The Monumental Flood Disaster of Pakistan!

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The worst flood waters engulfed Pakistan within a few days with thousands dead and million displaces losing their homes, animals and economic resources. The flood waters flowing down stream from the mountains in the north without any warnings tend to point to a manipulated occurrence using HARRP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).

Occult numerology of the Pakistan Flood:

Floods began July 29 2010 = 7:11:3 = 21 that reduces as 3 the foundational number of the Lower Entity Occult.

The Deception of the Occult Imperialists:

Pakistan is looked upon as a covert backup for the Taliban. The consolidated occult imperialists of the New World Order must gain control over Nuclear Pakistan without engaging a war to “win the war” in Afghanistan.

The timing of the flood waters of Pakistan correlating with the holiday of Ramadan generates suspicion. Pakistanis are serious Muslims and will ardently fast under hash conditions viewing the situation as a test from God, but may lead many into malnutrition.

The World Bank sent a loan to Pakistan of $900 million dollars that only creates deeper debt of the country. Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Britain has said it could take up to five years and $15 billion for the country to recover. The International Monetary Fund has warned that the floods could have dire long-term economic consequences for a country already reliant on foreign aid.

The timing of the flood waters of Pakistan correlating with the holiday of Ramadan generates suspicion

Through a ravaging disaster western imperialism consolidates their grip through economics such as in Haiti. The western corporations invest and rebuild within a region such as the post war country of Bosnia. It is easily noted that nobody will step up to effectively help the utterly poor people of Pakistan, only economic manipulation will occur.

The Occult Illuminati Satanists use calculated numerology in phases. The first quarter of the year the world experienced a rare amount of earthquakes; April and May were the Occult celebrations coupled with high deaths. Strangely enough the world seemed to quite down during the Sun Worshiping World Cup that ended with a bomb blast Uganda. The month of August generates the heat of the summer with damaging events of the Illuminati.

The observer can only assume that the flood waters of Pakistan were manipulated through HARRP that causes detrimental effects because solid proof remains aloof. However, the trends and locations that major disasters are occurring around the world, at an accelerated rate, create suspicion among all observers that are deciphering the deception during our current era.

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