Insights of Zeta Reticulans (Grays) and other Alien Groups

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This information is very intense and extremely scandalous. But humanity must not fear because we are not alone. The real battle is fought in the hearts of humanity. By following the white path of Love, Truth, and Service we can achieve victory- That’s the most powerful weapon in our arsenal.

As we get closer to the Activation of the New World Order it is important for the reader to comprehend the serious situation that humanity will facing when the Children of the Light is separated from the Darkness.

This article was written by two guys called Willy and Andy on

The Zetas are physical beings like us, that’s the reason we can see the UFO so easily. They knew about the existence of our planet thousands of years ago, but ignored it as they didn’t’t considered it as a strategic point in their plans to conquest the universe. After the first atomic bombs, they considered that our race achieved a substantial scientific advancement and started to pay us more attention.

Their original planet was destroyed thousands of years ago, losing a lot of their culture and spirituality. After that, a lot of changes occurred from their physical level to their views about the universe. Now they are a shadow of what they were once, a great race- .

They are extremely mental beings and destroy any emotions that may arise in them- In their minds, their goal is to understand what is the greatest power of the universe and exploit it for their own benefit. They know the greatest power is Life itself, and for millenniums they have tried to find a way to create life from nothingness, but have failed to find the origin.

Having no spiritual beliefs, the truth will always escape through their fingers. They only believe in science and believe that there is a tool or machine for everything, and believe that their minds are so great, that someday they will become like gods. They are extremely telepathic and can produce great mental waves, that they use to manipulate and control weaker minds.

Their technology is based on the sub-atomic power and supra-electromagnetic transmissions used to power their transportation, weapons, and others life support machinery. They seek the cure for a constant pain. There is a deep pain in their race that they control with their powerful minds from time to time. It is not a physical or emotional pain, it is something that the human race has not experienced yet.- They think that this constant pain is what prevents their powerful minds to achieve their full capacity. Through science they are trying to find the cure for this pain and its source.

The Zetas see humanity as a basic intelligent life form that still has their roots in animal instinct. They believe that in studying us and our animalistic nature, they will find the cure for their pain. (We believe that the pain is in reality a great inner tension between the very highly develop minds and their extremely underdeveloped hearts). Scientifically they will never find the cure they seek. As they have no spiritual values in their minds, their moral values are thin, and this allows them to control others without remorse, while their great minds shake any feeling of guilt. And with their heart closed, they will never find fault in their ways.

Their philosophy is to control all the details and events in their lives and even their deaths if they could. They have great ambition of power and a deep desire of supremacy of their species over all others. Science is their religion and they have a deep knowledge in regards of mental evolution. What they don’t understand is that the mind can’t evolve to the supreme level without the heart. They feel emotions, but in a vibrational form, (humans can’t understand this) and the vibration of fear is the most powerful in them.

They don’t feel love or jealousy like we humans understand those feelings. They just want to control and know everything. The Zetas are extremely curious. – The only thing that has prevented them to achieve their goals with us are the more advance extraterrestrial beings that guard our planet 24 hours a day.

The Zeta Reticulim already have several slave planets in different galaxies of the Universe. All civilizations with lesser technologies and mentally inferior to them. Most of the slaves beings are made to work in mining. The Zeta’s have an slave race called the Linenaris Tubilurus , that are of blue complexion, with small but strong and resistant bodies, that travel with them in their space ships. This last ones can better resist Earth atmosphere and can manage to breathe air. The Zetas can do it too but not for long as it may become poisonous for them. These blue beings are the ones that actually do the abductions and bring the human beings into their ships. The Linenaris were races scientifically more advanced than ours, but were totally controlled by the superior Zeta race, and now are being controlled by the powerful Zetas mind waves.

After the human beings are taken inside the ships, many weird scientific procedures are practiced on them. They include probing and medical tests. Once the tests are done, the Zetas inject a chemical substance behind the human’s ears. This substance is extracted directly from the Zeta’s own brains and affects the areas of the human brain that are related to short term memory.

Because this examinations are so intense, painful, and invasive, and because the human brain is bombarded with so much information through the senses, it is very difficult to erase from the human mind these intense events and experiences. It is like a direct attack against the brain. So, this chemical substance is the only way to block the memories of these events. (Although there has been cases, as many of you know, that under hypnosis some of the memories of these events have been recovered). If a laboratory were to know what specific substance to look for, it could be identified very easily and with some tests, determine an antidote for it.

In an unknown location, the Zeta Reticulim have a factory designed for the sole purpose of fabricating androids. These androids look exactly like us and their function is to act as Zeta eyes among our society so they can accelerate the culmination of their evil plans. These androids also serve as transmission antennas of their mental waves that are designed to manipulate and control the weak human minds that surround them. Even though these androids are perfect in every way to look like us and can mix with us in our daily life, they can’t really be part of our society and customs (let’s see one of them pass a physical exam for example).

