Monthly Review: May 2010, Violent Month of Death.

may 2010,violence during may 2010,

As the summer tourist season slowly begins from the spring month of May, it should not be viewed a coincidence that May 2010 is surrounded among a high death toll with airplane crashes, violent bombs, and celebrity deaths. Considering that 5 is the death number of the modern day illuminati occult, and that this year appends to the foundational number of 3, observing the events during the month May might serve as an enlightening wake up call. In addition, some important New World Order Preparation Events occurred during the month of May 2010.

Within the first quarter of the year we observed multiple powerful earthquakes. As the second quarter of the year progresses we are viewing multiple accidents relating to transportation and bomb related disasters. Next month to eye is the World Cup that begins and ends on Major Occult numerology dates.

The New World Order Preparation Events of May 2010

United and Continental Airlines to Merge.

5-3-2010, (Wiki News)
US-based United Airlines and Continental Airlines have agreed a deal to merge, creating the world’s biggest carrier. The loss-making companies said they expected the deal, worth $3.2bn (£2.1bn), to deliver savings of more than $1bn a year. The combined group will be named United Airlines.

As the war against the airlines continues more airlines are merging. The New World Order consist of a monopoly of control that desires full domination and ownership of the airlines.

The EuroZone Consolidation Deception:

The combination of events that are occurring within Europe and the financial markets are advancing the consolidation in preparation for the New World Order. The Eurozone will fast track to consolidate the airspace as a “single sky” because of the Volcanic Ash in April.

The “Piigs” debt is a clear deception for the single countries to hand over more power to the European Central Banking Tycoons.
Post Article: The EuroZone Central Bank Deception.

The Creation of an Artificial Cell:

This month’s top preparation event for the New World Order, and news story, may be the creation of a Synthetic Artificial Cell that originates from computer science. A billionaire scientist has made a synthetic cell from scratch. This story reveals the sinister agenda to create non-spiritual life that would parallel and seek the assistance of artificial intelligence.
Post Article: The Creation of Artificial Cells and Artificial Intelligence.

Obama Talks Up Security Strategy:

5-22-2010, West Point NY: (Washington Post) Occult Numerology = 5:22:3
President Obama on Saturday pledged to shape a new “international order” as part of a national security strategy that emphasizes his belief in global institutions and America’s role in promoting democratic values around the world.

Deaths as Israeli Forces Storm Gaza Aid Ship:

5/31/2010 (BBC)
More than 10 people have been killed after Israeli commandos stormed a convoy of ships carrying aid to the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army says. Armed forces boarded the largest vessel overnight, clashing with some of the 500 people on board.
It happened about 40 miles (64 km) out to sea, in international waters. Israel says its soldiers were shot at and attacked with weapons; the activists say Israeli troops came on board shooting.

The Daily Mall is saying 19 people were killed.

The BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Gusher:

The oil disaster began on the prime Occult holiday of April 20 2010. AD Post Article, Gulf Oil Spill.

5-31-2010: Reports are stating that the oil gusher could continue until August. (Telegraph)

“Millions of gallons of oil could be gushing into the Gulf of Mexico at least until August, the White House admitted on Sunday, as BP confirmed the failure of the “top kill” attempt staunch the flow.”

“Taking the highest estimates of four million gallons, or 95,000 barrels, of oil being released each day, the disaster could lead to 378 million gallons polluting the Gulf of Mexico and its beaches if the leak continues for another 90 days. That would make it the worst ever oil spill disaster during peacetime.

Some 520 million gallons of oil were released into the Gulf during the 1991 Gulf war and 140 million gallons spilled into the Gulf of Mexico from the Ixtoc oil well in 1979-80. The Deepwater Horizon disaster has already eclipsed the worst oil spill in American history, following the Exxon Valdez wreck off Alaska in 1989, when 11 million gallons were released.”

As time progresses the preplanned “solution” to their staged “problem” should surface concerning the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig that sunk on “Earth Day” April 22.

Additional Reading from the Associated Press.

The Times Square car bomb scare kicks off the month of May:

May 1 2010 is a prime Occult holiday; Thousands of people joined in the Beltaine Fire Festival.

