Deceptive Government Behavior among the Pakistan Flood

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The era of deceptive behavior and attitudes is reaching new levels among the greed of the world. The dilatory response of aid to Pakistan and the lack of Government interest in helping poor helpless people portrays its ugly head, again. Americans observed the lethargic response after hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans; the majorities left behind were poor black Americans. The illuminati occult supports the wealthy minority that includes all governments and continually dominates the majorities with economic enslavement.

A Non Existent Recovery System:

Insurance and government assistance are non existent among most countries around the world. Poor people invest their lives building their homes and cultivating their fields. Farmers still farm their land manually with primitive tools compared to the industrialized farming corporations of the west. The billion dollar corporations of the west will refrain from helping to revitalize the land of Pakistan, including the wealthy minority in Pakistan. 20,000,000 people are homeless and 6,000,000 are facing inherent starvation. Pakistanis are simple people surviving by owing animals and producing fruit and vegetables or a small business that benefits the community—a vast contrast from western imperialism. Devastated locations around the world suffer for years and some people the rest of their life.

Billions of dollars support the wars around the world, yet the western world leaders are pledging less than a one billion for the devastated poor victims of Pakistan. Millions of dollars exchange hands building sport stadiums and gigantic buildings based on national pride, yet, these billionaires cannot assist the ravaged people of Pakistan. The greed of the world has risen to a monumental level.

The sinister plan for Pakistan is clear causing major devastation through a manipulated mean of technology (HARRP) that allows an open door for the western military machine to covertly occupy a country that quietly threatens western success in Afghanistan. The poor peasant will welcome the “western savior” into Pakistan from the creation of a “problem situation”.

International aid group Oxfam, which had complained that European countries were “not doing enough”, said it hoped the new aid would serve as a “rallying call for those EU countries that have failed to adequately respond to this disaster of an unprecedented scale”

Bad weather, lack of funds and poor local information have combined to create “a perfect storm” of problems for the aid effort, humanitarian workers have said.

Ted Itani, from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent, operating in Pakistan, told Al Jazeera that the organisation cannot deal with the fallout from the flooding, let alone a pending second disaster caused by the outbreak of disease.
“I am hampered by [lack of] access to the beneficiaries I am mandated to serve, as well as information. We need more timely and accurate information,” Itani said.

“And thirdly there are financial constraints because in our case I can only spend cash that is in my budget. Although donors have pledged millions of dollars it has to filter down into my account so I can order things before the onset of winter.

Wake Up from the Deceptive World Governments:

us aid failure to paksitan

Most People are Fooled by the Father-Like Figure of Government Officials

Most people around the world cannot view through the deception and comprehend that powerful dark entities dominated the world, along with human cohorts that sold themselves into the darkness. All governments are occult illuminati members, and if some refrain, then they are controlled. The illuminati governments use duality to accomplish their deception by playing the “good cop-bad cop”. Every government uses deceptive tools such as religion, symbolism, and numerology to accomplish their sinister agenda of the New World Order.

Asif Ali Zardawi, the feckless president of Pakistan, has told his compatriots: “Despondency is forbidden in our religion. We consider it as a test from Allah for us. This is a test for us and for you. We will try to meet all your wishes. We will build a new house for you. We will build a new Pakistan.”

Of course, no one believes this, even in normal times.

Pakistan’s landed elite has long been at the heart of the country’s immense social, economic and political problems. It has never cared about “meeting all the wishes” of the mass of extremely poor Pakistanis on whose backs their wealth has long been secured.

The majority of the country’s wealthy build houses only for themselves and the “new Pakistan” that has been talked about since the country’s founding 60 years ago has always been little more than a chimera for the vast majority of the population.

Some members of the country’s elite have worked assiduously to try to change the country’s political culture and to address the rampant inequality that is the source of so much of Pakistan’s problems.

But the system is so dependent on this dynamic, and the country’s main patrons, the US and its allies, who need the elite to acquiesce to their wars, that it has proved impossible to rebuild the system in a more sustainable way.

Source:, A New Pakistan

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