Multiple Bomb Scare, May Numbers of 5, and the Occult Number of 3.

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The New York Times Square Car Bomb on a prime Occult date of May began a strange variety of bomb scare episodes around the Untied States.

May 4, Bush Airport Houston Texas:

Many reports around the Internet are revealing a strange occurrence at the Houston Airport of a small “bomb scare” disturbance after the removal of luggage from the plane that arrived from Amsterdam.

It all started as airport ground crews removed luggage from a flight that just arrived from Amsterdam.

According to the Houston Airport System, it was around 2:15 p.m. Tuesday when a “pop” was heard and smoke could be seen coming from a suitcase. Crews had already offloaded the luggage and placed it on the tarmac when the smoke was seen.

Shortly before 4 p.m., police rigged the blue-silver luggage and detonated it on the tarmac, scattering what appeared to be clothes on the ground. Officers then combed through the contents of the bag, but it was not immediately clear if they determined a cause for the earlier smoke.

It was later determined the smoke was the result of some kind of accident.

After the bomb squad investigation, a large hole melted in the side of the luggage caused from an “Outside Source“. It was determined to have come from the luggage being placed on a “HOT Surface” in the Cargo Hold of the Airliner.

The mainstream media slightly overlooked this strange occurrence at the Houston Airport.

A Bus Bomb Scare in New Hampshire:

May 6 2010, Portsmouth New Hampshire, a 911 call is received from a passenger from a Greyhound Bus about an explosive device placed somewhere on the bus.

The ordeal began Thursday morning, when one of the passengers called 911 to report an explosive device on board the bus.

The 911 call came after the bus arrived in the seaside city of Portsmouth around 11:30 a.m. and was “based on someone’s observations,” police Capt. Mike Schwartz said. It was unclear which passenger made the call.

Greyhound spokeswoman Maureen Richmond said the driver properly parked and secured the bus and got out. Police surrounded the bus and evacuated nearby buildings and streets.

The passengers were on the parked bus for more than two hours before police started calling most of them out under the watch of a sharpshooter. They left the bus separated by a couple of minutes each and carried no purses or bags. Most held their hands aloft as they passed officers with their weapons drawn.

A person with knowledge of the investigation told The Associated Press on Friday that the bomb scare was sparked by another passenger who called 911 believing a non-English-speaking rider had mentioned a bomb. That passenger was a foreigner who was too scared to get off the bus, said the person, who spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly.

U.S. Attorney John Kacavas said the passenger was from Africa.

Very odd that they couldn’t identify the passenger that made the 911 call, with the advanced technology of voice recognition and tracking of 911 calls, a person would assume that the Portsmouth police would be able to identify who made the call.

AP News Source.

Jittery New York Since May 1:

New York police and federal transportation agents enter a subway station on Manhattan’s West Side with radiation detection devices to check passengers’ bags for dangerous substances.

An NYPD bomb squad rushes to check a truck reeking of gasoline, abandoned on a Manhattan bridge.

An airplane bound for the Mideast is brought back to a Kennedy airport gate after a name is found on a no-fly list that is similar to that of a passenger.

In the wake of Saturday night’s failed car bombing in Times Square, jittery authorities are pouncing on anything suspicious and overwrought headlines are keeping the city on edge.

AP News Source

The Possibilities of a Summer Bomb in the United States:

By viewing the latest trend of the “bomb scare hoaxes” there are only two possibilities of a sinister agenda that the illuminati want to accomplish. The first possibility is too create more bomb flukes that will enhance the implanted fear among the American public that generates a state of paralyzed-will concerning travel.

The Zionist controlled American propaganda specializes in fear projected fanciful expectations. The Illuminati organizations that specialize in brainwashing the American people have successfully bewitched the public into thinking that their country is the “good guy”. A majority of the American public believe the mainstream media, and are duped into a deep deception believing the fearful perceptions that streams from movies, television shows, and their local news. The Zionist agenda triumphs the American people into thinking that the Israeli opponent is the terrorist.

The Occult Numerology of 5 and the Month of May:

The modern day illuminati occultists use 5 as the death number.

The president of Nigeria died around the time of 3:30pm on May 5. Some sources say the former President is “secretly dead”. Another one of those suspicious stories that most people will view as a coincidence.

This month the dates the Illuminati Occult could possibly use to cause a large death somewhere in the world.

  • 5/10
  • 5/15
  • 5/20
  • 5/25

Other dates to always be aware of within any month are 11, 22, 29.

Please note: Possibly nothing will happen on these dates; however, as an observer of the preparation stage of the New World Order, the viewer cannot help from keeping a close eye on these dates within the month of May 2010.

The Occult Power Number of 3?

Through studying occult numerology the student must question the significance of 3 and the multiples such as 3+3 = 6, 3+3+3 = 9 that symbolize 33, 333, and most importantly 3×11 = 33. The duplicate and the triplet of 3 becomes an occult power number. 33 is one of the most powerful occult numbers and recognized with the freemasons. 33 is the double of 3 and a triplet of 11.

3 represents the three different forms of the Lower Entities; each group of the lower entities includes a leader, therefore 3 represents the three powerful leaders of the lower entities. The Three corresponds to the false Catholic/Orthodox belief of the Trinity.

11 represents two individuals that correlates with the two anointed of the Divine. Even though the Anointed Master of the light is the complete opposite of the evil Anointed Master, eleven is powerful because the destiny of the Divine Plan that each anointed master must support. Many writers of numerology view 11 as a spiritual number. It is important to note that 11 possibly can be used on both sides of the light and the darkness such as the number 7.

The number 5 may represent 2+3 = 5; but 2 symbolizing 11. Since 3 originates as the prime occult power number, odd numbers are preferred over even numbers such as 3, 5, 9, and 11.

The number 7 is the Divine number of complement. The Occult may use 7, but prefer the multiples of 3 and 11.

The mainstream media of Hollywood has projected 666 and 13 as prime occult numbers. The implanting of 666 and 13 in the collective consciousness of humanity has generated a diversion from the prime Occult numbers. 666 can be use because of the representation of 33:33:33, but the modern day occultists of the illuminati seem to prefer 33 and 11. The deception of 666 should be clear.

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