The Devious Illuminati Controlled Patriot Movement.


The Patriot or “Pat-Riot” Movement is a collection of independent anti-government social movements in the United States. The Patriot Movement officially appeared in 1958 with the formation of the John Birch Society. The John Birch Society opposed the ideologies of communism, socialism and the establishment of the United Nations.

A Few Examples From History.

Woody Guthrie wrote and sung songs in the 1930’s opposing the structure of oppressive slavery and averse to the domination of the big businesses of Western Imperialism.

Che Guevara rejected capitalism and orthodox Soviet communism, though the American media portrayed him as a communist. In 1954, Che perceived the Western Imperialism manipulation in Guatemala, experienced a thoroughgoing, and became convinced that a redesign or metamorphose could only be attained through an armed revolution of warfare. Che, Fidel Castro and twenty-eight men departed Mexico, grew their army and successfully conquered Cuba.

Russian Revolution of Vladimir Lenin overthrew the Provisional Government and created the world’s first socialist state. Russia,Lenin,revolutionA series of uprisings was organized by workers and peasants throughout the country, as well as by soldiers in the Russian armies, who were mainly of peasant origin; the reds overpowered the whites and many of them were dominated by democratically elected councils called Soviets.

Yet, the workers and peasants of Russia did not fair very well under the heavy-handed domination of Lenin and Stalin. Cuba experienced a similar situation under Fidel Castro. When the “common people” triumphed a government, such as the French Revolution, tyrants such as Napoleon or Lenin and many others remain in the political arena playing the game of oppression of the common worker and farmer but living high-on-the-hog for themselves. extremist,revolution,america,russiaDid the context of government really change? The Russian Revolution was a culmination of two revolutions: The power transferred from the Old Czarist regime to the moderates, and the moderates to the extremists.

The American media teaches fabricated propaganda concerning capitalism and the “freedoms” of the American lifestyle. The successfulness of covert propaganda proved dynamically useful during the Nazi regime. The US government created a fear of perception related to uprising from workers, peasants, or a guerrilla army which created an illusion that appends onto the individual who is plugged into the mind controlling matrix. The two sides of the coin are from the same piggy-bank.

The Sudden Rise of Pat-Riot in America?

The American Patriot Movement experienced high activity in the mid-1990s, but saw decline during 2000s. In 2009 the movement, again gained prominence in opposition and the deception of the presidency of Barack Obama and since then rapidly accelerating into a huge movement from a variety of different sectors. Pat-Riot movement members are concerned about the rise of a New World Order, sometimes coming as a United Nations takeover. Currently, the strong concern is directed at the downfall of the Constitution resulting from a staged crisis that would call Marshal Law and activate Fema to dominate America.

Serval public New Age Preachers with their charismatic skills of acting are manipulating the situation to create this “other side”. In most situations, honest hearted well intended speakers are lumped with illuminati moles. Here a list of NWO Speakers, you can decipher yourself who is the honest speaker.

The Different Side of the Coin—But from the Same Piggy Bank.

The Deception of the Patriot Movement.

The New World Order must create a problem situation to cause Marshal Law in the United States. The circumstances must be deceptive that will generate an illusion upon both-sides of the coin. The deluded person who supports the NWO will view the military actions as justifiable. The “Pat Riot” movement pursues actions based on fallacious propaganda to “fight” against the NWO; however, the NWO controllers and illuminati are behind the formation of the Patriot movement and the propaganda such as Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura.

A preparation phase of the New World Order is to create The Patriot Movement.

The combined powers of the darkness thrive on duality. For the powers of the darkness to retain the collective consciousness dumbed down in the abyss of the deluded matrix, it is of extreme importance that the NWO create an opposition of two sides, such as Republican and Democrat or the conservative and liberal—the deluded individual will fail to recognize that both sides are under the domination of the same entity. The two entities—the Pat-Riot movement and the NWO are apart of the same system of the masonic illuminati—the controllers of the NWO. The combined powers of the darkness continually play this game of duality to produce their preplanned agenda.

Even if a Pat-Riot Movement could overpower the highly advanced technology of the military beast of the New World Order, the Illuminati/secret societies/Zionists would still be in control because the shadow government manipulates all movements to takeover a government.

Your Choices:

One: To stand as a neutral observer is highly valued Spiritually. Yet, this angle may seem illogical. Standing as a neutral observer, yet, siding with the light and opposing the NWO and the Enslavement of the Darkness spiritually benefits the consciousness level of humanity. Beyond this world of Duality, there are only two sides—the light and the darkness. Yet, the darkness within this world of multiple of dualities maneuvers both sides of the coin. Scripturally, it is taught to endure the troubled era this world is entering—a paradox and illogical for the majority.

