 2011, 3:00 pm

    i am not sure what’s going on with JessyVentura, but something is, i guess.

    i have this feeling, i can’t describe it. i had it at the first time i sam him and his show.
    he is a very, very got speaker, a charismatic man, he has everything many others are searching for.

    but … maybe he is not *real*. maybe he plays a game with all the frustrated people in the US and the world. maybe he is one of the agenda and maybe THEY need them to close our eyes.

    how can it be, that he can investigate all the topics so many people are asking for. no one stops him. he can do it and all this on a popular TV. no, there is something wrong, i feel it, i smell it.

    i will read his books and i will watching more from him on youtube – and i will study him.

    honestly, i like him, but i don’t trust him.

    it’s bad, that he is (maybe) on the wrong side, really bad, i think he could change something.

  • BlogTraveler January 4, 2011, 5:33 pm

    sorry, but if you are able to blame your government for murderer (ConspiracyTheroy Manchurian Candidate), you must have somebody standing behind you to protect you. because otherwise you’re a dead man.

    so, who has this influence to give someone like JesseVentura the opportunity for researching and publishing all these secret issues.

    and, he can’t be sure whether is there somebody in ambush who wants to kill him.

    actually, this question can be another ConspiracyTheroy ;)

    • Snow595444 May 25, 2012, 6:45 pm

      The answer to you’re question is , he can do all of this because if he were to be murderd or die that would just prove that the Illuminati dose exist. Just think about what PCT’s (Paraniod conspiracy theorist) would have to say about that .

      • Gillian June 29, 2012, 7:41 pm

        I have been researching 911 recently and it brought me to the knowlege of the illuminati, i.e., “George W. Bush and the 911 Satanic Ritual.” I have discovered so much in so little time that I am currently in a slight state of shock. The free masons do not seem to hide anything and they live without fear of man because they are protected by Satan. If they had a reason to dispose of Ventura, they would. Hell, George Bush allowed cameras into the ritual that was being performed while people were burning and jumping out of the building! NO FEAR! My personal conclusion of all this is to never, ever trust people or entities that are in positions of money and power. True Christians do no t seek these things. For instance: the Jehova’s Witnesses are worldwide with millions of followers, as are the Catholics and Mormons. Although the appear to teach Christianity, they were all founded by Free Masons. The Devil’s greatest tool is trickery. He tricks truly seeking people to join his cults and donate money, which is all going to the New world order. How do we know that this website isn’t just collecting information against us?