The Arrival of the Man of Lawlessness/Antichrist!

The Time Table?

The time table of the arrival of the Man of Lawlessness or Antichrist points to our current decade. Sounds far fetched? Think again, the governments will usher in the New World Order, and they will need their “One God” to consolidate religion. The Jews received their nation in 1948 and are in exile, defining as having a nation but no temple. The generation is of 70 years that correlates with Solomon’s temple Era from 586 BCE to 516 BCE when the Jews were in exile after the destruction by the Babylonians—exile equates as no temple. Additionally, Jesus taught about the fig tree that represents the Jewish Nation in Matthew 24.

Creating a Host Body!

The Man of Lawlessness will arrive in a host body, or better known as an “Avatar“, one that has been cloned or genetically manipulated to receive the Spirit of Baal, the Lower Entity who is the Master of the combined Powers of the Darkness. Within the underground cities and labs of America the ET Greys are working hard to compose the ideal deceptive host body. The advanced technology of the ET Grays have been working on this sinister concept since 1947 when they came into contact with the American Government and signed a treaty during President Eisenhower’s term in Office in 1954; a treaty of an exchange of human experiments for the Alien Greys and advanced technology granted to the governments. This is the prime reason why technology is advancing at a rapid pace.

The Antichrist Entered his host body around 11/1/2010, possibly with 32 of his lower entity cohorts.

View the Time Table of the Antichrist.

Currently under Research: There is a chance that the 2012 Olympics in London will produce a ritual that will Anoint the Man of Lawlessness.

The diabolic long term plan of the lower entities is to use humans as host bodies through the mind control techniques of trance inducing states by using high advanced technology. This evil plan is the prime reason the combined powers of the darkness that include the Lower Entities, the Alien ET Grays, and the Illuminati have continued to keep humanity under deception concerning the long term plan. The formal research of Mind Control begin with the Nazis which the American Government protected and transferred the top scientists through Operation Paperclip; Nazism never died, the ideology just went underground. Any human who accepts the New World Order will be a Human Chipped Slave for the powers of the darkness who will use your body as an energy source and identity.

The mind controlled victim is a “lost soul” with split personalities caused from the experience of trauma. The Music and Movie industry continues to portray this type of person.

The Situation to Unite the World within a Common Bond.

The Man of Lawlessness will take on a host body, but most likely might stay behind the scenes until the perfect time to manifest his deceptive self for the purpose to save the world through deception. The deceptive sinister plan to unite the world within a common bond, vision, and goal will be through a war. However, this war will be different, it will not be against human against human, this war will be the Alien Greys threatening the survival of humanity. This war scenario is continually played out in the movies, The aliens will be perceived as the “bad guy” and more powerful, the humans will view themselves as the weak “good guy”. If the aliens bomb all the holy sites in the world, this type of worldwide catastrophe would unite the world.

Possibly the theory of Planet X could arrive near earth to justify the Alien presence. Yet, the ET alien Grays made their presence in 1947; the powers of the darkness will manipulate this entire war problem situation to blind humanity from truth and to accept the NWO. The mind’s of humanity will experience a sudden shift of focus that will cause major physiological factors especially if the war is prolonged. Because of a miraculous victory, the majorities of humanity will accept the One Government of the unified world, and the Jews could began building their temple, because of the war the Golden Dome will have been bombed. Thus, the prophecy of Daniel will be fulfilled.

The Deception of Religion.

The western world religions of Judaism and Christianity continually pursue the dogma of a singular messiah, in addition, to twisting the context, and following the false definition of savior. The deception caused through the dogmatically positioned religions has generated a mind-set among the masses. The billions of humanity lack knowledge, and individuals struggle to comprehend the context and truth concerning the Man of Lawlessness. The primary goal of the darkness, pursued through all religions, but primarily Judaism is to conceal the truth concerning the two anointed spirits that will dominate over their own dominion. Jesus is the Anointed master of the light. The Antichrist (Baal) will be the anointed master of the darkness. The arrival of the Man of Lawlessness/Antichrist will begin the separation of the “wheat and the weeds” during the New World Order.

Contemplating the deception that has endeavored to dominate the minds of humanity for centuries, the apostle Paul attempted to enlighten the minds of the Thessalonians during the first century CE. The Prophets, Jesus, and the Apostles were able to access a futuristic time loop which they wrote down the prophetic details. However, each person wrote within their own writing style; John used the term “antichrist”, two Greek words defining as opposite and messiah; Daniel used the phrase “the abomination of desolations”, which Matthew quoted, and the apostle Paul using the term “Man of Lawlessness”.

Who will Identify?

During the final years before the arrival of the Man of Lawlessness—which is now—many individuals who have a disposition to truth, love, and light will comprehend the deception and be attentive to the era of the New World Order and the arrival of the Antichrist. The deception will be powerful, a realism that will provide a tribulation for the children of the light.

The Apostle Paul wrote about the power of deception that the Man of Lawlessness will acquire. The Almighty Divine Source will grant power upon the Man of Lawlessness for the purpose to deceive the ignorant people who refuses to listen, and the egocentric individuals that prefer negativity and falsehood. This includes many individuals who are religious; their complacent agenda will prove powerless.