Two: To fight among the patriot movement and get killed. Contemplating that the majority comprehends little of the spiritual ramifications because of the illusion of two sides of the coin; spiritually this choice could be detrimental. Not only a damage to the inner spirit, but possibly a deception that could trap the individual into the darkness of the NWO. There is a much bigger picture to this scenario. If the NWO created this “other side”, then what is their deceptive trap?

This second choice to concatenate “Pat Riot” is enmeshed within the emotional baggage of high levels of anger that people are experiencing. Most people feel trapped and frustrated upon hearing about the New World Order of enslavement. The mass amount of “awakening information” within a short period of time triggers despondency. The concealment of the truth since world war two, and then the sudden release of corrupting information about the government leaders is a subtle strategy of the Illuminati to produce desolation.

Most people comment, they “have to do something” and cannot just sit back and observe the crumbling of their nation. Strong cultural attachments precipitate a positionality; the powers of the darkness are taking full advantage of the human weakness of attachment, congested emotional baggage, the incapacity to recognize the fabricated propaganda—both sides of the coin originate from the same piggy bank. The powers of the darkness feed off of war and blood—they are manipulating the entire situation of the Patriot Movement to justify the calling of Marshal Law in the United States through civil unrest and a possible civil war.

Three: The third choice is to comply with the NWO. However, severe consequences of surrendering your free choice will result YOU as a chipped human. And, YOUR body eventually used as a host for the Lower Entities while YOU are under total mind control—the reality of a puppet on a string.. The third choice is totally foolish and stupid.

The patriot movement has appropriated the use of several Revolutionary War militia flags that feature rattlesnakes, often accompanied by the words, “Don’t Tread On Me.”

Organizations of the Patriot Movement and their Iconography.

A Short List

snake of revolution
InfoWars along with Prison-Planet are two popular levels of deception. Alex Jones preaches about the Republicans and Democrats as one entity, but fails at recognizing patriot movement being manipulated from the same entity.
Infowars Motto: “A War is on Your Mind!”
Jones-n-Company are working for Zionists that are connected to the NWO.

InfoWar Heroes.
Here is a good list of people that are the leading deceivers within the Pat Riot Movement.
We will begin see more popular people of musicians and movie actors that easily influence the masses as we get closer to the onset of the NWO.
American Majority,tread on me
American Majority
It is going to take engaged citizens working together in their communities to effectively implement freedom on a national level. We believe that individual liberty will only be achieved through limited government and free markets and that by training candidates and activists to be effective towards those goals today, we will enhance tomorrow.

The Oath Keepers:
Motto: “Declaration of Orders We Will NOT Obey!”
All the directors of “The Oath Keepers” are ex-military.

Brave New Books Austin, Texas.
Brave New Books was founded in the summer of 2006 and has been fighting against the enemies of the Constitution ever since. masonic brave new books,eye of horusThe bookstore has been very active locally, hosting screenings, speakers, and even helped sponsor the first national conference on false-flag terrorism in April of 2007 called “Rebuilding America’s Senses: Understanding False-Flag Terrorism To Prevent the New 9/11.

Notice the logo of this store? The symbolism is the Illuminati Masonic eye of the upside-down pyramid. Austin Texas seems like some liberal playground base for the Illuminati and the NWO.

The Patriot Armory.
This forum site is called the Patriot Armory using the logo of the serpent “Don’t Tread on Me”.
patriot snake
We Are Change
We Are Change has arisen from the remnants of our republic to fill the vacancy left by those who swore to preserve, protect and defend The Constitution against all enemies – foreign and domestic. We seek to expose the fraud of the left/right paradigm and reveal that the world truly functions on a top/down hierarchy that threatens to destroy free society as we know it.

The Christian Patriot Movement.

The Symbolism of the Snake

The Top Photo of Franklin’s snake is segmented into eight parts, representing what were then only eight American colonies. His cartoon implores all eight to join together to fight the French in the French and Indian War and is labeled with the slogan, “Join, or Die.

American Majority offered for sale a poster that featured the same coiled-snake image at the Americans for Prosperity Conference.

Bottom line: Any time you see the snake used as a graphic element you can safely assume it’s a call to the often-armed and sometimes-violent members of the patriot movement—the snake represents the Occult of the Serpent Religion.

The coiled snake and the eye of the pyramid represent illuminati symbolism. The powers of the darkness control the Patriot group under the illusion of duality. A person that is attached to the Pat-Riot movement is severally being deceived.

