The Avatar and the Devious Alien Context

The Avatar, The Movie Avatar, Avatar and Antichrist

The movie creation of the Avatar serves multiple purposes pertaining to the New World Order and satanic dictatorship; henceforth, the practice of earth worship (Witchcraft), human and alien DNA manipulation (Master Race), and demonic possession/soul shifting/human body hosting (Satanism) is covertly disguised in the Avatar movie as a “fiction of science”.

The story script of the Avatar is designed and tailored to the viewer. The extremely deluded individual will view the Avatar as a sci-fi adventure that immerses the observer in a fantasy world of false comfort. For the enlightened few, the movie provides stunning clues of the sinister agenda that the powers of the darkness have preplanned; the storyline context reveals the ultimate deception of the NWO. For certain individuals, the movie will fail to generate a connotation. Consequently, the HD/3D effects of electromagnetic rhythmic pluses and subliminal messages occurring throughout the movie triggers trance inducing hypnosis. The Avatar movie tossed many viewers into an induced depression that was labeled as “PADS” Post Avatar Depression Syndrome. The Avatar, as in other movies, glorifies the illuminati secretive success by achieving phenomenal delusion upon the minds of humanity.

Movie Facts:

Tagline: “Enter the World”
Release year: December 2009, UK premier 12/10/2009
Occult Numerology: 12/10/2009 = 3:3:333
DVD Release April 22 (Earth Day)
Occult Numerology: 22 Power number of 11, day + year = 7
Production Country: USA
Runtime: 161 mins
Director: James Cameron
Awards: Won 3 Oscars. Another 28 wins & 53 nominations
Written By: “Giorgio_C”

The director James Cameron is said to be an Illuminati Freemason of the Hollywood fraternity; an entertainment establishment founded upon Globalist/Zionist/Illuminati/New World Order ideology. The Masonic Illuminati secret society glorifies their successful deception of secretiveness through “fiction storytelling”. The majorities of the populace are extremely dumbed-down into the fantasy world of delusion; yet, a growing minority are beginning to recognize the devious deception of the covert ambiguous context of the Illuminati secret agenda.

The Sinister Origin of the Avatar:

The desire of a Master Race—through eugenic breeding—popularized itself during Nazi Germany. The Movie Avatar depicts genetic manipulation and blending of species that produces an alien-humanoid master race, which incorporates the DNA of a host spirit that corresponds to the sinister agenda of the Lower Entities to host a human body—an advantageous human realism compared to possession. The indoctrinated “evolved human prototype” incorporates Illuminati themes and symbology within the Avatar movie.

The satanic obsession for a Master Race originates back before the Great Flood and the Nephilim.

Avatar is the story of a reluctant hero, Jake Sully a wounded ex-marine, whose consciousness is projected into a hybrid (Avatar) of Pandora, embarking on a journey discovery, he crosses sides, and leads an epic battle to save the alien indigenous civilization. The agenda of the human visitors aimed to exploit the exotically rich bio-diversity on Pandora, the moon of a newly discovered planet Alpha Centauri B-4.

The Sinister Reversal of Context—The Revelation and Deception of Hollywood:

Continually throughout the years the illuminati filmmakers of Hollywood characterizes a “final war” within the storyline of multiple movies. This “final war” is between the virtuous and the villainous; but, the virtuous side is always inadequate and limited in the battle. A savior is repeatedly presented. As the evil powers perceives to overpower the virtuous weak, a miraculous event occurs that allows the “blameless side” to win the battle over the evil dark-side.

A few movies that present this scenario:
  • Alice in Wondeland: (A Possible Future Post).
  • The Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers
  • Star Wars
  • Chronicles of Nadia
  • The list continues as Exhaustive!

The Deception of Possibilities—Reversing the Context:

The reader can view the following information as a hypotheses, a possibility, or as the true deceptive agenda of the darkness.

As the viewer perceives the illuminati’s obsession with glorifying their sinister satanic agenda through the “final Armageddon battle”, the truth will surface itself into the awareness of the individual that desires such an enlightenment of reality. Hence, most people around the earth experience fear upon such truth; the emotional baggage binds the individual into the dumbed-down matrix of delusion.

The illuminati filmmakers are revealing the plan of deception through a reversal surreptitious storyline.

