The World Cup Occult Symbolism and Numerology

soccer city africa, cooking post stadium for black magic and occult voodoo

This years World Cup begins and ends on prime occult numerology dates that is intertwined with 3 occult sacrificial deaths, occult symbolism, and geometry. The occult sacrificial death of Nelson Mandela’s daughter appropriately (occult style) opened The World Cup international football ceremony, and the month long games at Soccer City Johannesburg, South Africa. The World Cup football (Soccer) sport attracts people worldwide including the poor and the literate; it is an easy sport to comprehend—kick the ball into the net—compared to the complicated game of Major League Baseball.


World Cup Occult Numerology

The beginning of the World Cup: 6/11/2010 = 11.
The end of the World Cup: 7/12/2010 = 13.
Total 30 days = 3
Number of Teams 32 = 5, or possibly 3:11.

Nelson Mandela’s Great Granddaughter just turned 13 on Wednesday and killed early morning 6/11/2010.

African singer Siphiwo Ntshebe was scheduled to perform before he died three weeks ago of bacterial meningitis at the age of 35. Nelson Mandela personally picked Siphiwo to preform at the opening ceremony.
Died 5/25/2010 = 15 or 555.

Three British students on a college field trip to South Africa were killed yesterday in a horrific tour bus crash on 6/11/2010. Two 19-year-old girls died instantly in the tragedy, which also cast a shadow over today’s opening of the World Cup in Johannesburg. Daily Mail Report.

The soccer ball is colored in 11 colors which symbolize 11 tribes and 11 languages in South Africa = 33
The games will be played in 9 cities and in total of 10 stadiums.

The FIFA readmitted South Africa upon following the collapse of apartheid after 18 years = 666 = 33:33. In 1992 a whites-only referendum approved the reform process to end apartheid.

Upcoming Occult Holidays:

  • Summer Solstice – 13 weeks – When the sun reaches its northernmost point in its journey across the sky
  • June 21 – 22 – Summer Solstice
  • June 21 – Litha is one of the Illuminati’s Human Sacrifice Nights
  • July 4, America’s Independence Day, is 13 days after Day of Litha and 66 days from April 30
  • July 19 – 13 days before Lughnasa
  • July 31 – August 1 – Lughnasa, Great Sabbat Festival. August – One of the Illuminati’s Human Sacrifice Nights

World Cup Opening Ceremony Occult Symbolism

Dancers perform behind a giant beetle during the Opening Ceremony ahead of the South Africa versus Mexico game. The Giant Dung Beetle was the star attraction of the ceremony, watched by an estimated 500 million people, including the Calabash Cooking Pot, both that pertain to Sun Worship and African Occult Voodoo .

The Occult significance of the Dung Beetle:

The millions of deluded viewers have no-clue about the occult significance of the Dung Beetle.

dung beetle, egypt, world cup, africa black magic

The ancient Egyptians believed that the Sun God Ra renewed the sun every day before rolling it above the horizon, then carried it through the other world after sunset, only to renew it, again, the next day. The Egyptian Scarab Beetle therefore enjoyed a sacred status among the Ancient Egyptians. The image of the scarab in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs displays the image of the beetle translated as “to come into being”, “to become” or “to transform”.

The Stadium symbolizes the sun, thus, the added dung beetle and cooking pot within the ceremony is clear presentation of Sun Worship, Black Magic and Voodoo.

The Funeral rites of the Ancient Egyptians were extremely important and use of the scarab was of prime significance in this cult. Scarabs, often cut from green stone, were placed over the heart or on the chest of the deceased. The purpose of the heart scarab amulet was to ensure that the heart would not bear witness against the deceased in Hall of Two Truths where their actions in their mortal lives would be examined before they could enter the Afterlife.

The Egyptian Scarab Beetle was used as an amulet or a good luck charm by both the rich and the poor in Egypt.

The Dung Beetle possibly relates to the deaths of Mandela’s Daughter and Siphiwo Ntshebe.
The media’s explanation of the dung beetle for the ceremony is that the creation of the Beetle is revered in South Africa because it nourishes the soil—yet the masses are under deception of the true occult identity.

