The Enslavement of the New World Order.

new world orderThroughout the last twenty years the term “New World Order” inserted a prominent seat within the rhetoric of the government leaders. The rhetoric adverted to the New World Order during the different world government summits this last year. The first mention of this term—New World Order—was in 1991 during a keynote speech to congress of George H.W. Bush after the full collapse of the Soviet Union. 9/11 activated the preparation stage for the New World Order that allowed the passing of controlling laws in the last 11 years that will enslave the world as the Illuminati maneuvers the NWO into one world government.

The winter solecist sacrifice of the Newton school murders will most likely cause a passing of a gun control law, which needs to be in place before the outward domination of the NWO. The Illuminati will use major deception upon the public to accept their New World Order through an alien war, but when will this take place.


Individuals without insight will point to the fact that nothing happened on 12/21/2012 (activation of the NWO) and nothing happened during the 2012 Olympics. Even though, considering the possibilities will be crucial to avoid an emotional shocked reality when the aliens arrive and cause world war 3 that will reduce the population.

Prior, I referred to the alines presenting themselves in 2013. At this time it looks like we might have to wait until 2014/15 for spiritual deliverance to begin.

Presenting the aliens must occur at the perfect time. The Powers of the Darkness will be subtle and deceptive bring about the enslavement of the NWO. So if you expected a major world event and the aliens to arrive on 12/21/2012, your were comprehending the context of the subject without discernment.

The New World Order is not a conspiracy theory. The term “conspiracy theory” embedded into the minds of the public through the mind controlling technic of the movie industry.

Aspects to the New World Order.

The combined powers:

The elite powers intertwined as a union includes the international bankers, top giant corporations, the nobility of government, including the arsenal of high technology assisting the military and police that will supplement the controlling the masses. As the continuation of closed mentalities issues among the military and police forces around the world, the ease of control will play upon the culturally in-bred disposition of fear within the masses of the ignorant.

One currency:

The government leaders agreed on a one world currency at the last economic. The wall street crooks manipulate the market to create panics that results in economic recessions. This “problem structure” conditions the public into an outcry (sometimes non-verbal) that justifies and generates a “non-question” of the preplanned solution of the government. A one world paperless currency is the goal of the NWO that will completely enslave whomever is locked into its kingdom of darkness.

The cause and solution?

The two world wars manipulated and prolonged purposely, including, international regimes and organizations such as the IMF, United Nations, N.A.T.O. and the economic controllers such as the deception of the Federal Reserve and the Council of Foreign Relations that stage-crafts as the “shadow government” integrates with the international bankers which are masterminded by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers style of economics. All these branches of the Illuminati New World Order organizers manipulated both world wars to pursue the one world government.

Dominating as a “Plutonomy”.

Since 1991, the clear evidence that the banking/corporate giants will dominate as a “Plutonomy” is unmistakable for anyone who researches the subject with the intention of seeking the truth. Both sides of the right and the left are playing the same game; the perception of opponents is a delusional cognizance.


Each progressional move within the international organizations points to a One World Government and one-currency monetary system under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchies; defining as the original ancestral genealogy that continues to dominate within the governments. These hereditary oligarchies support and worship their “One God” who will arrive as The Man of Lawlessness to present himself as “God”. The children of the light will identify the misconstruction of realism; the ego will delude the children of the darkness.

Total Enslavement!

Population will be limited by economic restrictions that will cause total enslavement under this One World entity—the middle class will be deposed. Anyone who refuses to submit to the domination of the NWO will be labeled as terrorists and rebels; delusion of the ego will dominate the intellect of the supporters conjecturing the lie—the evil will be perceived as virtue.

The New World Order will be absolute fascism under the delusion of democracy using terrorism as a cause and effect situation for introducing “security procedures”.

All events that happen (911, wars, terrorism) are staged from the secret organizations of the NWO. Some organizations of the NWO are visibly active using a powerful illusion of virtue, but, the inner workings are corrupt. The government leaders are not the good guy, but are satan worshipers that are based in extreme greed and selfishness.

Important Questions:

Will the governments institute the New World Directive before the Man of Lawlessness (Antichrist, The Accuser) arrives as the “One God” of the NWO?
Unlikely, subtle deception is crucial. The alien war must take place first. A world war with an external source will unite the world within a common goal. As the humans perceive to be losing the war, the Antichrist will step up to “save the world” from the destruction of the aliens. Out of this deception the collective consciousness will surrender their free choice.

Could the economic meltdown occur before the advent of the Man of Lawlessness?

High possibility, an economic meltdown could cause an out cry for a “savior” that is intertwined with environmental problems.

The Man of Lawlessness will present himself as the savior during the alien war through a host human body which he entered 11/2010 .

Deceptively using propaganda to brainwash humanity concerning the “end of the world”, the illuminati manipulates the emotional reality. Most people now will be deceptively convinced that “nothing will happen”, and that life will continue. However, if the world continue as is, the world will ought to produce an interesting society consider that our food supply is dominated with Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO), and a tainted water supply including a continual list of world problems. If people really believe the governments and think that this world will get better, then that mind is very deluded.

If the Illuminati did not activate the NWO on 12/21/2012, it will be activated very shortly, and most likely without a world event, but with human sacrifice.

You can read more undated information about 2012.

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  • MarkSpizer May 3, 2010, 8:48 am

    great post as usual!

  • HugQuoftHob May 15, 2010, 12:00 am

    thanks! :)

    lets write them until the admit it, or stop doing it! i am writing them now!


  • JJ June 17, 2011, 5:06 pm

    The first mention that I could find for New World Order is that it is a book written by HG Wells in 1940 promoting a new world order uniting the world and bringing peace.

    Before that we have Novus Ordo Seculorum which is latin for A New Order of the Ages, and this motto is on all US One Dollar Bills.

    Anyways, the new world order is a good thing, Im not sure what people fear.

  • new world disorder October 2, 2011, 2:18 pm

    i think total economic collapse is being intentionally pushed upon us, they are consolidating now.

  • reddmann May 8, 2012, 3:51 am

    The New World Order is happening as we speak my best suggestion for everyone is to get ready for 12/21/12 I dont know about some people but me i will never give in to that i will be ready and i will fight to the end . Never Give Up People