District 9—Covert Dialog Revealed.

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Throughout the Hollywood industry of moviemakers, there are powerful masonic illuminati influences. Hollywood is founded upon a Zionist/New World Order ideology, thus, the illuminati and its combined cohorts continually offer clues to the truth of their agenda. Covertly, many movies are relating the planned agenda of the illuminati.

As the time progresses closer to the activation of the New World Order, the film makers are presenting solid clues within the Dialog (filler) through the script.

District 9 Released in 2009.

The movie’s lifelikeness comes with an agenda, and the reality it seeks to describe is very specific: Apartheid, State of Emergency, Forced Removal. Alien Biotechnology, Alien Weaponry, Alien DNA verses Human DNA, and of course Money.

In many ways the most disturbing and unsettling aspect of the movie is the rendition of the aliens themselves, who appear like nothing so much as huge, quasi-human cockroaches. They are ‘prawns’, they are ‘bottom feeders’, they appear to be addicted to giant tins of blue cat food; they live on rubbish dumps, they breed.

humans only,no aliensYet, their intelligence is technologically advanced with weaponry and spaceship/travel. Under one of the shacks, two of the Aliens were building an old space craft to lift them to the mother-ship, the portrayal of advanced knowledge of technology.

The majority of viewers will identify the hidden agenda with Apartheid and miss the deceptive clues that the script is releasing.

The Movie Setting.

A giant alien spaceship stops and hovers over Johannesburg, South Africa. After several months the humans go in the craft and find thousands of ET aliens in the spacecraft.

MNU Alien affairs is a government creation and the District of the aliens becomes a bribe wire enclosed slum of the alien cockroach looking creatures.

The Central Plot of the Movie.

MNU is kicking the aliens out of the slum to move them to a concentration camp. During the eviction process, the leader, finds a tube that sprays a black substance in his face and he becomes infected from the exposure of alien biotechnology. alien presence,district 9 eviction, south africaThe MNU leader slowly changes into an Alien with his hand/arm changing first that provides the DNA to fire the Alien Weapons.

A Viewers Strategy and the Hidden Context.

The style of introspection is to separate the drama and focus on the dialog, or filler. The dialog of District 9 presents interesting clues within the possible reality of Alien ET presence, and the possible deceptive plan of the New World Order.

Within the movie dialog only Alien DNA can fire the powerful advanced weapons of the Aliens. Humans cannot fire the Alien weapons. The Weapons were manufactured on a biological manner combined with their DNA. The Weapons became a focus of the movie.
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In the early biotech contamination stages of the main character, the narrative refers to “hundreds of billions for dollars of Alien bio technology and how the Governments, corporations will ‘kill’ for the chance”.

Through the dialog the narrative comments that “he was the only human that combined alien genetics and remained alive, but the important value is that he could fire the powerful alien weaponry”. “The most value business artifact on earth.”

MNU secretly were doing bizarre experiments on the Aliens.

The end of the movie the narrative dialog comments concerning the alien that escaped, and refers to him possibly coming back to attack planet earth. Of course this dialog keeps the movie open for a sequel.

Interesting enough, the last movie of the X-Files “I want to believe” was supposed to be of Aliens invading and attacking humanity, but they decided to scrap the idea.

The Possibilities of Hollywood Deception.

Within many movies the deceivers of Hollywood are covertly revealing the reality of the illuminati agenda through a reversal process of the facts. Changing the context and egocentrically projecting their agenda through a devious fashion because of their bizarre obsession with glorification of the illuminati success of secretiveness.

alien gray experiments
Lets face the facts, the majority of humanity refuses to believe that ET aliens commonly referred to as Grays are working with the governments (primarily the United States) since their exposure on the earth in 1947.

It is said that the ET Grays and the United States signed a treaty in 1954 with Eisenhower: the trade of alien technology, in return for abducted humans including children for alien experiments.

It is said that The ET Grays including ET Reptilians dwell in the underground bases around the United States and other parts of the world. One goal is to create hybrid humans with the combination of Alien and human DNA. Another goal is to produce solidified mind control over humans, and the technology for the lower entities to inhabit the body as a host which is a different process than possession.

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