The Occult Symbolism of the Calabash Cooking Pot:

The Stadium at Soccer City is modeled from an African calabash cooking pot, although from the ariel view it symbolizes the sun.

A cooking pot represents fire, because without fire cooking is void (I am referring to before electricity existed). Interesting enough, in South Africa a Calabash is commonly used as a drinking vessel by tribes such as the Zulus, so why a cooking pot? There are many different forms and definitions of a Calabash.

calabash pot, world cup 2010
Dancing, cooking, sacrifice is related within African Black Magic and Vodun.

The rituals in Vodun have not changed in thousands of years. The occult faithful, or god’s children, gain the favor of the loas through blood rites to obtain prosperity. Prior, all Vodun ceremonies feature an altar where a crucifix, candles, skulls, tobacco, rum and other sacred items are placed. A beating of the drums is accompanied by communal chanting–the Vodun method of prayer–to open the lines of communication between the faithful and the loas.

The occult faithful, who are painted white or wear white (a symbol of purity), are moved to dance, sometimes becoming possessed by the spirit of loa. They often fall into convulsions and speak in tongues. The possessed emerge from their trances inspired to defeat any earthly challenge.

Then the infamous climax of the Vodun ritual takes place, the animal sacrifice. Live chickens and goats are brought forth. Their necks are slit, and the flowing blood is collected in a calabash gourd. The blood is believed to contain the loa’s divine energy and life force. The members of the congregation sip the blood and make the sign of the cross as a means to become one with the loas and cleanse themselves of impurities.

Is this what was viewed symbolically during the opening ceremony at the World Cup in South Africa? A Calabash cooking pot that symbolized the “deception of oneness” of the occult through binding with the energy of the absolute deluded soccer fanatics?

Reuters Canada: The stadium has been almost totally rebuilt as a cavernous and eye-catching arena in the shape of a traditional calabash, or African cooking pot.

The outside is clad in various shades of brown and beige to resemble the earthen pot, with a ring of lights which simulate the flames at night.

Part of the original structure of the stadium has been converted into 10 black vertical lines which align with the other nine World Cup stadiums and Berlin, which hosted the last final of soccer’s greatest trophy in 2006.

The ring of lights that simulate flames at night symbolize the Fire/Sun god. The 10 black vertical lines that align with the other 9 World Cup Stadiums signify Geometry.

Occult Soccer Football Symbolism.

logo bird symbolism

The Logo Rotated is a Bird

The occult uses a foundation of symbolism using modern day and ancient symbolic “Roman” stadiums, battle uniforms, symbolism, and, symbolic occult archetypal to create deceptive emotional worship of idolatry and mindlessly persuades the “fans” to surrender themselves into the hypnotic level of competition. The Lower Entities that are worshiped through the illuminati occult and receives energy accumulated from large events around the world, and, the geometry of symbolic locations, monuments, idols, and symbolism allows the energy to stream into the lower fifth dimension

The masses are controlled by numerology, symbolism and, geometry that they subconsciously absorb as software. Our physical and emotional reality (illusion) are created by the subconscious programing (matrix) from occult symbolism, the deception of religion, and the atmospheric entrainment of cultural bonds. Multi-dimensional lower entities and their evil illuminati agents control this world by deceptive manipulation of the collective consciousness and by using ceremonial craftiness through symbolism such as the May Day Beltaine Festival, and Christmas.

The term “fan” as in the noun is the derivative “fandom” originating late 19th century from the American English Language and is an abbreviation of “fanatic”.

Since the beginning of the World Cup in 1930, the occult religion generates patriotic hostility through sports. Soccer, the most popular sport around the world enhances strong emotional attachments of “national pride” and “love for country”, two dynamics that cause blood-shedding wars. The occult deceives the world through duality. The combined powers of the darkness retain possession of control by creating illusional contrasting sides of duality that produce strong emotional attachments toward their patriotic nationality. Consequently, the battlefield of blood is generated through an emotional symbolic war, and bloody nationalistic wars as history teaches.

