Deciphering the Fish and Bird Death Event of 1/4/2011

bird and fish death map, western world bird death map of january 2011

The event concerning dead birds and fish is a global Internet subject, yet nobody seems to know what is the cause, nor will the governmental powers comment on the subject whom controls advanced technology that can alter nature. Many sources are saying that this type of death event occurs regularly. If so, why is this single event creating worldwide Internet news.

The prime number of 9 is the Occult Date = 1/4/2011

What Is Killing The Birds And Fish?

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 10, 2011

What Is Killing The Birds And Fish? by ZS Livingstone (Jan. 10, 2011)

The Weapon

I have received many emails and links to theories about what is killing birds and fish. Many have said HAARP is killing them. I have yet to figure out how HAARP frequencies can be focused as they radiate out in all directions. HAARP is probably being used to monitor these energy events.

Others say BP spraying of Corexit adjuvant on oil slicks in the Gulf of Mexico killed the red winged blackbirds over Arkansas. The phenomena is worldwide, not just in the Gulf. That theory does not fly.

I believe a new microwave maser has been developed and it pushes hard against physical objects and aetheric bodies. In this situation, it is crushing birds and fish, but it was been deployed in an attempt to kill Sylphs (air elementals) and larger underwater elementals called Undines.

As Sylphs guide bird migrations and work with flocking birds like red winged blackbirds, they can be seen in bird flocks. Likewise, schools of fish show the form of the Undines guiding them to better food supplies. At these times, Sylphs and Undines are vulnerable to microwave weaponry. So far, no Sylphs or Undines have been hurt, but thousands of birds and fish have been killed.

The elementals of the air are at war with chemtrails and have kept the air far clearer than the Air Force wants. One of the purposes of chemtrails is to detect higher dimensional UFOs in order to block their work in assisting life on Earth. With the transmuting work done by the Sylphs, the “good guys” have been able to do their work with less disturbance.

In the chemtrail haze, higher dimensional craft are seen and shot at on a regular basis. We are now in the thirteenth year of this secret war being waged overhead.

The war is under the seas too and Undines are protecting life in the oceans. Many of the things the Navy is doing are stupid.

Higher dimensional craft are interceding in the attack on Mother Earth from the Illuminated Ones through their use of earthquake machines developed by the secret space program. The machines are a variation on antigravity propulsion. In this case, phase-conjugated microwaves are being used. One frequency causes earthquakes at 10 kilometres depth. Another frequency at 35 kilometres and another at 600 kilometres. Idiocy.

In the first week of 2011, the Earth was again set ringing by dozens of energy punches directed into and beneath the crust. Fortunately no tsunamis arose.

This attack on Earth is an exact parallel to the use of large crystals in Atlantis 12,000 years ago. The same ones who caused the destruction at that time are doing it again, but they will not succeed. Too many safeguards are now in place.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

An observation is that the fish and bird death event occurred within the Western World. No occurrences happened in the developing countries according the multiple sources.

The Location Map of the Bird and Fish Deaths

Locations and Numbers of Dead Birds and Fish

Please note that some sources may be incorrect and comparing with the Map.

QTY < 100 Type: Small Birds (not Stated) Suspected Cause Cold Stress Actual Cause : Unknown [link to] [link to] Louisiana QTY 500 Type: Starlings and Blackbirds Suspected Cause : Weather Actual: Unknown Links: [link to] [link to] Arkansas QTY ~5000 Type: Blackbird, Starling, Grackle Suspected Cause : weather/fireworks Actual Cause : Unknown Links: [link to] [link to] Arizona QTY >65
Type: Bats
Suspected cause : Weather
Actual Cause : Unknown
[link to]

QTY: 50-100
[link to]

East Texas
QTY: 100’s
Suspected Cause: motor vehicles, scared of boat, etc
[link to]
[link to]

QTY: 3
[link to]

QTY: 150
[link to]
[link to]

QTY < 30 Type: Various (Mainly Swan/Heron) Suspected Cause : Bird Flu Actual: Unknown Links: [link to] [link to] Sweden QTY: abous 100 Type: jackdaws Suspected cause: cold stress, starvation, fireworks, etc Links: [link to] [link to] Italy QTY: about 300 Type: Doves Links: [link to] DEAD FISH Arkansas QTY > 100,000
Type: Drum
Suspected Cause
Actual Cause Unknown
[link to]

QTY> 2,000,000
Type: Menhayden, spots and croakers/various
Suspected Cause: Cold Stress
[link to]
[link to]

North Carolina
Type: Pelicans
[link to]

South Carolina
QTY: 1000’s
Type: Menhaden
Suspected cause: Cold temperatures
[link to]

Lincoln Park, Michigan
QTY: 100’s
Suspected Cause: Cold Weather
[link to]

South Wales (UK)
QTY>~ 100’s
Type: Various Carp/Bream/Other
Suspected Cause Cold Weather
Actual Cause Unknown
[link to]

QTY: ~Millions (100 tons)
Type: Sardines
Suspected cause :Unknown
Actual Cause : Unknown
[link to]
[link to]

Italy (Scarlino)
QTY 100,000s
Type: Clams/Small fish/Shellfish/Crabs/Flatfish
Suspected Cause : Pollution
Actual Cause : Unknown
Links :
[link to]

New Zealand
Type: Snapper
[link to]

Ontario, Canada
QTY: 100’s
Suspected Cause: Temperature Shock
[link to]

[link to]

QTY: 150 tonns
Type: Red Tilapia
Suspected Cause: Frequient Ebb tides and high density of fish per pen:
[link to]

QTY: 40,000
Type: Crabs
Suspected Cause: Cold weather
[link to]

Deciphering the Possibilities of Deception:

Multiple of ideas are posted around the Internet about what caused the deaths. The Activist Post listed 10 leading theories of the bird and fish deaths.

An important fact to note is that what ever killed thousands of birds and fish across the globe most likely is a powerful weapon that will be used to decrease the food supply during the (tribulation) New World Order. The combined powers of the darkness fully comprehend that their kingdom after the separation from the light will NOT be on the surface of the earth. There dwelling reality of enslavement will be underground, and possibly on other planets under the surface.

The evil narcissistic lunatics of the darkness will seek to reduce the food supply to lure honest hearted individuals in their kingdom of darkness during the “Tribulation of the New World Order“.

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  • Victoria Maendel January 13, 2011, 9:19 pm

    Natural News also has an extensive list of the recent happenings:

    • Scotty Lewis January 14, 2011, 2:42 pm

      Yes, this is definitely something that requires attention; unusual events are occurring.

  • Matt February 8, 2011, 9:06 pm

    9 isn’t a prime number. it can be divided by 3. Explain that.

    • Shawn February 9, 2011, 3:53 am

      Yes, it can be divided by 3. The number 3 is the foundational Occult number which I have written about with this site. 9 = 3+3+3 which is the power number 333. This is the prime reason why the Occult uses 9.