The X Files, Fight the Future!

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The X Files TV program originally aired from September 10, 1993 to May 19, 2002 = 9 seasons airing 180 episodes. The X Files was a hit series around the world that conditioned disbelief in the paranormal and alien existence among the collective consciousness. The X Files characters and slogans became popular culture touchstones in the 1990s. The movie, Fight the Future worldwide theatrical box office total was $189 million. The 1997/98 TV season of the X Files topped 17 million viewers.

Popular Slogans of The X Files TV Series:

  • Trust No One
  • Deny Everything
  • Apology is Policy
  • Everything Dies
  • Believe the Lie
  • All Lies Lead to the Truth
  • Resist or Serve
  • The End
  • In the Big Inning
  • Believe to Understand
  • Nothing Important Happened Today
  • They’re Watching

The Film, Fight the Future:

In the summer of 1998, the X Files series produced a feature-length motion picture, The X-Files, also known as The X Files: Fight the Future. The crew intended the movie to be a continuation of the season five finale “The End”, but was also meant to stand on its own. The sixth season premier, “The Beginning”, picked up where the film left off.

The film premiered on June 19, 1998 in the United States, and received mixed reviews from critics. Although many viewers enjoyed the style and effects of the film, others found the plot confusing and viewed it as little more than an extended episode of the series.

Because of the delusional matrix that generates disbelief, the film “Fight the Future” would only confuse the non-awakened individual. Yet, there is a significant amount of people who are more awakened now, than back in 1998. The X Files: Fight the Future, is packed with dynamic context and worth an analysis.

Key Dialog of Fox Mulder Sitting at the Bar:

Fox Mulder while getting drunk in the bar says to the bartender, “What do I do? I am the key figure on an ongoing government charade, a plot to conceal the truth about Extraterrestrials, it’s a global conspiracy with key players of the highest levels of power, and it reaches down to every lives of men, women, and child on this planet. (Mulder laughs) So of course nobody believes me, I am an annoyance to my superiors, a joke to my peers, they call me spooky.” Then Mulder explains about his sister being abducted, but he goes on to say, “When the sky falls it will be the Shit Storm of All Time.”

The movie starts off tens of thousands of years in the past, where an alien life form is roaming in underground caves. Fast forward to the present, and that same life form (virus) is unearthed by some kids in Texas. No one knows what killed this boy, and the firemen sent down to save him. Or maybe, someone does know?

Agents Mulder and Scully uncover what appears to be a government conspiracy attempting to hide the truth about an alien colonization of Earth. The plot of the movie pertains to an alien virus that is millions of years old, and, through Fema secret experiments as the virus infects humans, and under a controlled cold environment, mutation occurs, and produces an alien species. Human energy (host) provides reproduction of the alien specie.

Dialog at the Underground Experiment Site:

“The developing organism is using the human body life energy by digesting bone and tissue.” The dialog continues explaining by dropping the temperature to freezing the process of mutation slowed down. Instead of destroying the organism they wanted to try their vaccine first.

Dialog, Disinformation About Fema, Colonization, Virus:

The information about the true identity of Fema (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is discussed on the big screen of Hollywood during the dialog in the dark alleyway between Mulder and Kurtzweil. In addition to the Fema information, Alvin Kurtzweil reveals the coverup of a plague that could be used for a biological war, the silent weapon that can systematic release of an indiscriminate organism, and the men that could bring it on has no cure, but working on one. The dialog continues, they have been working on this for fifty years during the distraction of the cold war, but the world leaders are negotiating a planned “Armageddon”. Then Kurtzweil says, it will happen on a holiday and the government will declare a state of emergency when all power is transferred to Fema—the secret government.

The next important dialog is when the men behind the “colonization” meet and discuss the mutation that escaped the test body and the vaccine, and they must stop Mulder from learning the truth.

The virus is being produced through bees and Dana Scully gets infected through a bee sting after finding the nesting. Once Mulder comprehends what happened to Scully, the man that kills Kurtzweil reveals the location of Scully and gives the vaccine to Mulder and then blows himself up in a car.

Mulder travels to Antarctica and learns of an immense underground breeding factory of Aliens using humans as the host. The biggest question Mulder and Scully have at the end of this movie is, “what now?”

Contributing to the Collective Consciousness of Disbelief:

The highly popular TV series of the X files contributed to the disbelieve of the public concerning the reality of ET Aliens. The human brain that is under the delusion of the subconscious matrix fascinates itself through fantasy, but fails to grasp the context of possibilities. The Illuminati Hollywood fraternity drugs itself through releasing their sinister secret agenda through disinformation to the masses of the deluded that are impaired from comprehending the truth within the context of dialog.

After The X-Files: Fight the Future in 1998 the TV series continued with the season premier titled “The Beginning”. The X-Files: I Want to Believe became the second movie based on the series. Filming took place in Vancouver and ended on March 11, 2008. Chris Carter said that if “I Want to Believe” proved successful, he would propose that a third movie return to the television series’ mythology and focus on the alien invasion foretold within the series, due to occur in December 21 2012.

An Ironic date to release a movie about an alien invasion12/21/2012.

Accepting the Possibilities of an Alien Invasion:

The disbelief concerning Et aliens among society is very high. The subject can scare people, and accepting the reality of Et’s can be extremely difficult. Because of strong disbelief of aliens, possible future presence, and a possible war that would unite the world within a common bond could petrify people into a traumatized state of incapacitation that will compromise the clear ability to troubleshoot.

Human beings have a demonstrated talent at self-deception when their emotions are stirred. —Carl Sagan

A 1938 radio adaptation of H. G. Wells’s novel The War of the Worlds performed in the style of a news broadcast, was reported to have caused widespread panic when listeners supposedly thought that an extraterrestrial invasion was occurring. The War of the Worlds is split into two parts, Book one: The Coming of the Martians, and Book two: The Earth under the Martians.
Movies based on Well’s Novels: 1953, 2005, War of the Worlds.

To decipher the deception of this world and to avoid an emotional paralyzed condition, considering the possibilities well aid as a positive ally for when the Shit Storm of All Time begins.

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  • L June 15, 2010, 5:11 am

    You should do a review of “Network” from 1976. Just recently watched it and it is very relevant to the illuminati agenda still to this day.

  • Scotty November 19, 2010, 6:18 pm

    I was a little curious about the usage of bees in the movie transmitting a virus. You think maybe bees may be planning to be used to deliver some sort of infection or something as well? Besides the created aggressive ‘killer bee’ by man; I’ve noticed the problem with bees in the wild vanishing lately, and the ‘push’ for people to become beekeepers to help stabilize the bee population, which would of course put the bees closer to humans in lots of neighborhoods and cities. There are already (and have been through history) a lot of people who are beekeepers; I’ve been planning to become a beekeeper myself. Just curious about the topic; I’m almost sure an alien agenda is going to be used to unite the world. God Bless and keep the Righteous and children of the Light.

    • Shawn November 22, 2010, 7:50 am

      Thanks for the comment.