Is it just a coincidence that on May 1, and at the beginning of the toruist season there is a car bomb scare in New York that precedes with a few bomb scares in America, and then several bomb explosions and violence of death occurring around the world during the month of May?

Deadliest Attacks in Iraq:

5-10-2010: Occult numerology = 15:3
The news in Iraq may be a non-issue due to the style of a broken recored, yet, the worst of a series of attacks in Iraq that killed up to 100 people, the deadliest day this year through car bombs and suicide attacks.
The violence of May 10 accumulated to be the worst day of killings so far during 2010. The Iraq violence that occurred was overshadowed by the UK elections, and the EuroZone Con Deception.

Thailand’s Protest Ends Deadly:

Thursday May 13:
The Thai government announces it plans to send the military to surround the red-shirt camps in the centre of Bangkok unless the protesters disperse immediately.

Friday May 14:
At least eight protesters die in a day of escalating violence. More than 100 people, including at least three journalists, are injured.

Saturday May 15:
A third of Bangkok is placed under emergency rule.
Mr Abhisit vows to “push forward” with the operation to end the protests, saying doing so is in the best interests of the Thai people.
The death toll rises to 24 – all civilians. A third of the city is under emergency rule.

Sunday May 16
The red-shirt leaders say they are prepared to negotiate with the government if it withdraws troops and agrees to enter UN-mediated talks to end the crisis.
The government rejects the idea, saying Thailand can solve its own problems and that military intervention is the only solution after months of negotiations failed.
A state of emergency is extended to 20 provinces in the country.

Monday May 17
Renegade general Seh Daeng dies after being in a coma. The death toll rises to 37. It includes a soldier is killed – the first to die since the clashes erupted on Thursday.

Wednesday May 19: Occult Numerology = 15:3
Leaders of anti-government protests surrender to troops and tell supporters to end their rally. Their decision comes after troops enter the protest area, storming their barricades in armoured cars. At least five people are killed in gun battles, bringing the toll from the protests to more than 40.

The clashes are part of a two-month stand-off between “red-shirt” protesters and the government.

  • March 14: Red-shirts converge on Bangkok, occupy government district
  • March 16: Protesters splash their own blood at Government House
  • March 30: Talks with government ends in deadlock
  • April 3: Occupy Bangkok shopping district
  • April 10: Troops try to clear protesters; 25 people are killed and hundreds injured
  • May 13-17: 36 killed in Bangkok clashes
  • May 19, a total of 40 people are killed as the standoff ends.

Death and Violence During May;

Dantewada, India: (BBC)
Maoist rebels have attacked a bus in central India and killed at least 20 people, including civilians and police officers, according to officials. The rebels apparently detonated a mine under the bus in Chhattisgarh state’s Dantewada district. Some reports put the death toll at much higher than 20.
Dantewada was the scene of the rebels’ deadliest attack last month, when 76 people were killed.
Thousands of people have died in their decades-long fight against the state.

5-18-2010: Occult Numerology = 5:9:3
Kabul, Afghanistan: (Telegraph)
The Taliban struck here at the heart of the Afghan capital Tuesday, with a suicide bomber steering his explosives-laden Toyota minibus into an American convoy as it moved through the thick of rush-hour traffic. The attack killed 18 people, including 5 American soldiers and an officer from Canada, and wounded at least 47 civilians.

Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan: (BBC)
At least 12 people were killed in a bomb blast near a police vehicle in the north-western Pakistani town of Dera Ismail Khan.
Officials say the bomb was planted on a bicycle and targeted the town’s deputy police superintendent, who was killed along with his guard and driver.

5-27-2010, Occult Numerology = 5:9:3
Stavopol, Southern Russia: (BCC)
A bomb has killed at least six people and injured about 40 outside a concert hall in Stavropol, southern Russia.
Five women and a girl of 12 were killed when it exploded in the street minutes before a Chechen dance troupe were due to perform inside the building. Prosecutors said the device appeared to have had the explosive power of about 200-250g (7-9oz) of TNT.

