The Grammy Occult Night of the Illuminati Hollywood.

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This years Grammy award performances raised some eyebrows among the awareness of onlookers. The music industry slowly progressed from bad to worse under the mind control and influence of the illuminati occult and the powers of the darkness within the last 60 years. The 2010 Grammy awards represents the domination of the Santic/Illuminati Music Industry.  The “stars” are talented and attractive, but puppet slaves of the illuminati. Music naturally stimulates humans emotions and senses, negative music proves detrimental contrasting positive music.


Comparing the easy listening music of Nat King Cole and Judy Garland to our modern day, there should be no doubt that satanic influence dominates the music industry.Judy Garland, Easter Parade
Powerful subliminal messages lure individuals into idolatry through an idolization of the popular person, especially the younger generation. Identifying the context without having an understanding of masonic, occult, and mind control symbolism proves a challenge for the ignorant. Once the identification process of awakening occurs, the individual will notice that the entire world is engulfed in idolatry and masonic occult symbolism.

A few highlights that promote satanism, the occult illuminati, and the New World Order:

Beyonce’s: she is advertising martial law in her performance with the police/army/stormtroopers looking men walking up on stage. She looked pretty possessed to me like many of her other performances.

Lady Gaga: “She has no soul….her mind controlling pop music….she is a monster and she’s turning you into monsters” plus getting thrown into the fire as a sacrifice. Enough said.

Bon Jovi: the colors on the screens were black white and red…there were words on there that said “it’s in you”…”freedom”…”unite”….”stand up”….I think it was pretty much a message that we can all “unite” together for the new world order. There were also images with the sun shining and a person standing in between with their arms in the air as in praise for the sun.

Pink: the lyrics to her song have “lightning” (illumination)…”glitter in the air” (magic)…”have you ever invited a stranger to come inside?” (demons, devil)…”close your eyes and just trust it, trust it”…references to flames..moon…stars…all occult stuff. Her performance was a ritual and it was also a rebirth when she emerged from the water.

Green Day: their lyrics are pretty much about giving up and giving in…and it was pretty obvious when he would say “throw up your arms into the sky” and he would throw the devils horns in the air. Either that or it could also be a “let’s unite” type of song when he sings the “you and I.”

Michael Jackson performance: I really think they chose the Earth Song on purpose just for the sake of global warming and again united together for the sake of the environment (more like new world order).

The Grammys focused on a limited number of artists (Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga), while ignoring many others who were equally successful.

lady gaga,satanic,possession

The “chosen” artists manifested as characters within the ceremony and acted out ritual dramas. There are numerous types of fraternities and rituals, from the most noble to the most infernal that have existed throughout history. The performances were decisively inspired by dark, sinister, and Satanic ceremonies.

The style for the night was:
  • -Anything looking metalic, silver, robotic (Beyonce, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Fergie)
  • -White (Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Lil’Wayne, Pink)

Historically, the lyrics of music relate to the lost children. This theme of the “lost child” is continually portrayed within movies including Disney—a Michael Jackson theme.
The Monarch Butterfly represents the government mind control project called “Monarch”

Hey does anyone notice the giant monarch butterfly on the wall in Taylor Swifts “you belong with me” video? —From the Fourm

Analyzing the deeper meanings of occult symbolism within the modern music today, there should be no question where the influence is streaming—the music industry has continually, but slowly, descended into the pit of satanism. The control of the illuminati was subtle during the era of Judy Garland and Gene Kelly, but still present. The control of MGM and Hollywood causes drug addictions and early death by manipulating young talented actors on prescribed drugs.

Song titles and lyrics explain the support of the New World Order of the illuminati occult.

  • The E.N.D. – The Black Eyed Peas
  • Uprising – Muse
  • Use Somebody – Kings of Leon
  • Fearless – Taylor Swift
  • War Machine – ACDC
  • 21st Century Breakdown – Green Day
  • Universal Mind Control – Common
  • Halo – Beyoncé
  • Poker Face – Lady Gaga
  • I Gotta Feeling – The Black Eyed Peas
  • Check My Brain – Alice in Chains

The title Alice in Chains may be related to Alice in Wonderland; there is a government mind control facility called Alice in Wonderland in the US. There are many titles and songs about Uprising, The End, Lost Individuals, and Emotions.

During the grammy night many musicians “thanked god”. They are not thanking the Divine Light, if they were they would not pursue dark influences upon their viewers. The Oscars should prove interesting. The movie “Avatar” is the movie to keep an eye on, it won in the Global Awards.

The darkness uses beauty, emotion, and attractive music upon the senses that creates an unawareness of the powers behind the music. TV with conversion of HD in the United States is founded upon mind control.

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  • KY August 24, 2011, 5:45 am

    Wonder why most of the famous celebrities, and not just celebrities, but politicians and CEOs in big companies are also members of illuminati.

