Identifying The Different Types Of Aliens

deciphering the alien agenda

Throughout the last 60 plus years the alien issue has mystified the human mind. Orson Wells narrated a radio show about an alien invasion in the state of New Jersey in 1938. Most listeners started to panic from the dynamic context and realism of Orson Wells narrative.

After World War Two the Alien subject predominantly occurred among Americans because of the events that happened at Roswell, New Mexico. With strong government denial concerning the alien issue, Hollywood has assisted in blinding the minds of humanity through portraying the alien issue as science fiction. Comprehending and correctly identifying the different types of aliens compared to the lower entities can assist the individual to comprehend the bigger picture beyond the 3rd dimensional vision.

Christianity continues to deceive the attached members, who attach themselves to the idolatrous organization. A common thought among Christendom consists of an idea that fallen angels (demons) disguise themselves as aliens—this perception is complete falsehood.

All spirits (angels) that allowed themselves to be corrupted by the darkness were demoted into lower entities and dwell in the lower 5th dimension and our 3rd dimension. The vibration of the lower entities allows invisibility within the 3rd dimension and possibly the 4th. There are 3 forms of the Lower Entities, and are the prime reason the number 3 is the foundational Occult number.

Among the Lower Entities are 3 different forms: Reptilians, Shape-shifters, and Demons

The lower entity Reptilian is different from the alien type of Reptilian. The aliens are agents working for the Lower Entities to manipulate human affairs. The aliens are mortal creatures that can dwell within the earths atmosphere and the atmosphere among other planets. The aliens have mortal material needs, reproduce through DNA manipulation, and will die. The most common aliens that are involved among humans are the Grays—they are technology freaks. There are three different known types of Grays, they are between three and five feet tall with disproportionately large bulbous heads. The Grays are known to be heartless, but with an obsessed mind for technology convinced they can overrun and dominate other planetary systems.

Also, Reptilian Aliens exist and many types of DNA mutations within the reptilian alien family. The alien reptilians are higher ranked than the Grays. The reptilian alien families are mortal and different from the non-mortal 5th dimensional lower entity reptilian. There are also Mantids and Nordics, yet the Grays and Reptilians are closely involved in human affairs. Within the galaxy, there are also good aliens such as good nordics and other nordics that chose the dark-side.

Two different type of Reptilians Exist: Lower Entity and Alien

David Icke teaches that the reptilians bred with humans to produce the elite bloodline of the illuminati, yet fails to decipher between the lower entity and alien reptilian. The lower entities cannot materialize as a human. This is the prime reason Baal (Satan the Devil) needed a host body to enter the earth as a human. This is also the prime reason the Grays contacted the American Government after world war two and in the early 1950’s signed a treaty with Eisenhower to abduct humans and animals for DNA testing in exchange for technology. The principle reason for the advancement of technology among the world is from the knowledge of the Grays.

It is impossible for Alien mortal creatures to breed with earthly homo-sapiens and produce a perfect looking human next to deformed alien/human breed. The female host would die from the vile fluid of the alien.

The bloodline of the elite illuminati is of pure incest that dates from the Canaanites. Ham had sex with Noah’s wife and born Canaan and was cursed as the human seed of the darkness. Canaan bore eleven children, and the two incestuous son’s of Lot’s daughters added to make 13.

The Lower Entities rank the highest among the darkness starting with the reptilians. Baal (Antichrist, Satan, Man of Lawlessness) is the chief reptilian and now resides within his host human body since October 2010. Under the lower entity reptilians are the Shape-shifter and then the Demons. Below in rank most likely are the alien reptilians and then the grays. Under the rank of the aliens are the elite illuminati and the earthly pyramid begins.

Considering the existence of mortal aliens will prevent a shock emotional reality and a traumatized intellect upon the presentation of an alien war that the powers of the darkness will stage, which in-turn, will unite the entire world within a common bond. The alien war will shift the minds of humanity and will produce a problem situation that will deceive humanity, and usher the New World Order of the Darkness to dominate the human race.