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  • mark Lollis April 12, 2010, 1:24 am

    I have seen things here the united states that Proved to me thet every thing It is suposed to be it is not ? Our Goverment leaders talk about Human Rights in other Countries, but, there are violations Commited by those who inforce the Laws From Federal to State levels all the time Children can be Adopted into Prostatution and Murederd by Court Officials that doesn’t matter as long as the system makes money. Judges in this country can run Crooked Courts and be Proven it dosent matter they serve the System. Innocent People can Be shot Down By Crooked Law inforcement it Dosent Matter. Property can be taken from People you by private Corporations with help from Political friends in there Pockets. All these things and a long list more Prove Its all one Big Lie the only real hope is DIVINE MERCY.

  • Duncan May 19, 2010, 8:56 am

    Nice work, lovin your site, for the record, I run a we are change chapter and have exposed [poorly] the fraud and corruptiom in We Are Change New York,[ we have little to no resources/finance/support] Rudkowski is hailed and worshipped as the founder of WAC, he is not, he has also misplaced over 80.000 dollars in donations, they now operate as a for profit business, and the site is now controlled by Craig Fitzgerald, 32 degree knight templar, they work along side Jones and his info warriors. [ gatekeepers ]
    I was removed thankfully from their ‘map’ when I questioned these allegations and recieved no answers just abuse and threats, ooh scared, now it appears Norwich chapter is back on their ‘map’, for the record this chapter is nothing to do with WAC NY but will remain a WAC Chapter as I believe the concept is sound and will be effective when we can enlighten others to the control grid within the current format.

    • Shawn May 19, 2010, 10:28 am

      Yeah, sounds like some crazy stuff.

  • Vulcan May 27, 2010, 12:34 pm

    I have wondered why we have never heard Green-Peace protest against the chem-trails? After all they have been pumped at us for a decade. Has ALL attempts to DO something against this Rotschild-nightmare been corrupted and hi-jacked? It is REALLY hard to trust anyone in a “leader”- position; they usually are ponerologists and victims of the mechanism of “Power corrupts- total power corrupts totally”- and very often ghastly mass-murderers (BUSH,BLAIR,OBAMA BIN LYIN, etc), we need politicians that DO NOT want to be leaders- and we need to find them from social strata that are very different from to-days insane situation that only allows peoble with multi-millions of $s from bribing billionaires. Dont vote, if it is by electronic boxes; that fraud is so obvious that anybody, even a child, can see it.

  • Vigilant Human July 25, 2010, 12:53 am

    I am writing a comment simply because I would like to Thank you for exposing alex jones, jesse ventura and all the bogus “illuminati news” websites such as infowars. A LOT of people are blindly following alex jones and jesse ventura thinking that they are against the NWO, they are nothing but a big deception, and everyone will see in the futur..but they should realize this now or will be misled! Aside from that, great stuff thanks for sharing this info

  • kljuh August 7, 2010, 12:27 pm

    I want to add that I think Jones is being exposed now. I think a great majority opf the people don’t realize this. is probably the most sound out of the big sites. WRH however, I do not trust him.He is constantly demonizing Christians, who knows how many he has infected with that. The sad part it, it flies with his readers because of “Christian” support for the new crusade wars. He won’t ever mention masons though, EVER, and has also been exposed as a liar on chemtrails, obama’s citizenship, 911 video fakery and exotic weapons, and much much more.
    Jones constantly was censoring his comments and now requires membership. I don’t believe I’ve heard him mention masons either, but perhaps maybe once or twice. I did get a few maosn comments to last on there a few years ago. Rense posts things about them, though and mostly is friendly toards Christian concepts and values.
    Don’t get me started on RMN and the bat that runs that place. Maybe she means well, I really can’t tell. One day shes posting facts the next day lies. I don’t know who is deceived and who is deceiving intentionally. I will say we all are deceived on some topic or another, save the elect. It is imperative we get the information out to people while we can. Great site, by the way, may it reach many.

    What do you think about this site? . I think he’s legit but who knows now that I consider this line of thought. Suppose a huge majority woke up without playing into their plan? What would that look like? I know, not possible, most actually believe the gulf water is safe now that maobama said so. (it’s not look up COREXIT which pushes oil down and also changes its chemical composition so that it dilutes in water – increasing its toxicity and hiding the appearance. I could go on and on about that but seriously there are kids playing in this water every day and the water looks clear but then they take samples right where the kids playing and it was 200 ppm of oil and who knows how much Corexit?)