The Antichrist – The Man of Lawlessness – Satan – Dajjal – Baal

The Advent of the Man of Lawlessness aka Antichrist and the New World Order will enslave humanity. The Tribulation will commence at the beginning of the New World Order that will lead into the arrival of the Man of Lawlessness.

The Antichrist Entered his host body around 11/1/2010, possibly with 32 of his lower entity cohorts.

View the Time Table of the Antichrist.

Currently under Research: There is a chance that the 2012 Olympics in London will produce a ritual that will Anoint the Man of Lawlessness.

Key Context of Our Era.


Technology will play pivotal role for the New World Order. The high tech wizardry of the military, the RFID human chip, and the mind controlling techniques of HD Television are developed to control the masses and generate passive minds that suppress the ability to problem solve effectively.


The brainwashing of 2012 is generating a mind set among humanity concerning “the end of the world saga” or a “shift in consciousness” as in “an awakening”. The fluke of Y2K may of been a decoy of 2012. All types of calamities/disasters are manipulated from the Illuminati and world leaders to cause deception. The 9-11 destruction of the Twin Towers activated the preparation stage of the New World Order. 12/21/2012 11:11 configures into the prime numbers of the Occult.

The Winter Solstice of 2012 is the activation key for a New Age: the domination of the New World Order of slavery for humanity.

The New World Order:

The Illuminati Occult, secret societies, international bankers/zionists, the corporations intertwined with governments of the world backed up by the hidden Alien Grays, agents of the Lower Entities will attain their one world government that will enslavement the masses. Once accomplished they will desire their “one god” who they support, which is the Man of Lawlessness, aka AntiChrist. A chipped society enslaved to its one world master under its one world economy will be the reality for the children of the darkness. However, the lower entities have a much deeper sinister plan for the humans who fall for the deception of the New World Order.


The governments are fabricating terrorist acts as a “problem, reaction, solution” scenario. The governments fabricate a “problem” which produces a public reaction and breeds a cancerous core belief, in turn, they pursue their preplanned solution. The egocentric combined powers of the Darkness will falsely accuse the Children of the Light as the “Terrorist” during the New World Order/Tribulation.

The Environment:

The greedy leaches of commerce will continue to ruin this earth. The governments and bankers will use the environmental issue as a tool for control by creating a carbon footprint scenario. The foundation of the subject is to make money, control the masses, and to extinguish all elements of spirituality.

Economic Disaster:

As the International bankers, corporations, and the governments continually manipulate economics that concocts panics. The world governments will cause a “problem” to produce their electronic “one world currency”. An economic meltdown is extremely likely that will add to the deception of the Antichrist as the “savior”.

These variables will lead to the New World Order controlling the masses and the deception of The Man of Lawlessness who is the Antichrist.

What you should know:
  • The Progression of the New World Order is a reality to Chip and Enslave Humanity.
  • The Man of Lawlessness will arrive in a Host Body and cause Cunning Deception as a Savior through a Preplanned Manipulated War, possibly with Et Alien agents of the Darkness against the world, but staged.
  • The Entire World is Under the Domination of Wicked Lower Entities and it is YOU who they want to Enslave and Control.
  • There are Two Anointed Spirit Individuals that are destined to live in the flesh, not only one.
  • There will be two different kingdoms: a kingdom for the children of the light, and a kingdom for the children of the darkness. The New World Oder will generate the Separating Process of the Wheat from the Weeds.
Mission Statement:
  • Advent of Deception is dedicated to prove the actuality of the arrival of the antichrist.
  • To combined world events and the two thousand year old writings from the scriptures that the Man of Lawlessness will arrive.
  • To warn the public about the Advent of the New World Order, the Man of Lawlessness, the deception, the era of judgement, and methods of survival.

The information presented is based on the integrity of truth, realism, and the actuality of consciousness.

The Apostle Paul proclaimed that the Man of Lawlessness is destined to Arrive on this earth.
The Apostle John phrased the Man of Lawlessness as the Antichrist.
The Prophet Daniel prophesied concerning the Man of Lawlessness using the phrase the “abomination of desolations”.

No person in human form has been granted the power to preform miraculous signs and powerful wonders since the era of Jesus and his Apostles. Two thousand years ago and beyond, wise men who were enlightened, wrote, taught, and proclaimed that the original wicked spirit—the accuser and slanderer—will arrive on the earth in the flesh to deceive humans.

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