I’ve been Duped, Deceived and Brainwashed. Hollywood, Alien, Religion Deception.

It is a concept that creates unwanted emotions of guilt, fear, and dread. Nobody enjoys learning that their country or religion is brainwashing the populace and the majority are duped and under deception. Most people will fight the subject saying “why would they brainwash us, don’t the government leaders care about their subjects?” The ego will create a host of excuses and convince the individual that we “know everything and that everything is OK, after all I do watch the evening world news every night”. Let’s face it, nobody enjoys being duped, brainwashed, or deceived. Most people don’t want to accept the world governments and organizations, the mainstream media, and personal religion are not only hiding a Big Secret, but are pursuing mind controlling methods upon humanity that is causing deception—television is their greatest ally.

The Creation of a Global Consciousness:

A Global Consciousness can generate a Vibrational Attractor Field of a Common Thought.

The 2012 saga is creating a “Global Consciousness” concerning the end-of-the-world due to an axis pole shift, or a change will occur resulting an increase in consciousness, an awakening, or entering a “golden age”. A Global Consciousness generated from the entrainment of the atmosphere and the vibrational attractor field could cause a shift in the axis pole according to the common thought. Hollywood continues to create movies that after the initial destruction, it will only be “The Beginning”. The portrayal of a “new era” sometimes is positive for the “survivors” and sometimes extremely negative.

The Alien Subject and Hollywood:

The alien subject is a wash-out with a multitude of Hollywood movies that stream back to the “Blob” in the 1950s. Two most popular movies about the Alien subject are ET and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The popular Star Wars and Star Trek saga portray Alien Galactic Wars with highly sophisticated technology also several other Galactic movie series. Since humans are isolated on the earth and not having an ability for space travel, aside from living primitive until advances produced in the late nineteenth century—the concept of an ET alien species that battled in the wars of Orion is really an off subject. What percentage of the 6.5 billion people on the earth would believe that the there is alien involvement within the governments since world war two? The mainstream public reacts as if your “crazy” when talking about the Alien subject.

The public upon a presentation of aliens would be met with disbelief and completely unable to troubleshoot and discern if they are virtuous or injurious; the hypnotic technique of television and the mind-control elements that this world uses is causing an emotionally numb state of response that parallels the alpha brain trance.

The Powers of the Darkness twist everything. The truth is used to create distorted view of the underlying agenda.

The Deception of Religion:

The religions throughout the world perfected the deception that plays upon the ego. The high demanding cults of America including mainstream christianity, along with Islam, Judaism, and the eastern religions are positioned within the core that teaches totalitarian dogma—”you must believe this way or you’re antiquated”.

What is the reality?

The reality is that the world is one big lie, and the deception is increasing. The Government leaders are hiding something extremely important the majority of the world are exceedingly duped and dumbed down into the matrix. Hollywood continues to manipulate this extremely important secret through fantasy by creating a hypnotic alpha trance. Disney acts innocent attracting children, except for the subliminal messages that are intertwined with fear within the “animation”. The religions of the world convince people that they will be “saved”, and are “special”; if your fellow citizen doesn’t follow your path—well, to hell they are condemned.

The entire world teaches fear, guilt, and shame; controlling methods that prevents the mind to effectively troubleshoot.

The Wake Up Call From Public Charismatic Actors:

On the other end of the spectrum, the truth is surfacing and large amounts of people are waking up. However, the public preachers, or actors, that charismatically speak with their “new agey rhetoric” are revealing many facts of the truth—but beware—what really is the agenda?

By surfacing the truth of the ambiguous Secret concerning the corrupted governments, 2012, underground cities, 911, and other subjects—could these public actors be causing a deception by using the truth? The preaching of an awakening, or an accession into a higher dimension, or into the “Golden Age” is a devious distraction from the truth of 2012 considering the strong powerful deception the last sixty years. According to the Occult numerology 2012 is the activation key to begin the New World Order.

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