For that reason the Zeta’s have created at the genetic level, human being-like creatures that are so perfect that they can easily pass any physical examination. The only difference between these clone-like creations and us is the way the neuropath channels are connected. They are specifically designed so the pathway won’t be able to change at the base of the brain function, no matter what activity the clone is involved with at the moment- This is the easiest way to control their creations rather than using implants in real human beings- These creature’s neuro-pathways serve also as antennas that can receive instructions from the Zeta, but the clone perceive them only as neuronal impulses and act on them. Meaning that many times not even the clones know that they are being used for Zeta purposes. A clever way to maintain a complete cover up.

As the reader can begin to see, we don’t formally call this pseudo human creations “ clones”, because they are not exact copies of a human being, but are unique creations that are made possible due to the more advanced science of the Zetas working with the most basic substances that are the building blocks of a human being. Although we couldn’t’t confirm what I’m about to write, we feel that these creations are destined to even more sinister ends as we will explain in another letter.

The Zetas are relentless in their mission and goals. Their own race in going through a delicate period, in which it is becoming more difficult for them to sustain as a species. The way they propagate is by cloning themselves as they do not have a working sexual apparatus. This cloning has gone on for so long that Nature itself is placing obstacles in their path by making it more difficult to continue this practice. Also, it seems that their genetic make up has somehow changed as we will explain later. Although their bodies may last a millennia (or more), for a proud race like the Zetas, it is important for their aspirations that they become god-like.

By now, the reader may understand the seriousness of the situation we are living today, as these Extraterrestrials represent the biggest treat to humanity. At the beginning, their plans were to work alone behind the veils, but they had to change tactics once their presence became more obvious, following the famous Roswell incident when one of their ships crashed, revealing undisputed proof of their existence. Then certain key people in governments and organizations had to be included in their plans, something that has worked for their advantage anyway.

We didn’t try to look more into these human organizations and groups, so as not to lose focus of what we were doing. Also, it seems more difficult to obtain information about them as they have many psychic wards and black magic. But, after reading the page Educate-yourself that Ken so bravely maintains, we learned about the N.W.O. and the Illuminati and we are sure these are the organizations working at many levels with the Zetas.

Also, the government has contact with them, but not by physical contact as one may imagine, but rather by telepathy. The government has a group of psychics called the Omega 12 that are in contact with them and also are used for many other purposes of remote viewing and more. The government built a special building of specific metals that raise the magnetic vibrations of the environment (probably Zeta technology) which raises their psychic powers tremendously. (On one occasion, we briefly got in touch with them and they told us that the government knew, because of them, about the 9/11, but did nothing.)

So the Zetas plan of conquest involves many tactics which also includes the genetic fabrication of diseases to wipe out big portions of the population. We are sure that AIDS is just one of a few experiments they have created and unleashed on us. Thank God humanity has been able to control this plague and stop the intended mass destructive purpose that it originally had. Also, the Zetas have been experimenting in creating a hybrid species between them and us; combining our DNA. The purpose is unknown to us, but may be a better suitable race to inhabit this planet or who knows what unholy end. ( It’s good to point now that most of abductions occurs outside the big cities as all main cities are protected by vibrational fields created by higher ET beings, that prevents the Zetas from making their abductions. A few years back, the Zetas created big power black-outs in some mayor cities to quickly abduct some key individuals)

Now sit tight because things get more bizarre from here.

The Zeta Reticuli are also being controlled by another race of Extraterrestrial beings. We will talk more about them in another letter, but we can tell you that this ET being have the appearance of giant Insects (called the Ferget Melangus, much like a Praying Mantis). As you can imagine, these ETs are even more mentally powerful than the Zetas. They not only control the Zeta’s by mind waves, but also by using chemical substances that they produce in their own bodies. So that’s were the Zetas learn how to use those chemical substances on humans as we explained before.

So fragile is the Zetas connection to the heart, that their proud race felt slave to another race. But this control is not a justification for the Zeta Reticulan’s actions, because their true nature remains the same, and even though they are controlled for certain specific purposes by the insect-like race, they still manage to follow their own agenda as we explained before.

Anyway, the Insect-like race do not have the technology that the Zetas have (not even close), but have superior mental control, so they are using the advanced Zeta technology to reach their highest purpose, which is to conquer the universe. (I hope humanity never gets to the point of being so proud of their technology and achievements as to believe that they can rule the universe too. But there are some egos out there that already think they are the rulers of all).

The interaction with this Insect-like beings chemicals has caused the Zetas to begin to change a little in their genetic make up. That’s the reason why the Zeta reticulan eyes are Insect-like, (there were much like ours before); meaning that the insect ET group not only are mentally controlling them, but are chemically somehow changing the Zetas as well.

