Prepare for Hyperinflation in Food Prices and Food Shortages

The food high price for 2011 and the world manipulation for the new world orderWithout a doubt the controllers of the New World Order are manipulating the commodity market to increase food prices around the earth. In the last two years Corn, Wheat, and Soybean has doubled in price. Combining human manipulated earth disasters and a manipulated stock market—food prices are increasing as a dramatic rate. Also, the prior manipulated Mad Cow disease and the recent bird and fish deaths at the beginning of the year adds to the factor that the Illuminati Occult of the Darkness will create food shortages to maneuver individuals to accept food aid from the New World Order enslaving controllers during the Alien War and after when the world attacks the children of the light.

Food Prices and Shortages Directly Relate to the Protesting Around the World in 2011

Food safety in America has come down to killing your food. Only “dead food” is “safe food” in the eyes of the FDA and state health authorities. That’s why they killed your almonds (there are no more raw almonds commercially available in the United States of America), and it’s the same reason why they’re gearing up to irradiate all your fresh produce.

The government wants to kill your food but it has nothing at all to do with food safety. If the government were really interested in food safety, it would ban the stuff that really promotes disease: Fried fast food, toxic chemical additives like aspartame, empty calorie ingredients like white flour and bleached white sugar.

Global wheat prices have more than doubled in the last six months, corn and sugar prices rose 73 percent, and cotton futures are up 44 percent since the beginning of this year, according to analysts.

From the World Bank and IMF Documentation states: The current food price spike has resulted in an estimated net increase of 44 million more people in poverty, with 68 million net food consumers falling below the poverty line, and 24 million net producers being able to escape poverty. This adds to the 1.2 billion people already living below the extreme poverty line of US$1.25 a day.

In America, the amount of people who use Food Stamps on a monthly basis is at an all time high. Nearly a year and a half into the economic recovery, some 43.6 million Americans continued to rely on food stamps in November. More than 14% of the population drew food stamps in November to purchase groceries as high unemployment and muted wage growth crimped budgets.

This year in 2011 reports of several occurrences that Deceases the Food Supply:

There are natural disasters everywhere that is destroying the food supply. Fish, Birds, Cows dying at an alarming rate at the beginning of the year. Major floods around the earth that are ruining hundreds of acres of crops. Drought also is killing food such as soybean and wheat.

In America every disaster has hit in the major food belts. Many food crops have been wiped out by drought, flood, hail and freezes. These food destroyers are occurring in greater frequency and having larger impact. Texas, one of the backbone states for cattle, is experiencing the worst drought in decades forcing ranchers to sell herds early.

natural food disaster map for 2011, illuminati manipulation of the food stock

Last year we watched in disbelief as Russia suffered massive drought that brought raging fires to their country. Russia who is usually a large grain supplier, not only placed a year-long ban on exports, but they were forced to purchase grain from other countries. By the end of last year, they’d lost nearly 40% of their crops and imported 3.5 million tonnes of grain. The export ban is in effect at least through this July.

The crop in Kansas, the biggest U.S. grower of winter varieties, may shrink by 29 percent from last year because of drought, according to a survey of 55 analysts conducted last week by the Wheat Quality Council and based on field samples. The dry spell in Texas, the No. 2 grower of winter wheat last year, means the state may produce two-thirds less than normal.

the new world order of food shortages and manipulation to cause food disasters

In Minnesota and North Dakota, the biggest spring-wheat grower, farmers face planting delays after receiving twice the normal amount of precipitation in the past month. However, Natural disasters ravaged global crops in the first part of this year. Spared from the turmoil, as they thought, U.S. farmers planted near-record crops this spring and expected to enjoy record prices. Weeks of heavy rain in the Midwest have caused rivers to swell and levees to break. Millions of acres of farmland are now underwater, their plantings most likely destroyed. In Iowa, the country’s top corn-growing state, more than 1.3 million acres of corn and 2 million acres of soybeans have been flooded; in total, about 16 percent of the state’s farmland is submerged. And, further south thousands of acres are flooded because the feds opened up flood gates to preserve cities down stream.

Last year in Australia, another huge food producer, was struck with massive rains. These floods crippled food supplies. Today, conditions are reversed. Drought rears its head again.

All over the world the food supply is being damaged though weather manipulation.