This highly possible “Armageddon Battle” will be an entire manipulation from the combined powers of the darkness to cause a deception upon billions of humans to ensnare into the New World Order of enslavement. One of the most enlightening movies produced is The Avatar for the Truth-Seeker related to this “final Armageddon battle”

The drama and generalities must be overlooked to ascertain the covert context of a movie, simultaneously, listening closely to the dialog and contemplating the reverse deception according to the predominate plot.

Viewing the dynamic context of the Avatar Reversal Mode:
  • The “acting humans” are Aliens that have advanced technology that desired to conquer the “indigenous” human species.
  • “Pandora” is really the earth (remove the context of the Native American drama in the movie).
  • The “earthly humans” (aliens) have attained the advanced technology to insert one of their spirits into a hybrid (antichrist) Avatar.
  • This idea correlates with the Antichrist arriving on the earth, this satanic spirit entity will inhabit a prebuilt host human body.
  • The earthly humans (aliens) start a war with Pandora (earth) and the indigenous natives (humans).
  • The aliens have powerful advanced military weapons.
Genetic avatar antichrist arrival

Reverse the Dynamic Context.

The Darkness Manipulates Both Sides of the Coin:

The Aliens will be perceived as the powerful iniquitous, in turn, the earthly humans will be view as the virtuous inadequate. Henceforth, the brainwashing of Hollywood’s “final battle” may assist the perceived deception of humanity as “virtuous”.

As the Alien/Human war progresses, the perception will progress as if humanity might lose the war; therefore, a savior arrives at the precise moment, but this “savior” is the antichrist disguised as an avatar that employs some-sort-of miraculous occasion to convince humanity that “God” saved the earth from the destruction. In the movie, the avatar tamed the powerful red dragon that convinced the natives he was their “savior”. Then the Avatar acting as the “Savior” united all the tribes of Pandora to fight against the “human invaders”.

Hollywood is illustrating this miraculous bird type creature within many of the current movies. This bird type creature is represented on the seal of the powerful countries such as the United States, the UK, and prior in Nazi Germany.

alien weapons, avatar movie weapons

This final war scenario will produce the most powerful deception in history.

The Reversal Context of the Avatar!

The Deception Possibilities to Unite the World as One.

ET Aliens possibly will arrive with advanced technology. The aliens will send the antichrist within host body human body to deceive the deluded of humanity.

The Powers of the Darkness are Addicted to War.

A war between the aliens and humans will transpire according to the deceptive possibilities, but this war is entirely staged and manipulated by the perverted powers of the darkness that will act-out their obsessive neurosis by using deluded humans as the pawn.

This staged war will unite all the nations of the world to fight for survival of the human species. Bombing all the holy sites and sites of national pride will unite the world within a common bond. As humanity perceives themselves as the weaker-side, a miraculous event will occur that save humanity with the antichrist in the forefront, possibly manipulated natural occurrences that will produce earth (idolatry) worship.

A Staged War against ET Aliens would Unite the Entire World and Cause Major Deception!

Through this scenario, the collective consciousness of the deluded masses will surrender their free choice by choosing the one world dictatorship of the Antichrist. Then an individual war will begin for the true virtuous who non-violently resist and oppose the New World Order.

Popular Antichrist Questions:
  • Q: Is the Antichrist in the host body currently?
  • A: Yes, The Antichrist entered his host body around November 1 2011.
  • Q: Will the Antichrist arrive as a popular person in government.
  • A: Most people are expecting this type of event. I would say no because of the deceptive nature of the darkness. The arrival will be subtle and cunning, but will save the world from the alien war as a “super human”.
  • Q: What could the ET Aliens possibly want with our earth?
  • A: Magnetics, Harmonics, Human DNA including blood that acts as cocaine for the Extraterrestrial. The deception upon humanity relates to one particular agenda, the domination of the dark demonic lower entities that desire host human bodies while the spirit of the human is under complete mind control. The Lower Entities lust for war, sex, food, drink and material obsessions.

By examining the convert context of Hollywood movies within the context of the New World Order of Deception, the individual may experience an awakened mind concerning the satanic sinister agenda of the combined powers of the darkness.