The ET Insects are also being controlled by invisible hands and are the true evil power behind the insects who control the Zetas, who in turn control certain human organizations. A chain of evil if we may say so. This is like a great web of deception, being created behind the veil. These last beings that we mention controlling all, are not physical beings, but rather what we may term fourth dimensional beings. And they are not extraterrestrial. There is only one word used to describe them: Demons.

The Demons have found a way of using the Zeta Reticuli technologies and make use of the experiments that the Zetas use on Human beings for the whole purpose of conquest, dominion, control, and power. The Zetas are capable of killing a human being and then revive him/her. But when the body is revived the body has no soul. The Demons see that the Astral and higher bodies can’t re-attach to the physical vehicle. Instead of a soul, one of this fourth dimensional demons descend and enters the body, making it his own to use them for their own evil plans.

These Soulless humans are truly Evil. We are beginning to talk almost in Biblical terms of the Anti-Christ, but not just one, but hundreds maybe thousands of these beings. (We are not sure, but we think that the human creations that the Zetas fabricate may be used to become vehicles for these demons, but we are not sure of this. The Demons may need real humans for this to work).

(Some people in Mexico have reported seeing Zetas, but with red eyes and little tiny horns. We believe that even some Zetas may be also possessed by their true masters, but this is just a theory). The demons are also being supported by satanic orders that belong to a world wide network. Powerful sorcerers, extremely psychic, that performs satanic ritual and sacrificial ceremonies. This is what opens the doors for the demons to act freely in our world. A whole book can be written about this, but that’s another story.-

So this is as much as we can resume about the Zetas reticulim activities on this planet. In another letter, we will write more about the ET insect-like race named the Ferget Melangus. –

We know this information is very intense and extremely scandalous. But humanity must not fear because we are not alone. There are good ETS helping us and we will write about them in the future. In the end, the Ascended Masters told us that the real battle is fought in the hearts of humanity. By following the white path of Love, Truth, and Service we can achieve victory- That’s the most powerful weapon in our arsenal.

Source: Educate-Yourself
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  • Victoria Maendel February 26, 2011, 10:30 pm

    Why don’t you focus and inform on the good aliens? I think they are equally as important, and if you only focus on the negative it makes things appear hopeless, which they are not.


    • christina June 27, 2012, 2:51 pm

      There are NO good aliens. These “aliens ” are part of the fallen angels and their offspring. This is how many will be decieved into following them.Because YOU think there are good one.s

      • Shawn June 27, 2012, 3:18 pm

        Christianity is deluded.

  • Victoria Maendel March 5, 2011, 2:10 am

    Also, what are your thoughts on Ingido/ Star children?

    • Shawn March 9, 2011, 4:29 pm

      Totally phony, the more I research about them them more I am convinced that there is something tweaked about the subject. I mean really why would they go public, just more ego stuff like all the rest of the people that claim to be at a higher level of consciousness.

  • peace0_0 March 9, 2011, 7:06 pm

    All Aliens are bad there are no good Aliens, this what the media propaganda machine want you to believe, such as the V series.
    Know ALL of your “alien” deceivers:
    “GFOL”= fallen archons (original fallen angels led by Lucifer the former covering cherubim- Isaiah 24:21 & Ephesians 6:12)
    “Nordics”/giant “hybrids”= 4th Reich Nazi ubermensch/new brood of nephilim (Daniel 2:43)
    “greys”= fallen watchers (class of fallen angels that fell in days of Jared led by Semyaza-Genesis 6/ 1 Enoch)
    “reptilians” = nagas/seed of the nachash (1 John 3:12/Genesis 3:15)

    These Fallen angles/demons Have been here very long time they know how we work and are very good at deceiving us humans. Turn to Jesus/Yahushua.

    • velma7 July 8, 2012, 5:24 pm

      There are fallen angels, but how are you so sure there are no aliens? We have truely ruined our planet so other beings have wanted to warn/stop us, or like Zetas take from us. Man still has not much idea what is further in the universe.

  • Scotty Lewis March 10, 2011, 8:17 pm

    “As in was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the last days before the coming of the Son of Man/God”.

  • Jacob June 9, 2011, 9:32 am

    Hey shawn if you find star children as fakes do you also find the works of richard boylan invalid as well?

    • Shawn June 9, 2011, 10:33 am

      Well this is tell us if they have such abilities as they claim. This message is posted on the website.

      “Information from psychic future-readings, corroborated by a Star Visitor Person’s looking into the situation, indicates that coming Japan’s Big One is going to be of magnitude 9.5! That is six times as strong as March’s Tohoku 9.0 Quake!
      The energy signature indication is also that it will occur sometime later in July. The current indication is it will strike on the weekend of July 23-24, most likely Saturday afternoon. ”

      We will see what happens