Identifying The Different Types Of Aliens

deciphering the alien agenda

Throughout the last 60 plus years the alien issue has mystified the human mind. Orson Wells narrated a radio show about an alien invasion in the state of New Jersey in 1938. Most listeners started to panic from the dynamic context and realism of Orson Wells narrative.

After World War Two the Alien subject predominantly occurred among Americans because of the events that happened at Roswell, New Mexico. With strong government denial concerning the alien issue, Hollywood has assisted in blinding the minds of humanity through portraying the alien issue as science fiction. Comprehending and correctly identifying the different types of aliens compared to the lower entities can assist the individual to comprehend the bigger picture beyond the 3rd dimensional vision.

Christianity continues to deceive the attached members, who attach themselves to the idolatrous organization. A common thought among Christendom consists of an idea that fallen angels (demons) disguise themselves as aliens—this perception is complete falsehood.

All spirits (angels) that allowed themselves to be corrupted by the darkness were demoted into lower entities and dwell in the lower 5th dimension and our 3rd dimension. The vibration of the lower entities allows invisibility within the 3rd dimension and possibly the 4th. There are 3 forms of the Lower Entities, and are the prime reason the number 3 is the foundational Occult number.

Among the Lower Entities are 3 different forms: Reptilians, Shape-shifters, and Demons

The lower entity Reptilian is different from the alien type of Reptilian. The aliens are agents working for the Lower Entities to manipulate human affairs. The aliens are mortal creatures that can dwell within the earths atmosphere and the atmosphere among other planets. The aliens have mortal material needs, reproduce through DNA manipulation, and will die. The most common aliens that are involved among humans are the Grays—they are technology freaks. There are three different known types of Grays, they are between three and five feet tall with disproportionately large bulbous heads. The Grays are known to be heartless, but with an obsessed mind for technology convinced they can overrun and dominate other planetary systems.

Also, Reptilian Aliens exist and many types of DNA mutations within the reptilian alien family. The alien reptilians are higher ranked than the Grays. The reptilian alien families are mortal and different from the non-mortal 5th dimensional lower entity reptilian. There are also Mantids and Nordics, yet the Grays and Reptilians are closely involved in human affairs. Within the galaxy, there are also good aliens such as good nordics and other nordics that chose the dark-side.

Two different type of Reptilians Exist: Lower Entity and Alien

David Icke teaches that the reptilians bred with humans to produce the elite bloodline of the illuminati, yet fails to decipher between the lower entity and alien reptilian. The lower entities cannot materialize as a human. This is the prime reason Baal (Satan the Devil) needed a host body to enter the earth as a human. This is also the prime reason the Grays contacted the American Government after world war two and in the early 1950’s signed a treaty with Eisenhower to abduct humans and animals for DNA testing in exchange for technology. The principle reason for the advancement of technology among the world is from the knowledge of the Grays.

It is impossible for Alien mortal creatures to breed with earthly homo-sapiens and produce a perfect looking human next to deformed alien/human breed. The female host would die from the vile fluid of the alien.

The bloodline of the elite illuminati is of pure incest that dates from the Canaanites. Ham had sex with Noah’s wife and born Canaan and was cursed as the human seed of the darkness. Canaan bore eleven children, and the two incestuous son’s of Lot’s daughters added to make 13.

The Lower Entities rank the highest among the darkness starting with the reptilians. Baal (Antichrist, Satan, Man of Lawlessness) is the chief reptilian and now resides within his host human body since October 2010. Under the lower entity reptilians are the Shape-shifter and then the Demons. Below in rank most likely are the alien reptilians and then the grays. Under the rank of the aliens are the elite illuminati and the earthly pyramid begins.

Considering the existence of mortal aliens will prevent a shock emotional reality and a traumatized intellect upon the presentation of an alien war that the powers of the darkness will stage, which in-turn, will unite the entire world within a common bond. The alien war will shift the minds of humanity and will produce a problem situation that will deceive humanity, and usher the New World Order of the Darkness to dominate the human race.

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