The Plane Crash in Libya in Comparison of Comoros Plane Crash.

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On May 12 2010 an Airbus 330-200 Jet Plane crashed near the Tripoli in Libya. Several events are happening around the world during this month of May that are related with Occult illuminati numerology. Many spectators will view these mishaps as just accidents or coincidences. Yet, there is no question for the awakened observer who can fearlessly view through the deception the illuminati wicked behavior that causes death, and the preparation stage of the New World Order. The powers of the darkness that exist beyond human vision are powerful and manipulative at staging events that draws negative energy or causes long term damaging effects that support the New World Order.

Occult Numerology:

The Plane that crashed in Libya was numbered 9.9.999.
9 represents 333.
The date of the crash 5/12/2010 = 5+1+2+1+2 = 11, or 5:33:33:3

103 people died which is somewhat misleading.
11 crew members and 92 passengers died, but one 9 year old boy miraculously survived.
The number dead represents 11:11 or 22.

Flight 771 = 15 = the triple death 555.

61 Dutch nationals died that represents 7, seven is the number of complement.
Non-Dutch that died 42 = 6 = 33.

1600 flight hours that provides another 7.
420 flights that represents the prime drug motto number of 420 that represents 4+2 = 6 = 33.
Flight Departed 9:37 Local Time South Africa.

A Similar Comparison of Plane Crashes:

June 30 2009, Airbus A310-300 plane crashed of the coast of MORONI, Comoros.
A young girl miraculously survived the crash, and was located about 12 hours after the crash clinging on to some debris of the crash plane. Notice all the plane crashes in the last few years are from unknown causes or excuses that fail to make sense.

Airbus A310-300
Fight number IY626
152 people died from the plane crash, again with hidden numerology.
141 passengers died = 6, and number of Crew = 11.
66 French citizens = 33:33.

The Yemen Crash was the second Airbus crash within the month of June 2009. Air France AF447, an Airbus A330, crashed off the coast of Brazil en route to France. There were no survivors. The cause of the crash remains unknown.

Between these two crashes that has a lone surviving child is 11 months and 19 days, or 316 days that = 10.

The Illuminati Perception of the Lost Child:

The illuminati gains energy and power through lost children and adults. This lost individual syndrome is a common theme around the world, but especially in the American culture; Hollywood filmmakers continually project the victimized lost adult into the minds of humanity. Through a miraculous event such as the lone surviver, the powers of the darkness will thrive on the emotional damage caused from the event. Additionally, the news media will distract the subject of the multiple plane crashes within the last few years from the public.

The sinister evil darkness gain power and energy from the sorrow and grief from the victims that lost family and loved ones. Because of the deception concerning death among humanity, the Lower Entities are manipulating various situations to cause death all over the world.

The deadliest day of the year in Iraq occurred on 5/10/2010, but was overshadowed from the elections of the UK and other news headlines. Occult numerology of May 10 2010 = 555:3.

Next dates to observe for the month of May 2010:
5/15, 5/20

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  • Bubble March 22, 2011, 6:24 am

    is there anything behind the number combination “626”? i was thinking this could be referred to in occultist thinking as “6 and 2 sixes” = 666?

    • Shawn March 22, 2011, 5:27 pm

      626 is not a number the Occult uses, within a date possibly, but odd numbers are better it seems.