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  • Larry Cross December 26, 2010, 4:09 am

    [quote]Christianity continues to deceive their members, who attach themselves to the idolatrous organization. A common thought among Christendom consists of an idea that fallen angels (demons) disguise themselves as aliens—this perception is complete falsehood.[unquote]

    I will attempt to be nice but I can certainly understand why most of the comments you receive are negative. If I understand the above quote correctly, you are saying that Christianity is idolatrous. At least Christianity has a book (the Bible) that has been revered and trusted for centuries. You and your sources are simply pulling facts and information out of your ass or a demon is pulling it out of him ass and handing it to you. I think the reason you hardly ever list a source is because a) you don’t have any or b) your sources are demonically inspired regardless of their heirarchy or dimension you claim they inhabit which means that the greater majority of the information they impart is a pack of lies.

    Also you need to work on your spelling, punctuation, and word usage. ‘There, their, and they’re’ are three different, noninterchangable words. I would give you a B-
    Have a good day,
    L Cross

    • Shawn December 26, 2010, 5:56 am

      Hey Larry, have you looked at the cross lately? Have you researched Christmas and that it is total sun worship and Easter is fertility worship? Have you been able to decipher that parts are the bible were manipulated? Have you studied the bloodguilty history of Christendom and how “Christians” went on murdering crusades? The problem is that people who are emotional attached to a religion cannot admit the truth. Every religion that dwells on the earth is a form of Idolatry. But, first the individual would have to detach from their religion to admit to these facts. Unfortunately, many Christians need a source, but not willing to do detailed research.

      Most of the comments on my site are positive, but it would help you to read more posts, from viewing my tracking service with your IP address you read two articles on this blog. So maybe you should comment after you read more posts concerning positive or negative comments on my site. I do list many sources but again you would have to read more than just two posts.

      And yes I make mistakes in writing. Larry, do you have a site so I could view your writing?

      • Nelson April 17, 2012, 1:34 am

        you’re awesome, thank you for all info, you should add a search box engine for information search.what is the correct meditation for awakening spiritually?most meditations opens a person to commingle with lower level entities

        • Shawn April 17, 2012, 4:58 am

          Thanks for the comments. I will consider the search box, but the best way to search my site is through the archives link.

          Awakening spiritually should consist of deprograming for any dogmatically positioned religion. Study all scripture that exists around the world and pray. Learn to meditate and fast. Learn the discipline of yoga, and learn to sun gaze. Focus on increasing your level of consciousness and if you can accomplish that then you will be awakened.

      • Annmari June 10, 2012, 4:04 am

        This is the explanation for your quote, “….Christmas and that it is total sun worship and Easter is fertility worship…” :

        As you should know, God can take anything Satan does and turn it around for good. He did so here. People were pagans, idolators throughout history. Christmas and Easter were designated as such by the Church to OVERRULE the pagan aspects. Once paganism had its foothold on society, the Church had to reinstate and overrule those pagan holidays and turn them into CHRISTIAN HOLY DAYS. The Church has done this continually throughout history………..Everything Christ ever did He did on purpose and orchestrated carefully to make a point and set an example and teach a lesson that would never be forgotten. Christ’s birth occurred precisely at the time it did because God designed it that way, probably to reinstate and overrule what was going on in the pagan world at that time………..Easter, the Resurrection of Christ, being the ultimate reason Christ came to earth, was also designed by God that way, at that time, for the reasons also set above….All that is PAGAN is OVERRULED BY JESUS CHRIST…

        Another example is the miracle of Our Lady of Fatima. Fatima, Portugal was actually named “Fatima” eons ago after the Hindu false demon god Fatima. The Blessed Virgin Mary deliberately chose Fatima, Portugal to appear from May 13, 1917 to October 13, 1917, while delivering many prophecies and directions to the world through 3 peasant children just for this reason: to overrule the Hindu false god Fatima, and reinstate Fatima, Portugal as a Christian place to be remembered for its Christian miracles performed there and the messages She brought with Her………