  • mumtaz September 10, 2011, 2:06 pm

    the new world order is not only about taking over the world in a monetary sence! what it is really about is, a promise that shaythaan a.k.a. lucifer, satan, dajjal, made to Allah when he was asked to bow down to Adam (a.s). Satan was angry about the fact that Allah made him bow down to something made of dust. So he told Allah that he would turn as many people away from Allah as he could, and take them to hell! So what better way is there to control people than through t.v. and the people that are shown in it. ISLAAM has the answer to everything that has been and is going on in todays times. i suggest that everyone google up ”SIGNS OF QIYAAMAT” TO SEE THE TRUTH! Bare in mind that these were foretold to us(muslims) by our prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) over 1400 years ago. May Allah guide us onto the straight path!

    • Shawn September 10, 2011, 4:08 pm

      There is deception on every religion and culture. But there is a measure of truth within every religion. If ‘Allah’ and Muhammed set the straight path for Islam then why are all the Islamic cultures Shame Based and rooted in negative gossip and family reputation?

      • mumtaz September 10, 2011, 9:54 pm

        hi Shawn, thanks for all the information. Great job! Here’s the thing about Islaam, our prophet MUHAMMED (S.A.W.) has stated that in Islaam there will be 73 sects of muslims out of which only one will enter paradise. That is why soo many muslims are divided, with different cultures and beliefs. The one and only sect of muslims that will enter paradise is the one who followed the QURAAN and sayings of MUHAMMED (S.A.W) without changing, adding or deleting anything. ALL OTHER RELIGIONS ARE DOOMED (i’m sorry to say) but this is the reality. SHAWN, my advise to you is to look up islaam on the net with a little bit of enthusiasm as you do the stuff on this site. You did say that you are not religious, hopefully islaam will change your mind. We’ll be glad to have you on our side. think about it, youve got nothing to loose but everything to gain. (maybe even a new religion) This message goes out to everyone out there who reads this message. And remember, sometimes evil beats good, but ALLAH(GOD) is more powerfull than satan and all evil. you just have to trust in him. He has a plan, and we plan, but God is the best of planners!!!

        • Shawn September 11, 2011, 3:04 am

          I studied Islam, live within its cultures for over 3 years and also studied the Qur’an and I also find the religion deluded into idolatry and the cultures are based in Shame, which is the lowest emotion on the map of consciousness.

  • megaflyx September 22, 2011, 7:01 pm

    those devil hand gestures are not just for show! When you do this in there rituals, sing a certain lyric and throw up the sign, it is a magickel spell. Yes, there are curses and spells in there performance and by participating in these rituals the young people are putting spells on themselves. In fact there is a real danger by just being present. The occultic plays of the middle ages would invite the wealthy to there plays and have a seance and do the same thing, they not only open themselves up for possession, but then like some STD, they would take them home to there family.

  • John October 6, 2011, 9:16 pm

    Thought i would post up the lyrics to “The flood” Take that, seems to me to be an Anthem for Satanic elite??

  • cleves October 7, 2011, 9:14 am

    yea its real everyone look on youtube for proof ya on illumanti and celebs in it also political,presidents and more in it you be shocked whom use the sign of the beast the mark hand,,,member obama told donald trump where 2pac and biggie its on youtube,and its existed a longtime ya see the back of the dollar bill and all money in usa have symbols on it to controle you and tv ads are shown over and over as mind controle for you to buy things and disney all in it,member in old days cartoons was used had symbols in them like winnie the pooh wordhip satan for honey,cassie is a sex slave and others are selena gomez,lady gaga,rir ri and many ya…disney going to renew the v on abc for 3rd season scot wolf stated on the talk ya…,oh yea they got randy quaid exiled to canada,ya see how other singers as heavy d and many others not huge anymore,dave chappell states they real ya see him on youtube states on illumanti and many others say its real,jesse ventura stated it on his show,there a mansonic temple where i live ya rumored they use to hurt babies long ago,well ,amrica been brainwashed as slaves ya we pay 75% tax see a lady won 45 million in the lotto and only got 15 million after tax see,also foreign nations are taxfree there free trade ya and we taxed ,,,why they not taxed also???and companies rule the usa see and ya see how dakota fannings was used in that movie that bombed she was nude i heard and she went around promoting it and you could see on the shows she like open her legs had no undies on and hot legs and ya seen miley do it and many others,,,,these companies are selling singers in sex see like jlo go on tour and make a million a show she really banging rich guys…rumored shakia bang in 3 somes,,no one mention god on the awards anymore,obama dont go to haiti and japan see ya and his wife tell us what to do like exercise shes no doctor and she tell you eat fruits and veggies,,she are talk on girls on babies and birthcontrole and money and jobs..they taxing us like mad and want to cut our benifits and ssi off and government checks and work us all as slaves..we need stand up now on youtube and fight back,there suppose be no censorship in media,shows,movies and freedom and we are to go with a people parliment government of the new usa and ban illumanti and satanic stuff in usa and have one way tax system and only charged 20% and nations charges 50% see how they love taxes and all foreigners charged taxes…we dont need a president and all,,,ya seen how tna impact used the name immortal as illumanti and jeff hardy was there leader and had the illumanti beast belt,,,well see ya,,,they use hidden stuff on tv,movies,shows and music to controle the usa,we need wake up out this sleep now stop being slaves