5-28-2010, Occult Numerology = 15:3
LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) (CNN)
Police in Pakistan says the militants who attacked a minority sect in Lahore yesterday belonged to the Pakistani Taliban. The attacks on two mosques left 93 people dead. Police say the attackers were trained in a lawless border region where the U.S. wants Islamabad to mount an army operation.
The death toll from attacks on a religious minority in eastern Pakistan has risen to 98, officials said Saturday. About 110 more people were wounded in the attacks, said Sajjad Bhutta, a senior government official. They took place Friday in two mosques in Lahore when attackers with bombs and firearms targeted houses of worship belonging to the Ahmadi sect, a persecuted religious group.

Airplane Crashes, Train Derailments, Bus Crashes:

5-12-2010: Airplane Crash in Libya. Occult Numerology = 5+1+2+2+1 = 11
5-22-2010: Airplane Crash in India. Occult Numerology = 5:22:3

Train Derailments:

5-23-2010, Occult Numerology = 13
China train derailment ‘kills 19’: (BBC)
A passenger train derailed in China, killing at least 19 people, state media say.
The Ministry of Railways said the train had been knocked off the tracks by a landslide in a mountainous area of Jiangxi province, state news agency Xinhua reported. The train had been making its way from Shanghai to the tourist area of Guilin.

5-28-2010, Occult Numerology 15:3
Midnapore District, India: (BBC)
At least 40 people have died in a rail crash in a Maoist area of India which was blamed on an act of sabotage.
A passenger train derailed in West Bengal’s West Midnapore district because of a broken plate connecting the ends of two rails, a rail official said. It then came into the path of another train coming in the opposite direction. The area is known to be a stronghold of Maoist rebels. Early reports spoke of an explosion derailing the passenger train.

Chitradurga, India: (BBC)
At least 30 people have been killed and about 30 others injured in a bus crash in southern India, media reports say. The bus is reported to have ploughed into a police road block before overturning. Its fuel tank burst into flames, engulfing the passengers.

Celebrity Deaths during May 2010:

Lena Horne, Singer Who Helped Integrate Hollywood, Dies 92

5-9-2010: Occult Numerology = 5:9:3
Lena Horne died at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.
Lena Horne was 92 years old at the time of her death. 92 = 11.

Jose Lima, MLB Baseball pitcher, dies 37:

5-23-2010 Occult Numerology = 13
Jose Lima died at age 37 from a massive heart attack at Huntington Memorial Hospital on May 23, 2010. He had suffered from cardiac problems. His wife said he complained of excess gas while sleeping the night before but she thought he was just having a nightmare.

‘Diff’rent Strokes’ Star, Pop Culture Icon Gary Coleman Dies at age 42:

5-28-2010: Occult Numerology = 15:3
On May 26, 2010, Coleman was admitted to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah, after falling and hitting his head and suffering an intracranial hemorrhage at his home outside of Salt Lake City, UT. He was announced to be in critical condition. By mid-morning on May 27, 2010, Coleman was conscious and lucid. By mid-afternoon on May 27, 2010, Coleman was unconscious and on life support. On May 28, 2010, it was announced that he was still unconscious and on life support. Coleman died in the afternoon of the same day.
Read this possible conspiracy scenario—Tech Banyan

Dennis Hopper, ‘Easy Rider’ actor, director, movie legend, dies 74:

5-29-2010: Occult Numerology = 5:11:3
Dennis Hopper died at his home in the coastal Los Angeles suburb of Venice at 8:15 a.m. surrounded by family and friends, from complications of prostate cancer. Age 74 = 11

The Occult Numerology System of May 2010:

The education of the numerology that the modern day illuminati uses is a progressional process, and can be very enlightening. From analyzing the events that happened during the month of May, the occult system should be clear: the prime occult numbers were 15:3, 5:9:3, and 13 Additionally, using 5:22:3 that equals 12, possibly because of the power number of 22 and 12 that symbolizes 11 and  33:33.

Many people around the world will comprehend these events as “world problems”; however, there is a growing awareness with an educated awakened eye that comprehends many incidents around the world are manipulated. The illuminati satanic occult and their higher power “gods” manipulates both sides of the coin that generates death, in-turn generates sorrow, grief, anger, and fear, in-turn feeds the emotional energetic needs of the combined powers of the darkness.

For the skeptic, just ask the question, do you believe that the world leaders are the “good guy”?

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