The Connection of Jesse Ventura and the illuminati?

Illuminati,Jesse Ventura

Throughout the internet people are questioning about Jesse Ventura and a possible connection with the illuminati. Advent of Deception is receiving multiple Google search hits from people using the terms “Jesse Ventura Illuminati”. Since Jesse Ventura aired his “Conspiracy Theories” on tru.TV owned by the Illuminati media beast Time-Warner, the third largest broadcasting network in the world, aside from publishing a book co-written with Dick Russell—there is reason to question the connection to the illuminati.

The television industry rapidly changed from the black-and-white analog TV, to color analog, and now HD digital that can produce mind-altering trances. A technique that TV editors use are fast transitions between clips. Within the episodes of Conspiracy Theories the transitions are extremely fast, under a second.

I decided to slow down the transitions between clips, and under a spilt second, Jesse’s Ventura’s editors appends illuminati masonic symbolism of the eye in the pyramid during the episode about 9-11. When you watched the episode do you notice the symbolism?

Jesse Ventura can easily debunk this revelation commenting that the symbolism relates to the inside job of 9-11. But why would masonic symbolism be added within an overly rapid transition that is under a second. It was very difficult to capture this frame and virtually unnoticeable within the episode.

This video shows the deceiver Jesse Ventura as a public illuminati Mole desiring a Revolution.

To View the 9-11 episode—search Jesse Ventura 9/11 on You-Tube. Take close notice at the very beginning of the episode.

Do you think Jesse Ventura is working of the Illuminati and the New World Order?

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