Dark Assessment of Global Grain Conditions:

Unprecedented freezes took a lot of Mexico’s produce that supplies huge quantities of fresh fruits and veggies to North America. On a lesser scale, late spring freezes have wiped out Colorado’s apricots and California also took a hit on their produce.

Conversely, Texas, one of the backbone states for cattle, is experiencing the worst drought in decades forcing ranchers to sell herds early. In the short term, this will plummet the cost of beef, but next year, when cattlemen try to replenish herds, prices will be at a premium and you, the consumer, will see these huge price increases at the butcher.

Dry weather in France and Germany and the U.K.’s hottest April in at least 352 years are threatening crops across the European Union, producer of one-fifth of the world’s wheat.

Corn planting in the U.S., the world’s largest grower, is advancing at half of last year’s pace because of excess rain, government data show. The Canadian Wheat Board said fields are so muddy that only 3 percent of grain has been sown, compared with 40 percent normally. At the same time, drought left the Kansas wheat crop in the worst shape since 1996, and dry spells are threatening crops in France, Western Australia and China.

The U.S. winter-wheat harvest, which begins next month, probably will total 1.387 billion bushels, the least in five years, according to the survey.

Disasters Striking World “Food Baskets”

Exploding Watermelons in China:

In China Watermelon fields in eastern China are a mess of burst fruit after farmers used growth chemicals in an attempt to make extra money but ended up ruining their crops, state media reported Tuesday. An investigative report by China Central Television found farms in and around Danyang city in Jiangsu province were losing acres of fruit to the problem.

The farmers sprayed forchlorfenuron, a growth accelerator, during overly wet weather and put it on too late in the season, which made the melons burst, CCTV said, citing agricultural experts.

The CCTV report colorfully described the watermelons as “land mines” and said they were exploding by the acre.
The report quoted Feng Shuangqing, a professor at the China Agricultural University, as saying the problem showed that China needs to clarify its farm chemical standards and supervision to protect consumer health. Danyang farmer Liu Mingsuo ended up with eight acres of ruined fruit and told CCTV he couldn’t sleep because he kept picturing exploding watermelons

“On May 7, I came out and counted 80 (bursting watermelons) but by the afternoon it was 100,” Liu said. “Two days later I didn’t bother to count anymore.”
About 20 farmers and 115 acres of watermelon around Danyang were affected, it said. Farmers resorted to chopping up the fruit and feeding it to fish and pigs.

Source: Watermelon Bombs

The War against Raw Milk:

The last several thousand years, a large percentage of the human population has consumed cow’s milk — a substance that admittedly contains quite an impressive collection of nutrients. The problem today is that those nutrients are artificially modified through pasteurization (cooking) and homogenization (breaking down fat molecules) to create a ready-made, highly processed cow’s milk beverage with a long shelf life that can be sold to consumers as “milk.”

According to the FDA press release, “Drinking raw milk is dangerous and shouldn’t be consumed under any circumstances.” But this runs contrary to the scientific data. As the Weston A. Price Foundation notes, raw milk has a proven safety record; it has many health benefits—protecting against infection, diarrhea, rickets, tooth decay, and tuberculosis; and there are tremendous potential economic benefits as well.

FDA’s assertion that raw milk is dangerous and puts consumers at risk—despite the abundant evidence to the contrary—has convinced the Justice Department to go after Allgyer for “misbranding.” If the newly revived Leahy bill passes, the Justice Department will be able to sentence raw milk producers, like David Allgyer of Rainbow Farms, to up to ten years in prison.

Source: War Against Raw Milk

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The Sinister Agenda of the New World Order:

There should be no doubt that the dark sinister powers of the darkness need to reduce the food supply for the upcoming Alien War and the Enslavement of the New World Order that will separate the children of the light from the darkness. The Antichrist will be anointed during the 2012 Olympics, most likely covertly through an Occult Ritual. The New World Order will the activated on the winter solecist on 12.21.2012. Some time after, the alien war of World War Three (staged) will begin. At some point in time during the war, the Antichrist (The Man of Lawlessness) Baal will reveal himself with superhuman powers to defeat the aliens and save the world.

After the Alien war, the egocentric deluded children of the darkness will raise their hand against anyone who disagrees with the new order which includes all individuals who chooses love and light. The scriptures teach that the person will have to endure.

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