The Occult Religion Deceives Humanity through Duality!

Violence and intimidation are the deceptive allotment of international soccer football, and the collective consciousness of emotional attachment generates powerful contrasting tensions. The dumb-downed populace controlled by the trance of the matrix of international football fans desires competitive sports and non-violence, but as emotions are stirred, football fans will defend their team and nationality—verbally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The Illuminati Occult will create massive amounts of “negative spiritual energy” at the world cup and will manipulate to cause verbal, emotional and spiritual responses and possibly physical violence. The combined powers of the occult darkness thrive in “negative spiritual energy” from the masses of humanity responding to the deception of duality.

The World Cup Tournament Parallels a Battlefield.

Occult Numerology and Symbolism within the Trophy Cup:

The World Cup Trophy prior was a winged goddess; it was known as the Jules Rimet trophy; Jules Rimet served as President of the FIFA for 33 years and who set up the first tournament in 1930.

former world cup trophy
The Jules Rimet trophy is said to be Nike the Goddess of Victory. It comprised an octagonal cup, supported by a winged figure representing Nike, the ancient Greek goddess of victory. The trophy was stolen in 1983, and has never been recovered, apparently melted down by the thieves.

world cup trophy holding the world
The Current World Cup Trophy stands 36.5 centimeters (14.4 inches) tall and is made of 5 kg (11 lb) of 18 carat (75%) solid gold with a base (13 centimeters [5.1 inches] in diameter) containing two layers of malachite.

The word “Trophy” originates from the late 15th century denoting a display of weapons: from French trophée, via Latin from Greek tropaion, from tropē ‘a rout,’ from trepein ‘to turn.’

golden cup of christianity

The Symbolic Cup and the Dynamics of Delusion:

The Cup is a symbolic offer to the Multi-Dimensional Lower Entities. Christendom has been deceived and corrupted from covert holidays and the partaking of a symbolic blood and body of “Christ” which is an occult ritual. The deluded masses of humanity exchange their energy through a deceptive convert ritual of surrender through religious worship.

The dynamics that binds people to the delusion of the world is attachment and positionality to the deceptive dualities that the five senses observe. Without surrendering the attachment of the duality of patriotic nationality, the individual will be subjected to the dogmatic positioned delusional reality of the world and its faithless emptiness. Beyond this world of dualities, there are only two sides—the light and the darkness—and true spiritual light within the individual surrenders the attachments of this world.

As a world traveler and personal experience, cultures around the world suffer from boredom and a slow economy. The world is really a strange place as time continues to the activation of the New World Order. Johannesburg and other parts of the country experience major poverty and unemployment. Because of the World Cup, South Africa is on a psychological high from the world stage, and there is much propaganda about the situation that includes terrorist threats. Anytime there is a populace/culture that continually experiences despondency, utter boredom, high crime, and negativity—psychological highs are dangerous and could be a set-up. Indeed, if anything big occurs this month at the world cup we will certainly comprehend that the event was staged. From personal experience of how the spirit world operates, the outcome of all sports are already decided before the season of events takes place. The Lower Entities get drugged from the reaction of humans, positive or negative, and from the fanatical responses relating to winning and losing. An advanced spiritual person of a higher level of consciousness who is acutely aware with trained intuition may be able to recognize the outcome of an event beforehand. Comprehending this concept is an eyeopener to the manipulation of human responses through sports.

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    Zenani Mandela dead 11/06/2010. Zenani is a MALE african name, she/he was 13. N Mandela is 91 (13×7) 7 days after the W Cup ends is mandelas birthday, July 18th (18/7) 187 the police code for Homicide in USA. Explosions at Uhuru park, signal for an explosion of Violence as Uhuru erupts?? Also, the 11/06/2010 was the day Zenani died. From 11/06 til … See more18/07 is exactly 37 days or 888 hours! 888! The number of the Messiah!
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    PS Zenani is also an American girls name that means ‘What did you bring with you?’

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