Anybody with an aware enlightened vision cannot ignore the circumstances that are occurring around the world and within individual lives. The earth is experiencing a painful era as greedy men continue to ruin forests, rivers, oceans, and farm lands by using GMO seeds. The world of economics is a complete mess. As humans are focused […] Continue Reading


Throughout the last twenty years the term “New World Order” inserted a prominent seat within the rhetoric of the government leaders. The rhetoric adverted to the New World Order during the different world government summits this last year. The first mention of this term—New World Order—was in 1991 during a keynote speech to congress of […] Continue Reading


The month of December pertains to capitalistic materialism relating to Christmas. Millions of people conjecture that Jesus was born on December 25th and that this date deserves a celebration by erecting a tree and giving gifts. As the Christmas season is bearing down on the capitalistic west — stress levels are increasing, including personal debt […] Continue Reading


The busiest shopping day of the year is the day after the American Holiday of Thanksgiving. Only recently since 2003 has “Black Friday” been the busiest shopping day except for 2004. Prior years the busiest shopping day were the Saturday before the Occult holiday of Christmas. The month of December is all about materialism and […] Continue Reading


The Olympics of 2012 in London began with a major occult ritual opening and ending ceremony. The “predictions of possibilities” were rumored starting with Rik Clay’s former blog, other blogs, and in Youtube videos that never happened. Because of these predictions of possibilities, many people are discrediting the researchers of “conspiracy”. Advent of Deception researched […] Continue Reading