The Deception of Hollywood War Movies—The Hurt Locker!


The annual Academy Awards of Hollywood aired last night. I do not own a TV but do look up the news on the Internet. I watch certain movies to view and teach the covertly disguised messaging of deception that Zionist/illuminati dominated Hollywood is teaching. The Hurt Locker won best Picture, also in Britain, but not a the Golden Globes.

In the very beginning of the movie “Hurt Locker” some written phrases are revealed.

In context, the opening phase in the movie of The Hurt Locker refers to that “War is Addicting and that War is a Drug”. The phrase sets the stage for the film and portrays in a covert, subliminal fashion the adrenalin rush that soldiers supposedly experience. The filmmakers of Hollywood continually glorify war, smoking, alcohol, and adultery—these common glorifications is a sinister negative influence upon the subconscious upon the viewer.

The percentage of viewers that grasp these opening written phrases, possibly, are few. Not a single review I have searched has alluded to the opening written phrase that defines war as an addicting drug.

The Hurt Locker perceives to be anti-war, which in fact the movie is covertly pro-military, pro-violance, and the deceptively using a story line from Iraq to draw the emotional reality into the mix, and programing the subconscious thought-form of fear interweaved with the glory of war addiction. The energetic attractor field generates mixed emotions combined with electromagnetic pluses that generate unwanted desires and emotions that produces a obscure thought-forming pattern. The main character, Sgt. James is a wild, hard-drinking cowboy with a reckless attitude, and if you didn’t know that, the blatant statements (”you’re a wild man”) will clue you in. Every line of dialogue feels written and contrived, and it seems as though these scenes were thrown in simply as “filler” for the action scenes.

The filler, or dialogue, lodges into the subconscious; the intense action scenes covertly disguise the subconscious infiltration of mind controlling information.

Additionally, the Zionist controlled Hollywood filmmakers generate a false perception of the Arab; have you every questioned why they never portray an Israeli as the bad guy, it is always an Arab or an American. Humanity will just add to their fear by submerging themselves in the propaganda of Hollywood, and their programmed afflictions of preconceived dubious falsehoods will reinforce their software (subconscious) of paralyzed will and a dogmatically positioned nature that causes depression, dread, hopelessness, and nighttime afflictions. Modern day war movies play upon the victimization of the ego and its specialness.

The list of military/war movies is staggering. The number of TBA and upcoming of 2010 war movies is over 50.

The Possibilities of Deception:

The increase of military movies is influencing the masses (especially Americans) that war is a glorification, which plays upon the low self-esteem of the individual and the ego’s desire of power. This embedded perception and programed thought-form may generate a supportive nature when the New World Order stages a war to unite the world. And, when the NWO calls for martial law around the world—the “military mentality” may surface that will cause people to support the actions of martial law.

Mostly all the movies that are produced, currently, contain underlying subliminal messages and mathematical symbolism that reinforces the programmed mind of the matrix and automatic emotional responses.

Everyone seems to love this movie (97% at The illuminati influence is cunning and powerful that can popularize any movie to attain their sinister goal. This movie glorifies the diabolical support of war, and the addiction of war. The killing of people within war, hate, or any manipulated events provide energy to the combined powers of the darkness. The emotions of sorrow grief, depression, fear, and anger provide needed energy to the dimension of the lower entities. Thus, the manipulation of war and death serves as a sacrifice to the darkness.

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  • Tray C from Apples March 21, 2010, 11:40 pm

    Hello, I really enjoyed this post. I’m opening up a website and began to create rather varied articles for it. Do you object if I blog about this? Obviously I will provide you and this site due credit and place a link to this page , thank you.

  • Emily April 18, 2010, 1:48 am

    PLEASE the correct word is MARTIAL LAW NOT marshall law! (Like the martial arts)

    • Shawn April 18, 2010, 9:15 am

      Thanks for the correction, greatly appreciated.