The Scarlet Plague by Jack London

Jack London mentions 2012 in the scarlet plagueThe Scarlet Plague written in 1912 by Jack London is an easy 54 page book. Noted as “fiction” The Scarlet Plague reveals some shocking context that anyone who comprehends the importance of 2012 will find interesting.

Page 10 and 11, The old man talking to the young boy referring to an old silver coin:

2012 he shrilled, and then fell to cackling grotesquely. “That was the year Morgan the Fifth as appointed President of the United States by the Board of Magnates. It must have been one of the last coins minted, for the Scarlet Death came in 2013. Lord! Lord! — think of it! Sixty years ago, and I am the only person alive today that lived in those times.”

Page 24: The description of the Scarlet Plague in 2013:

It was the summer of 2013 that the Plague came. I was twenty-seven years old, and well do I remember it, Wireless dispatches. “We talked through the air in those days, thousands and thousands of miles. and the word came of a strange disease that had broken out in New York.

These two excepts of this book are amazing! The mention of 2012 and 2013 including “wireless dispatches” which is referring to cell phones!

The Important excerpts:

“Mayonnaise! Just think—mayonnaise! And it’s sixty years since the last was ever made! Two generations and never a smell of it! Why, in those days it was served in every restaurant with crab.” When he could eat no more, the old man sighed, wiped his hands on his naked legs, and gazed out over the sea. With the content of a full stomach, he waxed reminiscent.

“To think of it! I’ve seen this beach alive with men, women, and children on a pleasant Sunday. And there weren’t any bears to eat them up, either. And right up there on the cliff was a big restaurant where you could get anything you wanted to eat. Four million people lived in San Francisco then. And now, in the whole city and county there aren’t forty all told. And out there on the sea were ships and ships always to be seen, going in for the Golden Gate or coming out. And airships in the air—dirigibles and flying machines. They could travel two hundred miles an hour. The mail contracts with the New York and San Francisco Limited demanded that for the minimum. There was a chap, a Frenchman, I forget his name, who succeeded in making three hundred; but the thing was risky, too risky for conservative persons. But he was on the right clue, and he would have managed it if it hadn’t been for the Great Plague. When I was a boy, there were men alive who remembered the coming of the first aeroplanes, and now I have lived to see the last of them, and that sixty years ago.”

Jack London writes about “airships and flying machines”. The first jet power engine plane was invented in 1945 in Germany. Jack London wrote this book in 1912.

The old man babbled on, unheeded by the boys, who were long accustomed to his garrulousness, and whose vocabularies, besides, lacked the greater portion of the words he used. It was noticeable that in these rambling soliloquies his English seemed to recrudesce into better construction and phraseology. But when he talked directly with the boys it lapsed, largely, into their own uncouth and simpler forms.

“But there weren’t many crabs in those days,” the old man wandered on. “They were fished out, and they were great delicacies. The open season was only a month long, too. And now crabs are accessible the whole year around. Think of it—catching all the crabs you want, any time you want, in the surf of the Cliff House beach!”

Jack London also mentions about the “Seas were fished out”. Today there are Major Fishing Dead Zones around the world.

“Dad says that the wife of the first Chauffeur was a lady—”

“What’s a lady?” Hoo-Hoo demanded.

“A Lady’s a Chauffeur squaw,” was the quick reply of Hare-Lip. “The first Chauffeur was Bill, a common fellow, as I said before,” the old man expounded; “but his wife was a lady, a great lady. Before the Scarlet Death she was the wife of Van Warden. He was President of the Board of Industrial Magnates, and was one of the dozen men who ruled America. He was worth one billion, eight hundred millions of dollars—coins like you have there in your pouch, Edwin. And then came the Scarlet Death, and his wife became the wife of Bill, the first Chauffeur. He used to beat her, too. I have seen it myself.”

Only a dozen of men ruled America Jack London expounds upon. Sounds like he was aware of the illuminati control.

“The world was full of people. The census of 2010 gave eight billions for the whole world—eight crab-shells, yes, eight billions. It was not like to-day. Mankind knew a great deal more about getting food. And the more food there was, the more people there were. In the year 1800, there were one hundred and seventy millions in Europe alone. One hundred years later—a grain of sand, Hoo-Hoo—one hundred years later, at 1900, there were five hundred millions in Europe-five grains of sand, Hoo-Hoo, and this one tooth. This shows how easy was the getting of food, and how men increased. And in the year 2000, there were fifteen hundred millions in Europe. And it was the same all over the rest of the world. Eight crab-shells there, yes, eight billion people were alive on the earth when the Scarlet Death began.

