On “Independence Day,” July 4th in 1951 there were 2,713 drive-in theaters in the U.S., and many were showing one of the most anticipated films of the year, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” This movie is credited with inspiring Ronald Reagan to discuss an untied alliance against an alien invasion when meeting Soviet leader […] Continue Reading


Taking Responsibility and Surrendering Self-Judgment We are born into a world within a particular culture of positive and negative energies that affect our inner emotional and outer mental disposition. The disposition of the inner heart dictates our motivation and inclination toward ourself, other humans, and the overall attitude and perception of reality. Other terminologies of […] Continue Reading


It is a concept that creates unwanted emotions of guilt, fear, and dread. Nobody enjoys learning that their country or religion is brainwashing the populace and the majority are duped and under deception. Most people will fight the subject saying “why would they brainwash us, don’t the government leaders care about their subjects?” The ego […] Continue Reading


The Oprah Winfrey Interview we should have seen: Ben Bernanke Confessing to Years of Performance-Enhancing Economic Doping. Comical, but true […] Continue Reading

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After researching the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre there is no doubt the world wide news event was a blood sacrifice intertwined with the gun control subject. As in 9/11, the London subway bombing, the Batman shooting, a FEMA simulated training exercise occurred the same day, at the same time, identical from the “real” event. […] Continue Reading