        Another more memorable example (for most people who are not in the know about Fatima) is Halloween. Celebrated on October 31st, Halloween’s original name for this date is Samhain (pronounced SOW-WEN). It is the highest black magick date on the occult calendar, replete with human sacrifice and all sorts of demonic acts, which date of 10/31 is also preceded by more tortures and blood offerings to Satan. In response to that, the Church again deliberately named November 1 as All Saints’ Day, and in accordance with Church tradition, the Vigils of those holy days are celebrated as well. The Vigil date for 11/1 would be the evening of 10/31, which is a “hallowed evening”, thusly named “All Hallows Eve” (hallow meaning holy) in honor of the next day being All Saints’ Day……The Satanic pagans tried to do away with all that the Church did there, and called it a distortion of All Hallow’s Eve: thus, the Satanic name of Hallowe’en. Thank God it is losing its flavor. Not much celebrated these days…..

        To further reinforce All Saints’ Day, the Church then named November 2 as All Souls’ Day. The Church knew full well the force of this Satanic holiday of Samhain, and did this to further obliterate it……….Good is always cementing itself over evil. God does that. Satan tries to come out from under that, but never fully succeeds…..There are many other examples. These are just a few.

        Your comment: “The problem is that people who are emotional attached to a religion cannot admit the truth. Every religion that dwells on the earth is a form of Idolatry.”……I beg to differ with you. Religion is for man’s benefit, not God’s. God is not any religion. He says, I AM WHO AM. That says it all. Man needs a set of rules and regulations to abide by. God has always given them to mankind. Man never completely abides. But God never abandons us, just as Christ said. Reinforcements are always given by God, including punishment for sin, and reward for obedience.

        If one truly knows his faith, he strives for a fuller communion with God. If his religion is the true faith — CHRISTIANITY, WITH ITS JUDEO ROOTS —- then man will find his way to heaven through Jesus Christ. Just as Christ said, “No one comes to the Father but by Me.” In other words, Christ is telling us, I died for you. You must accept what I did for you, and if you do not acknowledge Me and My Sacrifice on the Cross, then how can you get to my Father? The Father, the Son & the Holy Ghost are 3 Persons in One God and are not separable. One complements the Other, and All are in union with Each Other. Inseparable.

        I find your website very interesting. I may not agree with every take you have on end times, but somehow, most of what you say is essentially how I see things but with a different spin on it.

        I pray for you and all who strive to keep God’s people informed of necessary warnings in these end times.

        God bless.

        • Shawn June 11, 2012, 2:57 am

          Well the Christians are going to be very surprised when they are not saved during the alien war and the new world order.

          One billion Christians around the around the world that should tell a spiritual seeker that it is a big deception of Idolatry.

          The organization of Christendom is bloodguilty. Jesus never taught about forming some religion based on Idolatry.

          • The M8triark February 5, 2013, 5:50 am


        • The M8triark February 5, 2013, 5:49 am

          You’re funny Annmarie…
          To think that the “CHURCH” You know the one with all the Priests that have raped Nuns and Molested and sodomized little boys ever since they “OVER RULED” in Jesus’ name? Jesus…the Carpenter…the Magi…the Priest who oversaw his 12 Disciples? You understand that this one (1) “Man” plus twelve (12) Disciples equals (13) members. Thirteen (13) is the amount of people in a COVEN…Jesus learned the Esoteric teachings during his time not mentioned in the “bible.” PLEASE…do NOT think that you have ANY insight into understanding the complexity of lies and hidden truths within YOUR BIBLE… Oh yeah, don’t forget that YOUR CHURCH recanted the bibles story of Mary Magdelen being a prostitute in 1969. You know, the one that Jesus “frequently kissed on the mouth” that Peter was jealous of? The one that Jesus saw FIRST after being resurrected…the one he chose to take over the church…but you will never believe that because in order to agree with that, you would have to understand that women were made to be submissive to man in the bible by the hands of men that MANipulated the pages of the bible in order to serve THEIR beliefs. They made Jesus into a Savior OVERNIGHT! Perhaps he was “burned at the stake for being a Witch which is MUCH more believable than him being hoisted up on to an incredibly HEAVY cross that had to be carried through a town by one man!!! So many lost souls that believe they have been saved through “christianity”…So many lies they bought in to…So very sad…

