I’ve been Duped, Deceived and Brainwashed. Hollywood, Alien, Religion Deception.

It is a concept that creates unwanted emotions of guilt, fear, and dread. Nobody enjoys learning that their country or religion is brainwashing the populace and the majority are duped and under deception. Most people will fight the subject saying “why would they brainwash us, don’t the government leaders care about their subjects?” The ego will create a host of excuses and convince the individual that we “know everything and that everything is OK, after all I do watch the evening world news every night”. Let’s face it, nobody enjoys being duped, brainwashed, or deceived. Most people don’t want to accept the world governments and organizations, the mainstream media, and personal religion are not only hiding a Big Secret, but are pursuing mind controlling methods upon humanity that is causing deception—television is their greatest ally.

The Creation of a Global Consciousness:

A Global Consciousness can generate a Vibrational Attractor Field of a Common Thought.

The 2012 saga is creating a “Global Consciousness” concerning the end-of-the-world due to an axis pole shift, or a change will occur resulting an increase in consciousness, an awakening, or entering a “golden age”. A Global Consciousness generated from the entrainment of the atmosphere and the vibrational attractor field could cause a shift in the axis pole according to the common thought. Hollywood continues to create movies that after the initial destruction, it will only be “The Beginning”. The portrayal of a “new era” sometimes is positive for the “survivors” and sometimes extremely negative.

The Alien Subject and Hollywood:

The alien subject is a wash-out with a multitude of Hollywood movies that stream back to the “Blob” in the 1950s. Two most popular movies about the Alien subject are ET and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The popular Star Wars and Star Trek saga portray Alien Galactic Wars with highly sophisticated technology also several other Galactic movie series. Since humans are isolated on the earth and not having an ability for space travel, aside from living primitive until advances produced in the late nineteenth century—the concept of an ET alien species that battled in the wars of Orion is really an off subject. What percentage of the 6.5 billion people on the earth would believe that the there is alien involvement within the governments since world war two? The mainstream public reacts as if your “crazy” when talking about the Alien subject.

The public upon a presentation of aliens would be met with disbelief and completely unable to troubleshoot and discern if they are virtuous or injurious; the hypnotic technique of television and the mind-control elements that this world uses is causing an emotionally numb state of response that parallels the alpha brain trance.

The Powers of the Darkness twist everything. The truth is used to create distorted view of the underlying agenda.

The Deception of Religion:

The religions throughout the world perfected the deception that plays upon the ego. The high demanding cults of America including mainstream christianity, along with Islam, Judaism, and the eastern religions are positioned within the core that teaches totalitarian dogma—”you must believe this way or you’re antiquated”.

What is the reality?

The reality is that the world is one big lie, and the deception is increasing. The Government leaders are hiding something extremely important the majority of the world are exceedingly duped and dumbed down into the matrix. Hollywood continues to manipulate this extremely important secret through fantasy by creating a hypnotic alpha trance. Disney acts innocent attracting children, except for the subliminal messages that are intertwined with fear within the “animation”. The religions of the world convince people that they will be “saved”, and are “special”; if your fellow citizen doesn’t follow your path—well, to hell they are condemned.

The entire world teaches fear, guilt, and shame; controlling methods that prevents the mind to effectively troubleshoot.

The Wake Up Call From Public Charismatic Actors:

On the other end of the spectrum, the truth is surfacing and large amounts of people are waking up. However, the public preachers, or actors, that charismatically speak with their “new agey rhetoric” are revealing many facts of the truth—but beware—what really is the agenda?

By surfacing the truth of the ambiguous Secret concerning the corrupted governments, 2012, underground cities, 911, and other subjects—could these public actors be causing a deception by using the truth? The preaching of an awakening, or an accession into a higher dimension, or into the “Golden Age” is a devious distraction from the truth of 2012 considering the strong powerful deception the last sixty years. According to the Occult numerology 2012 is the activation key to begin the New World Order.

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  • colin syme January 26, 2010, 3:03 pm

    You have dropped a few hints but what exactly is this hidden agenda? and should l relocate to rural china or any other place where time has stood still, where a man with a pair of donkeys and an axe is king.

  • Shawn January 30, 2010, 10:30 am

    Well the few hits will be explained in more detail as I do research. It is a very complicated subject, but we know that the governments will attain their New World Order and cause a population reduction. This entire world is affected, there will be no hiding anywhere.
    thanks for the comment.

    • Joe M July 25, 2012, 10:02 pm

      The information in your article is no better than the information you are incriminating. Obviously you don’t know that much about religion. Christianity in particular. I don’t take it as a “join or die” religion. It seems to me that lack of religion is the true cause of chaos in the world. There are a few exceptions. But one cannot ignore history. And I don’t mean the history books. I mean the facts that get overlooked. There have been many Christian communities over the centuries that didn’t get put into any books. They wouldn’t have wanted to. What you found in those communities were family values, common decency, positive traditions, and a whole group of people who didn’t forsake one another for personal gain. Anyone can claim to be a Christian. But even our Bible states that there will be much deception in the world and in the churches. I am well aware of church corruption that resides in every city. It’s why I don’t attend church. But I do not deny God one bit. I attribute Him to the reason why I cleaned my life up and got on a better path. It isn’t hard to look back and see how society was hell bent on destroying my life and everyone else’s. Even further, there is nothing else in the world that has protected people from the pain society causes. Some may say being rich is that protector. Rich people are lost, selfish, and sit around and watch others suffer. They are no good. It is also the rich who dominate the world with evil. Don’t take my word for it. Read the Holy Bible until you get it. It tells us everything that is going on in the world and has done so since it was written. No other book comes close. And believe me, I have looked. We’re not here to make the world better. We’re here to improve spiritual lives until we die. The flesh and blood are ugly and will rot into the ground.

