The Government of Poland and a Murder Conspiracy Disaster.

Poland flag,Poland Air Disaster, Poland Government Murder Conspiracy

On April 10 2010, the Tupolev Tu-154M aircraft numbered 101 crashed next to Smolensk-North air base in Russia, the murder, or killing a large portion of the Government of Poland; a situation that perceives to be a murder conspiracy directed from the Economic Globalist Elite. The Polish plane disaster killed President Lech Kaczyński, the chief of staff and senior military officers, the central bank governor, deputy foreign minister and dignitaries in the government, vice-speakers, members of the upper and lower houses of the parliament and senior members of clergy of various denominations.

A majority of the public will listen to the mainstream media only to be deluded that the “cause of origin” was fog and a non-listening pilot that possibly was intoxicated. Yet, the economic circumstances and the recent discovery of Shale Gas in northern Poland may prove this was a blatant manipulation of the Economic Globalists to dispose a government, and in reality, a conspiracy murder to protect the ultra greedy interests of the Globalist Elite. The majority of popular events that are occurring each month relate to the preparation stage for the New World Order.

The Hidden Occult Numerology Connecting The Government of Poland Plane Crash:

Modern day Occult Numerology use 5 as the death number. The number is extremely hidden because prior mystery schools never considered 5 as the number of death. Yet, during the preparation stage of the New World Order, Five, and most importantly triple 5 or 15 is significantly prevalent correlating with wars such as Iraq and the Polish Air disaster.

4/10/2010 = 4+1 = 5, and the Year is the Occult number 3.
Three is foundational Occult number because of the 3 different forms of Lower Entities, and can always stand alone.

96 people dead = 9+6, the triple power number of 555 = 5+5+5 = 15 correlates with 96.
Within Occult terms the death number is 55:55:55 by adding the time of departure and the day of departure, powers numbers of 11.

Tail number 101 = 11.
Time Departed 5:23 UTC = 55
Time of Crash 6:56 UTC = 33/11

A Possible Mind Controlled Pilot?

The controversial reports concerning the pilot denotes mind control. Some news sources reported the pilot as intoxicated, other reports are that he refused to listen to the air-traffic control.

The pilot Arkadiusz Protasiuk knew Russian perfectly and landed on the airfield 3 days prior. Protasiuk was directed to abort the landing to a different airfield repeatedly.

How many experienced pilots disregard the air traffic controllers instructions?

The Possibilities of Deception:

The Polish government and the National Bank of Poland planned to weaken the Zloty, the currency of Poland. The rare unity of state/bank agreement would benefit Poland’s exporters at the expense of Poland’s trading partners—that of the European Union and the Globalist Banking Elite. The next day after the formal agreement, Poland’s president and the president of its national bank die in the plane crash. In a preplanned move to weaken the zloty, Poland’s leadership was placing the interests of the people of Poland ahead of the interests of the European collective known as the European Union. Economically snubbing the Global Elites of the EU, the powerfully aggressive elite bankers/globalists/Illumianti/NWO moved in swiftly to dispose the economic opposition.

Shale Gas Discovery that Threatens EU and Russia:

At the beginning of April, it was reported that major deposits of Shale Gas was discovered in Northern Poland.

The discovery of vast reserves of shale gas lying under Poland could free Western Europe from its dependence on Russian natural gas in the future with the help of recent advances in American extraction technology.

Prime minister Tusk was about to sign a contract for gas supply from Russia, for 40 years. Yet, just a couple of days before Poland discovered a huge source of gas schists.

Historically, Governments that snub the Global Economic Elites are Cutoff

It is believed that it will provide 63% of Europe demand on natural gas. Tusks cabinet made preliminary agreements with USA ( FX Energy, Chevron ) to sell those resources. Poland also opposed the joint Russian-German NordStream project to build a natural gas pipeline across the Baltic Sea floor, thus bypassing Polish territory.

Historically, when a government snubs and steps on the feet of “big daddy of economics” they get taken out, JFK is a prime example. The economic globalists moved in swiftly and boldly to murder their economic opposition in Poland.

Some readers may claim this to be a conspiracy theory? This situation of murdering the Government of Poland is not a Theory, it is an Actuality of the NWO Reality.

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  • lewis August 19, 2010, 8:41 pm

    Has anyone seen any open casket photos of any of the dead from the Polish aircraft crash? This could be another KAL 007 and the very much alive people could be confined to some little town surrounded by guards and cameras and miles of difficult-to-cross terrain maybe kind of like that 1960’s British spook retirement town program staring Patrick McGoohin(s??) Were all the families told that the bodies were burned beyond recognition, etc. ? We know very little about what really happened. L -o-