          • The M8triark February 5, 2013, 5:54 am

            And if you have a hard time swallowing all of that truth AnnMarie, here is another TRUTH for you to wrap your head around…The bible NEVER says that there were three (3) wise men that went Bethlehem… Yeah, I know it is hard to believe, but it’s true!!! )O(

        • Ingrid March 28, 2013, 11:00 pm

          Anmani, you are wrong, and there is still time and chance to learn how.

          Yah, Creator Father of the Bible, (not worshipped or heeded however in traditional Christianity – and you forget as many (most?) do that the Canaanites, Egyptians and Sumerians were Christians as they were devotees of the Solar Father Figure’s incarnate son, the second person of the Satanic Trinity, the Christ of all Solar religion, including your own. Your religion (you call it Christianity, but that makes you no different from the ancient Greeks and Romans whose Christ was not the one in the book you hold to as your authority, the Hebrew Messiah, whose name was not and never will be, Jesus, but is Yahushua, or Yahshua, having his Father’s name, Yah, in his name) is the same one forbidden by Yah of the Scriptures, whose words you turn away from in scoffing and ridicule, ignoring these commands and instructions, vehement directions and lamentations from Yah, and Yahushua, his messiah, Word, and Son, to instead honour and worship their Adversary, Satan, and his ‘messiah’, Lucifer, Horus, Christ, Lord, Tammuz, who is the same as Jesus in the very ways he is worshipped and honoured – all forbidden by Yah and abhorred by the Real Messiah (of the Bible). You forget much – or you never knew, being forbidden by your priesthood of Satanic Mystery Religion to read much history. You never learned much about the Bible itself, since you have been strongly discouraged from doing that study. If you have, you have never asked many questions or you have, and have tolerated their evasive, vague and misleading ‘answers’ as to why they teach you all the ways opposite the ways of Yah in the book they changed. You really have no idea of the truth, and I hope you learn it because this religion and this system, the countries which adhere to it, are ending. Many lives will be lost – but this is prophesied in the bible, speaking of the sheep like you who have been led to the slaughter by their lying priests of Baal and you know that is Satan, for the son is the same as the father in Solar God worship, unlike the real Father and real messiah – who are two entirely different Beings. Please begin to educate yourself and accept no longer the lying priests’ and preachers’ attempts to deceive and lure you into your own bloody deaths. This will be (your own deaths) required by Yah of not you, who were ignorant of their devices and trusting in their lies to you all, but the murders will be required by Yah of the priests and preachers, ministers of Ha Satan, whose enticement in the Mysteries of beautiful black magic ritual is so alluring to you and billions of other dupes. Evil is often seen and felt as beautiful, but you still are warned and have always been warned throughout the Scriptures not to let this trap fool you, using exploitative emotional tactics and nice-sounding and feeling lies to get you to agree to be destroyed. Earthquakes and other disasters will come upon this and our other blessed people, blessed once with the truth as the descendants of Abraham, as promised. Our steadfast and stubborn refusal to acknowledge even as Pharaoh did. that it is Yahueh Who is the Father Creator of Hosts – and not The Lord, Baal, Sol Invictus, Solar Father-figure Deity of the Satanic Mysteries – will be the reason for our destruction. We were warned repeatedly by the prophets of Yahueh (IAUE) and our real, but rejected Messiah Yahushua.