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  • Naija boy June 8, 2010, 3:32 pm

    Before i stumbled on this film,ive heard so many say its their best eva.. But after seeing it,my mind just started ponderin on so many tins,trying put d subliminal msgs 2geda n i found it most sinister…checkout.. D red dragon typifies d devil,sully typifies d antichrist, who unites d nations 4 armaggedon,evry communication wt nature and connection wt d dragon etc is soulish/mind controlled against a spirit fiiled/controlled life d God of the holy bible command/instituted..wat do u tink?

  • john October 24, 2010, 7:03 pm

    # Q: What could the ET Aliens possibly want with our earth?
    # A: Magnetics, Harmonics, Human DNA including blood that acts as cocaine for the Extraterrestrial. The deception upon humanity relates to one particular agenda, the domination of the dark demonic lower entities that desire host human bodies while the spirit of the human is under complete mind control. The Lower Entities lust for war, sex, food, drink and material obsessions.

    ahmmm. how did you know that Human DNA including blood that acts as cocaine for the Extraterrestrial????????
    maybe you’re the alien!!! hahaha just joking.
    but if ever this type of information is the about hollywood, i would say no one can predict what will happen in our world in the future with the “ALIENS”. because “SPIRITS CAME FROM THE ALIENS”(if ever existed) can’t enter our body because God is protecting us from it. That story is so too much extremely and highly impossible…. sorry for all the concerns. HAVE A NICE DAY!

  • shania November 22, 2010, 9:02 pm

    i love the movie avatar it was so real and not cartoonish…………………………………it rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mac December 19, 2010, 3:37 am

    i agree some films have, and leave, a huge impression visually on our minds, that can hook us, this aside from the auditory, and vibratory aspect of such, i agree that our senses are under subconsciousl assault continually, with little let up. It is becoming increasingly difficult to consciously percieve manipulative handiwork, the subtle nature of these constant attacks are increasingly insidious.. with avatar im certain that such an opportunity to im-plant some seeds would not be passed up, after all entertainment is an occasion when we all naturally disarm ourselves and let the guard down to relax and soak it up, a golden opportunity for indelible impressions. keeping a sound open mind is becoming a huge challenge in itself. As for the entities and their designs for earth and us its inhabitants, i believe from our very beginning they have coveted and yearned for the human form, and for some, if all that is opportune at the time is to possess a human body even momentarily, then so be it. i think they hunger for the best of both worlds, hand in hand with their desire for all things that gratify in a physical and spiritual form, that along with full dominion over the earth, they definitely want it all and nothing less! As usual the vast amount of useful technology is held back from the better-ment of the world, instead used to kill and malign and control us and nature.. thanks for an interesting topic, it is a useful reminder to remain aware, and not to underestimate the power of entertainment.. cheers

    • Shawn December 19, 2010, 5:34 pm

      Thanks for the comment, there is indeed a much bigger picture that what meets the eye within the 3rd dimensional world, yet very few people can face there fear to comprehend such profound knowledge. It is nice that you can see the difference.

  • mark January 31, 2011, 2:30 am

    I already knew these things but your’s is the first detailed explaination on the net! very well done…..
    But their are many other hidden clues about the antichrist eg.Jake’s BIRTHDAY and the date on the screen! Also the KILLING of the King of the Navi (OBAMA)the fake antichrist. and much more…

    • charlie price May 27, 2011, 5:09 am

      Mark would share more clues please !!!!!!

    • kingston keys July 3, 2011, 1:28 pm

      It’s is very easy to ‘stress’ and force occult associated agenda’s on to film and other mediums in pop culture. Consequently, truth seekers then get it wrong.
      You often highlight ‘occult numerology’ undiscovered in these themes but fail to explain how it is and what it means. Your premises for your ‘fact find’ substantially loose.

      Avatar is NOT a NWO theme. Its more appropriate interpretation can be :
      -indigenous people vs the west.
      -an aboriginal story
      -a native American Indian history
      -machine vs body
      -faith vs science

      It is a repeat history of colonialism and the greed for capital. I am aware of the dark forces within the world empowered by occult-associated corporation, however this epic storyline has nothing to do with it

      • Shawn July 3, 2011, 6:11 pm

        The individual viewer needs to be able to comprehend the deception and the agenda of the NWO to be able to decipher the deception. The majority does not have that ability because of world and religious delusion.