The Time Table for the Antichrist, and the New World Order.

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2010 is progressing swiftly with several deceptive ideologies such as the 2012 syndrome. There are many people who refuse to ascertain that this decade will progress to the advent of the Antichrist/Man of Lawlessness, and the One World Government of the New World Order. Multitudes of people around the globe hear about 2012 or the NWO and choose to ignore the subject and remain deluded, or people express a yielding attitude to the New World Order domination within the context of acceptance. The fearful might comprehend the acuteness of the subject, but because of their hopeless mentality will change subjects that will tickle their ears.

The Antichrist Entered his host body around 11/1/2010, possibly with 32 of his lower entity cohorts.

View the Time Table of the Antichrist.

Currently under Research: There is a chance that the 2012 Olympics in London will produce a ritual that will Anoint the Man of Lawlessness.

Back in the 1970/80’s when people talked about “the end” or the “judgment”, people would comment “I will not be here then”, well, guess again. There is significant theory, fact, and credibility that can prove that during this decade the shit-storm averse to the mass amount of individuals that have a disposition of love, truth, and light, and anyone who resists the New World Order will begin.

However, the organizational method and advent of events will be of a cunning deceptive manner to unite the world. I will be writing about the dynamics of this subject soon.

The historic tales of the Bible covertly teach concerning our day of age, and concisely point to one significant event that proves during this decade beginning in 2010 is the time the New World Order will dominate humanity and the Man of Lawlessness/Antichrist will arrive to rule the world as God. However, the deceptive manor of arrival, uniting humanity, and gaining the approval are a devious, cunning nature.

Any person can dispute this “fact” of guesswork; nowadays our society requires credentials, facts, and proof. Analyzing the last 60 years and proving the contrast of 4000 years before, most people still experience skepticism.

The External View:

External signs are great natural disasters that are incomparable to the historic recored; the rise of personal greed within the corporate world defrauding millions of dollars from the innocent. An increase of crime and the prison population; since the 1950’s the building of prisons contribute to the greed that generates overcrowding. The Public New Agey preachers who reveal the corruption of the governments, but also are preaching an uprising. The terrorism syndrome that is creating fascism under the delusion of democracy. The increase of military might despite minimal external threats. The mental conversion of the amiable policeman who protected and served the community to the military style enforcer who will entrap anyone because the charging of crimes and writing tickets generates money. Within the last five years the disinformation of government secrets is continually revealed to the public, in addition to a major increase of consciousness and awareness. The above subjects contrast the human lifestyle and environment that existed before the twentieth century.

The Scriptural View:

The best scriptural source is Matthew Chapter 24 and analyzing the History of the Jews to decipher the time table of the Antichrist/Man of Lawlessness.
The Israelites failed by blending and marrying the Canaanites. Solomon’s Temple experienced destruction in 586 BCE and laid waste for 70 years. The 70 years defines as Exile, no temple. Today the Jews are in Exile, having a nation, but no temple. Seventy years of the exile will be completed in 2018. Judaism is eagerly contemplating their long awaited “messiah” to arrive before or near the end of the 70 year exile.

Matthew Chapter 24 highlights certain events concerning the tribulation during the New World Order and the Antichrist. But, the key identifying marker is the Fig Tree in verse 32.

Verses 4-8 occurs before the action of the New World Order. This world is experiencing natural disasters, deceivers, wars, pestilences, famines, and other troubles.

Verses 9-28 explains certain dynamics during the New World Order, the tribulation, and the Antichrist.

Take Note: There is a sinister plan that will unite the world and accept the Antichrist as their savior; the plan is related with war. I will be writing about this subject soon.

Any individual deposed to the light and anyone who opposes the New World Order will have to endure, suffer and possibly die under the hands of the NWO, through death, life will be attained through the domination of the Divine Light. Verses 15-20 are geared to the first century, the instructions are concerning the destruction of Jerusalem in 70.

Verses 29-31 adverts to after the murder of the hoard of individuals who oppose the NWO and who are of virtue and when the world declares peace and security.

However, notice Verse 32: Jesus talks about the Fig tree and when it is giving of its leaves, know that summer is near. But, what was taught about the Fig Tree before this day of teaching? Matthew recored the teaching in Chapter 21:20-21, about two days before.

The Representation of the Fig Tree:

The context of the fig tree represents the Jewish Nation, and Jesus taught that “this generation will by no means pass away until the harvest is complete. The generation is of 1948 who are only 62 years old this year.

There is no comparison of the advancement of technology within the last 62 years and the last 5500 years dating from Sumer the first city/state establishment. Since the computer invention in 1984, technology has risen to unthinkable levels and is speedily rising higher.

The combination of the Exile of the Jews that concludes in 2018, the representation of the Fig Tree in connection to the “generation”, and through clear observation of modern events should convince any deep thinker that the Man of Lawlessness and the New World Order will materialize during this decade.

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  • Philip November 28, 2011, 12:42 am

    Hi…i knew something like this was bount to happen.. i never did any research on this…i just felt it all these years… Their agenda is clear.. i dont understand why other people dont see it

  • Arthur December 28, 2011, 11:20 am

    Shalom shawn!

    I’ve read a whole lot about endtime, d illuminati infiltration of christianity escpecially d papcy. D darkness is deception is enermous. I beleive some hw sm part of the bible’s been doctored. ur analyses are striaght. I want to ask if by chance u’ve had any research about THREE DAYS DARKNESS d period of peace.

  • Clearly Crystal April 22, 2012, 7:41 am

    Today, I looked at my husband and realized I could not picture him with gray hair or old….I do not belive we will be old together.

    We have a wonderful, very spiritual relationship, our third anniverary is August 8th, 2012…

    So, I must live for today and love him with all my heart, come what may.

    Thank you for your pages.

    • Shawn April 22, 2012, 4:07 pm

      Thanks for the comment

  • NABILA May 23, 2012, 9:43 am

    In the Quran, it is said to be in 2021 not in 2012, can you please reconsider this date and make its calculations. The Quran refers to the coming of Jesus in 2021 to take over the world from the hands of the Antichrist. This means that the antichrist will take over the world before 2021. There is also a story also from the Kitab Al Jafr for Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib ( Prophet Mohhamad”s cousin and son in law) that says a man called Al Mahdi will appear after the ruling of the antichrist for one day like a weak (!!!!) whom will fight the powers of the darkness introducing the coming back of Jesus.

    • Shawn May 23, 2012, 4:11 pm

      Well 2021 is a long shot, but a possibility, the reason being is that the 70 years of the Jewish exile ends in 2017-18, If the aliens arrive in 2013 I cannot see this era dragging on until 2021.

  • mary chamberlain January 30, 2013, 12:47 pm

    thank you so much for the information you have uncovered. i am a vhristian who has been sttuding the bible for 10 years this is lining right up with scripture. which leads me to believe JESUS IS LORD and the powers of darkness will never prevail or the gates of hell against GOD and his own. God bless us ans israel. again thank you this is powerful stuff i will be praying for you and the usa.