  • Marcie Brooks February 10, 2010, 5:15 am

    So I’m a born again Christian and I have been doing a lot of research into the occult, Illuminati and the NWO agenda and from reading your post, it seems that you believe that all organized religions are a form of “brainwashing”.So my question to you is what would be a person’s defense against the coming onslaught of these secret socities and their agenda to usher in the era of the Anti-Christ? From most of the websites and other materials I have read, it seems the only way to combat all of this is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, and that way a person wouldn’t be suspectible to the tricks of the enemy ie man-made disasters, economic collapse, climate control, creation and spread of disases. Also from my research, most people see that God’s way was considered to be the true path, or the “Old Law” and that Satan’s messenger ie the Anti-Christ and his followers are fostering the “New Enlightened Path or New World Order”. What tools can we use to resist this if “religion” is just another “ploy” or “pawn” for mind-control. Just wanted to get your thoughts. Thanks

    • lobz January 24, 2012, 8:31 pm

      Well the sad truth is religion was built for us, and is not our natural free organic spiritual culture. I spend a great deal of time searching and brain storming, trying to figure out what that ritual culture might have be for us now if our current technocracy didn’t exist as the monoculture it does today. and also how we might break free naturally because nature will always be a stronger force then man a part of a it’s whole. The teachings of Christan religions along with all the other similar world religions are double edge swords used to scar your open child perception to an oversimplified dualistic reality that they control as right or wrong, what a surprise that it’s the religion that gets to define those quantifiers. Conditioning all at a young age to take orders from the top down with fear, and not use teachings to open perception and learn through problem solving and self directed intellectualism. this causes the culture of adults that act and think like children even though they might have average or above average intelligence. Jesus has his strong points (philosophy, egalitarianism, he absolves people of their fear of their own death, hes a good tolerant open-minded patriarchal figure, what people wish their fathers were) the down side is all the stuff built into the subconscious of the text of the bible, and how these messages are being delivered. its no accident how religions just assume the position of cultural authoritarian law maker, while everyone else, who are frozen in fear as to not look at their own death or challenge their law making. in a lot of ways religion was the first totalitarian government.
      im slowly coming around to aliens mostly because i see a lot of problems in our socitiy due to humans inablity to reconcile our natural organic instencts vs our current situation of living and comunicating in a world of intangible symbolic knowledge. they seem to be constantly at odd with eachother in our modern socity not really infroming and working together.

  • Shawn February 10, 2010, 6:41 am

    Hi Marci, thanks for the questions and comment.

    Well what did Jesus teach? He taught Faith and love and during the tribulation that you will have to endure.
    Faith comes from within, it is not external. You need to realize that anyone who opposes the NWO and the Antichrist will be killed, even a person that claims to be an atheist.

    Endurance comes from inner strength. The opposite of faith is fear, and the opposite of love is selfishness. The only defense will be faith in the Almighty Divine Source, the Allness of Creation. I mean the population is large and only one billion people claim to be Christian, I have met people from other religions that have much stronger faith that some christians.
    From my experience, a spiritual person detached from religion expresses the strongest faith.

    Faith allows a person to be directed from our Source (God), if you rely in Divine Direction then you will be lead into each situation that is meant for you. When you study the books of Matthew and Luke, do you notice that nobody was able to harm or kill Jesus until the “appointed time”?

    Spiritually, being a neutral observer is more valuable that getting involved in the world. Jesus taught Peter that who lives by the sword will die by the sword.

    Religion serves for a purpose, some people are to spiritually weak to travel the solo road. But, this entire world resides under the powers of the darkness and since Christianity was corrupted in the fourth century the organization is bloodguilty and idolatrous.

  • Dari February 11, 2010, 3:29 am

    I also am a born-again Christian and have been researching all of the subjects Marci mentioned. I realize that Christianity as an organization is corrupt and is playing its part in all of this to get people to accept the NWO. However, I also feel that the fundamental principles of Christianity are sound. I’m obviously biased, being raised as a Christian, but I have been debating myself to make sure that I’m not clinging to Christianity because it’s comforting. I understand what you’re saying about finding strength from within, but just be careful that it doesn’t lead you down the path that seems different than the materialistic, shallow path that is promoted in pop culture, but will inevitably get you to the same place. What I’m referring to is this “God is within” belief system that is promoted in books like “The Secret” and “A New Earth” (both of which have been featured on Oprah – I have lots to say about her, but since it’s off-topic, I’ll leave it there). Just out of curiosity, I googled the first part of Beyonce’s CD title, I AM… Sasha Fierce. When you google I AM, you see that there is a bible quote when God says, “I am that I am” but also there is a web site that is seemingly Christian, until you get to the part about finding your “god self”. What we must understand is that it is in our nature to worship and to serve the will of God. When you ignore that, your soul needs something to take its place. The Illuminati or whatever you want to call it does not care whether you replace God worship with worship of Beyonce, your iPhone or yourself – as long as you don’t worship and believe in Jesus Christ because they know that all non-believers will perish. This is why all of the elements fit together so perfectly. This is why people are being led to believe that neither God nor the devil exist so they can feel comfortable doing whatever they want without any ultimate consequences, so they can turn their souls away from God and toward celebrities, material possessions and themselves. Thanks in advance for reading my comment.