Jack London must have perceived a population explosion in the future. Today there are 7,009,102,744 according to the online population census

“You’re a queer un, Granser, talking about things you can’t see. If you can’t see ’em, how do you know they are? That’s what I want to know. How do you know anything you can’t see?”

“A good question, a very good question, Hoo-Hoo. But we did see-some of them. We had what we called microscopes and ultramicroscopes, and we put them to our eyes and looked through them, so that we saw things larger than they really were, and many things we could not see without the microscopes at all. Our best ultramicroscopes could make a germ look forty thousand times larger.

Clearly a vision of the advancement of technology!

Did Jack London calculate that there was going to be an election in 2012? And why did he pick 2012, and the summer of 2013 for the beginning of “The Scarlet Plague”? Why mention about “Wireless Dispatches” which refers to Cell Phones? How did Jack London know that there would be Jet engine powered planes referred as “Airships and flying machines that could travel two hundred miles and hour”, including ultra-microscopes? The book continues to reveal the chaos that the world experienced because of the Fictional Scarlet Plague.

Jack London Finishes The Scarlet Plague:

The old man shook his head sadly, and said: “The gunpowder will come. Nothing can stop it—the same old story over and over. Man will increase, and men will fight. The gunpowder will enable men to kill millions of men, and in this way only, by fire and blood, will a new civilization, in some remote day, be evolved. And of what profit will it be? Just as the old civilization passed, so will the new. It may take fifty thousand years to build, but it will pass. All things pass.

“Only remain cosmic force and matter, ever in flux, ever acting and reacting and realizing the eternal types-the priest, the soldier, and the king. Out of the mouths of babes comes the wisdom of all the ages. Some will fight, some will rule, some will pray; and all the rest will toil and suffer sore while on their bleeding carcasses is reared again, and yet again, without end, the amazing beauty and surpassing wonder of the civilized state. It were just as well that I destroyed those cave-stored books—whether they remain or perish, all their old truths will be discovered, their old lies lived and handed down. What is the profit—”

The Scarlet Plague Online

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Advent of Deception teaches that the New World order will be activated on 12/21/2012, and that Alien life forms will present themselves sometime in the year of 2013–if you comprehend this as true then it is worth reading the book of Jack London.

During the Alien war there is a high possibility of a virus outbreak in certain areas of the world that will be viewed as a plague, and could be one of the worst plagues since the Black Death Plague. Yes, many people will die during this era, but because of the Divine Plan, the world of humanity will not be killed off. After the anointing of the Master of the Darkness at the Olympics of this year, technically the judgment era begins. Whoever dies from this time onward will be judged into either kingdom (light or darkness) after the separation, and await a resurrection according to the Hebrew scriptures. The reality is that the darkness will not be concerned if a portion of the population dies because many will be judged into the kingdom of the darkness because of their non-spiritual worldly interests of selfishness, greed, and hate.

Now is the time to seriously cultivate strong faith based on a Higher Level of Consciousness.

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  • Tim April 25, 2012, 8:54 am

    nice blog..thanks for sharing..

  • Lori April 27, 2012, 12:56 am

    Thanks for the info, that is really incredible. the energy of the world should tell anyone that is awake that something will happen this next year or so.

  • Knows The Score April 28, 2012, 8:19 pm

    The Agenda 21 Map has particular areas annotated in the colour “red”/scarlet. These areas are targeted for human depopulation.

    Perhaps the Scarlet Plague will be carried out by a vaccination of the future, or, a vaccination that was sold to us in the past, the Swine Flu vaccination. The swine flu vaccination may have an incubation period within the body, which will activate during 2012/2013. In any case, I firmly believe that there certainly is a connection between the word “Scarlet” describing this future plague, and the colour “Red” being utilised by the not so distant future Agenda 21 human depopulation plan for America.

    Keep in mind the real sickness- scarlet fever. A revised more deadly version of this disease may be on the horizon, hence the name scarlet plague being the name used in London’s book…

    • Moses June 12, 2012, 5:15 pm

      Probably the “scarlet plague” is a man made bio weapon , and those who refuse to take the vaccine will die , as i will . We are toast , the masons have the ability to delete knowledge from old books and rewrite history, as they are doing nowadays with vitamin c . They are also changing the history of cancer and how it is related to vaccines . Vaccines contain mercury which destroy some of the enzymes responsible in the production of vitamin c in the human body . And they add to all science books that due to a genetic defect humans no longer produce vitamin c !!!!!!!!!!

