The EuroZone Central Bank Deception.

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This past week there was a Grand “Rothschild” Euro E-CONnomy consolidation. All the governing council of the European Monetary Union met not only about the Greek sovereign debt debacle in which Greece needs immediate relief, but to contemplate a plan that the Euro-Socialists started pushing last week. The EuroZone Central Bank Deception proposed a grand 600 Billion Euro bailout of all the PIIGS states (Portugal, Italy, Iceland, Greece, Spain). Europe has now followed the Fed in its “All-In-Move” to prevent the disintegration of the euro and of Europe. As expected, the EU was leaking various rumors to gauge market interest, and as speculated earlier, the final cost finished just less than one trillion.

The new Eurozone logo represents the “All Seeing Eye” of the illuminati.

12 stars in the flag represent 6+6 that equals the prime illuminati Occult number of 33:33.

The Monetary Lunacy:

Total and unprecedented monetary lunacy, as every central bank, under the orchestration of the Federal Reserve, will throw money at the dilemma, which the reality is a deception to consolidate Europe. Bernanke, an Zionist Illuminati Stooge, will sacrifice the dollar to prevent the euro to weaken.

The goal of the central banks is to create debt within a country so the bank can buy the government and debt.

The Greek debt problem festered for six months, enough time for the Rothschild illuminati Banking Tycoons to generate a panic concerning the value of the Euro.

EU guarantee loan package of 750 billion Euro’s for threatened economies. The EU Commission will give 60 billion euros, while countries from the 16-nation eurozone would pledge 440 billion euros to the fund. The IMF is to contribute an additional 250 billion euros.

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The Revelation CON of Soros:

Rothschild´s special tool, George Soros now reveals what the NWO political reason for the financial crisis:

Business Week Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) The euro “may not survive” the Greek deficit crisis, billionaire investor George Soros said. The European currency’s construction is “flawed” because you don’t have a common treasury,” Soros said. The exchange rate is fixed. If a country gets into difficulty, it’s can’t depreciate its currency, which would be the normal way.” He, too, demands an EU finance minister – or (he will see to it that) the euro will fail.

The Rothschild Puppet, George Soros, states to act behind the speculation for 2 purposes: Money and total EU financial governance. So, this could be phase two of the NWO plan to shoot off resistance to their plans for a world currency. The Euro Central Bank Deception desires to have the world crying for a “one-world-currency”,  which requires the demise of the dollar and the euro. As it seems, this could be the year of central governance by the Euro Central Bank of the illuminati banking tycoons.

It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. Individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.” — Henry Kissinger 1992

The Daily Mail 26 Feb-2010: “The Rothschild puppet, George Soros, the man who broke the Bank of England in 1992 is said to be at the centre of a plot to cash in on the demise of the euro.The Soros Fund Management is among a group of heavyweight Wall Street hedge funds which have launched a series of massive bets against the euro.

Throughout the last few centuries the International bankers have create panics to attain their agenda of control

The bets came after an all-star ‘ideas dinner’ in New York where some of the world’s most powerful currency speculators argued that the euro will plunge to parity with the U.S. dollar – which will happen (Rothschild bank BNP Paribas). Traders are borrowing 20 times the size of their bet, boosting their potential gains and losses.”

Soros also endorsed a proposed tax on financial transactions, called a Tobin tax to deter speculation.

Primary Source: Euro.Med

The observation is quite clear for anyone who is keeping a close eye on the preparation events of the New World Order. The illuminati banking tycoons are consolidating their power by festering the Greek debt, and by manipulating the markets through a panic.

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  • Bonnie May 13, 2010, 8:49 pm

    The European Union. -A creation of the “New World Order” Globalists-Without the Say of the People, by-the-way. -A bogus system of “treaties” developed and signed in virtual secrecy, and forced upon the European Continent, most of which were unaware of the drastic changes these so called EU treaties represented.

    -A treasonous system with a market currency -(The Euro)**The “Euro” isn’t even linked to gold(!), and is without any specific Country attached to other words, a floating intangible, bogus, fiat currency..
    This farce is just incredible..think about it.
    We would really like to know how any Nation can owe a tangible debt, to a system that has never had any real tangible value attached to it from the very beginning?