    • Knows The Score January 18, 2011, 7:23 pm

      Brother Larry,
      Christianity is indeed idolatrous. Read your Bible, brother. Christianity has kept people asleep and ignorant. I left the “church” years ago, but if I were to return on their sun-worshiping service this coming Sunday, it would be like nothing ever changed. That’s intentional. You can’t possibly learn the Truth (The Son) in an institution that bows down to the IRS. Christians are shameless pagans with their tree worship. Jeremiah chapter 10 breaks it down for you. Easter is no more than goddess fertility worship. Come on brother, it’s time for you to wake up. Nothing wakes you up like water, and water is about to wake you the “hello” up. This brother who puts up this info. you should feel privileged to read, has my utmost respect. The Most High has annointed him. And it takes one to know one! When I read something in the news, my little built-in pythagorean calculator is translating the event and boiling down the sum. 9/11 is all over the birds and fish dying, all over the shooting spree in Tucson Arizona and all over everything else bizarre and absurd happening in the world. Wake up and stop fighting the messengers. Something real terrible is about to shake the world up. We, who know the score, yeah we’re a bit on edge due to the fact that we know evil is wearing a Botany 500 and Florsheims driving Merc. Deluxe, but we know The Most High will hide us in His Hand and shield us for warning the people just like Noah did in his wicked evil day. Peace, brother, and I hope you put away idolatry if you are in the IRS-sanctioned synagogues. Leave them and come to the real knowledge of The Most High and His Son.

      keep up the good work brother. You always have great info. and insight and it is great to know there are others that aren’t sucked in the hole of oblivion without a clue as to what is happening right in front of our eyes. Peace to you and yours,

  • Larry Cross December 28, 2010, 7:05 am

    Well Shawn, I did not intend to start a debate and I probably was somewhat harsh, but I would like to address some issues. I would think from your comments that your knowledge of Christianity is from the outside looking in and you seem to be considering Christianity as if it is all like the Roman Catholic Church. Many of us protestant Bible believing Christians understand that the cross dates from the post flood Semerimis/Tammaz Babylonian religious system – as well as the Yule log, evergreen tree, and the dying/resurrected winter solstice sun worship that occurred on our present December 25th.
    Yes, there were so-called Christians who participated and financed the Crusades but again you are talking about actions of the medieval Roman Catholic Church which is idolatrous throughout. The organization itself is idolatrous although I would not say that every member is a pagan. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.
    Christians don’t need a source – they have one. It’s called the Bible, the Word of God. However, as you stated, many are not willing to read and study it. But, studying the Bible and understanding it requires something special.
    1Co 2:14 But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
    It requires the help of the Holy Spirit of God which is given to the person who “calls on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” His name is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Savior, Redeemer, and Mighty God, among others. Call on the name of Jesus, become obedient to Him as your Lord, and you too will understand the things of God. Until then it is the blind leading the blind and all will fall into the ditch. If you would like more information please let me know.

    Yes I do have a site.

    • Shawn December 28, 2010, 8:49 am

      Larry, all branches of Christianity are from the same source and organization, which is the corrupted darkness, yet, as in all other religions around the world, some truth remains, but all religions are dominated with a lot of falsehood.

      You can read my writings on spirituality at this site in interested.

  • brandon justice February 25, 2011, 10:51 pm

    i like what larry cross had to say. christianity is not supposed to be a title but rather a lifestyle. and i do beleive that catholocism is paganism and it was constatines attempt to unite roman gods with christianity. christianity is faith in a person, JESUS. not pentance and mary worship, or pope worship, or mass, or whatever. and if faith in Jesus Christ and receiving his gift of salvation by grace through faith seems idolatrous to you, then God help.

  • Shawn February 26, 2011, 5:39 am

    I am not referring to faith, but the lifestyle if christianity is very judgmental toward others and they are still attached to the cross and sun worship. Anyway you see it Religion is a form if Idolatry.

  • ray June 11, 2011, 10:15 pm

    The teacher called ‘lucifer’, ‘Luke’, ‘lucius’, etc. is the ‘prince of darkness’. He contradicts what the apostle and prophet says. The teacher is lower on the 5 fold christian ministry. He is obviously the ‘devil’ hiding among the sheep. He is the ultimate traitor. Damn his spirit to tha Avichi Hell.