  • sami April 29, 2012, 4:47 pm

    The Illuminati/Zionist plan is to create an
    apocalypse that will exhaust and depopulate
    the masses through deadly designer viruses,
    global terror, economic disasters and nuclear
    war. These disasters are timed to occur
    between now and 2014, when the remaining survivors will gladly embrace the promises of
    a handsome charismatic new leader, who will
    unveil his plan of hope for an eternal world
    peace. The only way to achieve eternal world
    peace, he will explain, is to put an end to the 5
    causes of war. Secretly, he knows there is only one main cause of wars: the wars provoked
    by his royal ancestors who planed, provoked,
    financed and profited from them. He will sell
    his peace plan by telling the world that border
    wars will only end by creating a world without
    borders. Religious wars will only end by creating one world religion of interfaiths.
    Economic wars will only end by creating a
    cashless debt-free society. Rivalry wars
    between rulers will only end by creating one
    world ruler. The tools used for war, from
    hand-guns to nuclear bombs will be eliminated and one world army will be
    created, which will guarantee world peace.

    • jack April 29, 2012, 9:25 pm

      Well done sami I agree jesus is the only way to escape this madness he is the alpha and omega and nobody gets to the father but by him

      • Shawn May 1, 2012, 1:54 am

        Jesus was not even mentioned. Faith in the Divine Source is the most important for all people around the world.

        • David May 1, 2012, 3:21 pm

          That is because Jesus is a ficticional and made up charachter created by the Council of Nicea as a re-creation of the Egiptian story of Isis and Horus….

          • Shawn May 1, 2012, 3:37 pm

            Many people and mostly all cultures has issues with religious dogma. However, the most important quality to oppose the NWO will be faith, and it is the kind of faith that resides within and is connected with the Divine Source.

          • JSamson7 May 1, 2012, 4:22 pm

            Right, so all of the accounts written by the Romans about Jesus is all fake too huh? Not to mention other prophecies, documented stories, etc is all based on Egyptian sories too, right? David, you can’t see the forest from the trees my friend & hopefully you figure out the truth before it’s too late.

            I often find a lot of good information on here, but more & more I find bad information on here being evangelised on here as fact. I’ll at least say there are good intentions behind what Shawn does with this site & I’ll always come back to see what’s new.

          • Shawn May 1, 2012, 4:41 pm

            Well, the “evangelizing” is mostly in the comments, people cannot figure out how to stick to the subject.

          • jack May 1, 2012, 9:12 pm

            Shawn the divine source is god the creator jesus is god in human form who we will all answer to in the end us his sinfull creations

          • JSamson7 May 1, 2012, 9:29 pm

            Lol, you can spell it either way my friend because as it turns out I’ve been reading news from the UK & some how got caught up in the Old English spelling… At least it’s better than the Old English you drink out of a 40 oz… :)

          • Shawn May 1, 2012, 11:59 pm

            I don’t think anyone is twisting your arm to visit this site.

          • Trance June 6, 2012, 4:55 pm

            Hey now… don’t knock the OE. That beautiful scarlet & golden labeled bottle with the mind numbing juice of malty goodness

          • Peter July 24, 2012, 12:10 pm

            Well, information and knowledge is not everything, it is easy to manipulate others especially if they lack knowledge. The author of this site has knowledge , and knocks all who believe in Christ the Lord, and it seems to me it is a sign of misinformation and I can testify if you do not enter The Covenant through the Blood of Christ you can run and hide and have all knowledge but nothing will save you.

          • Shawn July 24, 2012, 4:15 pm

            Christianity will not save you, nor will Jesus show up and save you during the Tribulation. I practice Independent Spirituality and teach against all religions because they cause deception and are of Idolatry. The Covenant was made with individuals not a religion that worships the sun through christmas and the cross and the fertility goddess through easter.

      • jasmine wyatt November 18, 2012, 1:57 am

        You got that right!

        • jasmine wyatt November 18, 2012, 2:00 am

          Christ is THE ONLY WAY!!

  • Casey June 9, 2012, 7:42 am

    I can’t believe anybody seriously believes in this “NWO/Illuminati/12/21/2012” crap. By “wireless dispatches” he means radios and telephones both of which existed when London was alive and by “flying machines” you do realize the Wright Brothers invented the airplane in 1903 (I don’t know why jet engines have to do with anything)? Plus since American Presidential elections are held every four years, its pretty easy math to figure out when elections occur.