Even the one whose coming is marked by the working of the accuser, with all power and signs and false wonders, And with every deceit of wrongdoing among those whose fate is destruction; because they were quite without that love of the true faith by which they might have salvation.
And for this cause, God will give them up to the power of deceit and they will put their faith in what is false: So that they all may be judged, who had no faith in what is true, but took pleasure in evil.
—II Thessalonians 2:9-12

Verse three of Thessalonians, Paul writes, first there will be falling away from faith, defining as, multitudes will become stumbled and stop seeking spirituality before the Man of Lawlessness arrives. The pressures of the world will engulf the multitudes that will root out the seed of faith. Today, clearly this is the situation. The deception upon the minds of the ignorant is a strong vail that many people will just abandon inner faith; however, a mass amount of the people will prove to be of the children of the light—during the judgment they will stand firm.


I have read that the word ‘Jesus’ is a play on sound and that ‘Jesus’ should read ‘Jezeus’ and is not the man of light as indicated. I remain open minded.


Well the name “Jesus” is incorrect, but I will use it just because of the popularity. The correct name is Yashua that translates as Joshua.


Actually there are many names for jesus. Like Emmanuel. Like most names of biblical people or sumerian gods/egyptian gods, names change with cultures. They are all the same person or whatever going all the way back!


Emmanuel does not mean Jesus. First Emmanuel is hebrew. The name Jesus comes from the name Zeus. The real name of ‘Jesus’ is Yeshua which translates as Joshua.


Perhaps the alien greys do not exist and are a deception of the darkness. I agree there will be a staged alien invasion but I think that the existence of the aliens is part of the deception, the technology is a result of the knowledge of the lower entities.


The most important dynamic is to consider the possibility, despite what a person might believe or not concerning aliens, because then the emotional reality will not be shocked if the realization of the paranormal occurs.


Dear All, I beg you for your own sake to turn to Islam before it’s to late. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research, and you will find that Islam talks about all this, about our beloved Jesus and about the evils that exist in the world including the Anti-Christ. Islam is the word of God, it is truth.


Islam is also a form of Idolatry such as Judaism and Christianity, each individual needs to surrender their attachment to their religion and pursue independent spirituality, and this type of spirituality resides within, it is not external.


To be completly honest I have felt this way my whole life. Through meditation I will head I the right direction . I am only twenty and everthing that I have read on this site has proved me right. It feels good to know I’m not too crazy. Allthough this site could be a distraction aswell, only time will tell.


So what do you mean that this site could be a Distraction?


Most likely EVERYTHING is a distraction! Possibly even an illusion! Keep your head about things, you will be o.k. Things will get crazy here on earth, but just remember to keep you mind/soul intact. People will actually go crazy from things they see, or think they see and maybe even hear. Remember not to fear, because that is what will kill the man/woman!


Shawn, I accepted long ago that I am a traveler in this realm. The experiences that I receive are not because of any religion or ideology. I am a spirit here to guide this soul to the proper path. Quite a job, I have to say. Everyone needs to ‘understand’ only one. Once you have come to piece with this, all other things will be dealt with with much greater ease. Remember, we are here to guide souls, not save them. Listen to your spirit. Enjoy the journey. This flesh and realm is only a temporary illusion for a purpose. Have fun. In Peace.


Thanks for the nice comment. I totally understand where you are coming from and experienced what you explained several years ago. Everyone who pursues the light and chooses to side with it will guide others in one way or another.


Shaw after listening to an old Genesis Communication telecast of Jones Ray,brought me this far. Besides the point, there is this statements from one of the respondents that disturbs me, help me to understand this, “Islam is also a form of Idolatry such as Judaism and Christianity, each individual needs to surrender their attachment to their religion and pursue independent spirituality, and this type of spirituality resides within, it is not external.”

What is independent spirituality and what are its tenets?

” type of spirituality resides within, it is not external” what do you mean by this statement?

What do you mean by Christianity is as idolatrous as ……and since when did Christianity turned religious?

unless these are decontextualized one runs a risk, of misunderstanding and pursing the religions of the new world order, otherwise any enlightenment devoid of the ability to lead people to the truth of salvation of their souls and pursing eternal life is no less than a fire alarm without an escape route for safety.


Every person is on their own path. Independent Spirituality correlates with a higher level of consciousness. Spirituality that resides within is honest and consists of strong integrity. Also, includes conquering inner selfishness and greed that allows to identify how to give our time to the stranger that is in need. Independent Spiritually relates to strong inner faith that identifies your own spirit guides.

Every religion around the world is a form of Idolatry, however many people are not strong enough for the solo spiritual road, thus they need a religion.

You can also study my site based on independent spirituality


spirituality of the flesh is no more than witches and warlocks you see without seeing, hear without hearing. True Spirituality is in the new spirit born of God through the true Christ not the spirit of antichrist (replacement of the real) don’t build on there foundations the whole world is built onthe illusions of the stone masions