Introspection of Violent Superbowl Commercials.

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The Superbowl sporting event is the most watched show in America that generates the highest ratings. Superbowl commercials cost millions of dollars for a thirty second to a one minute slot. Pepsi declined the Superbowl opportunity to advertise their Refresh Project, choosing instead to bank the 2.8 million dollars for each 30 second slot. PepsiCo Doritos ran three commercials during this years Superbowl television event.

This year a recored 106.5 million people turned into the SuperBowl game according to Nielsen media. Sunday’s Super Bowl was viewed by more than double the 48 million Americans who watched President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address in January. This figure tops the 1983 finale of medical drama M*A*S*H which drew 105.97 million viewers. Last year the Super Bowl drew 98 million viewers.

Could there be some deceptive manipulation that produced the underdog Saints into Superbowl contenders and now “champions” connecting Hurricane Katrina?

Many commercials are teaching violence and the mentality of the New World Order. The messages are subliminal suggestions that can taint the subconscious. Most people just laugh or will comment “that was weird” and might say “what is the meaning of that?”. Have you ever watched a commercial and said “I don’t get it”, exactly—they don’t want you to intellectually “get it”—get it? And the halftime show, as I recall in 2004/05 Janet Jacksons breast fell out of her shirt and we all saw her little star painted nipple. Since then Fox only presents male performers such as the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, and this year The Who—a representation of the American Media’s Puritan Mentality.

Audi 2010 Green Car Super Bowl Commercial.


The advertising of the “Green Police”, just what America needs, more police. The Americans sit back while the country slowly changes into a fascist police state. The word “Environmental” defines as “enclosed mentality”.

I don’t own a TV, nor are American sports broadcasted in the region I am currently residing. However, A member of the former Vigilant Citizen Forum expressed her observation of the Superbowl Commercials.

Ah the superbowl. Did anyone else watch it? Does anyone else think the NFL is rigged? How about the fact that the Saints won, of all teams?

Alright, here is my observation of the commercials, and the half time show.

After the first play, the first two commercials were as follows:

1.Old people playing football and getting tackled.
2.Young lady just talking to the audiance and gets randomly tackled.

So, the first two commercials are innocent folks getting tackled. Wonderful.

The next commercial was really weird, it had football stars and like some guy in a weird outfit with sunglasses getting sprayed in the face with something (mace conditioning?)

This one is disturbing:

A dog puts his shock collar on his owner. Then, steals his Doritos. At the end of the commercial, the owner is writhing on the ground while dog enjoys chips. great.
The first round of ads ends with one for the network show and a bunch of people are slapping each other on the back of the head. More violence. Let’s just KEEP ENCOURAGING IT! :: rolls eyes ::

The Simpsons:

The next round of commercials begins with Mr. Burns of the Simpsons losing everything he owns, then walking through a park and watching all the townsfolks enjoying life becuase they have a Coca Cola. He wants one so bad too, but no one will give him one. Then one person walks up with an armful of them and shares. Apu. Leave it to the Indian guy to have a heart and forgive!

More Doritos:

Okay leave it to Doritos to have the next eyebrow raising commercial. A guy is in a coffin, filled with Doritos watching a football game. He has faked his death and the setting is the funeral. Well, there was a play the guy got excited about, and then the coffin falls over and guy falls out with doritos pouring out as well. An attendee of the funeral says “It’s a MIRACLE!” . ugh.

Banned Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2010 From HUMMPY


Bud Lite:

Here’s a good one from Bud Lite. A plane has crashed and the survivors are on a deserted island. A lady walks up and says she has found a part of the plane to help them escape. Then a guy says he has found a shitload of beer, and the others all run to the beer. So we are saying “In times of emergency, don’t seek the way out, drink beer” LOL


The commercial for the new Men’s Dove Soap was encouraging divorce as a liberating thing.

Alright here’s another good one. People of an office are on their lunchbreak together. A robot walks up with his lunch and wants to sit next to a man. The man ignores him and the robot gets sad and throws his tray on the ground. There you go folks. The introduction of technology having feelings. Not a good thing. Don’t give them emotion.

Alright by this time I’d had a few shots and beers, but good thing we had food! What I’m saying is I was paying less attention, but it turned into a lot of movie ads.

Also there were lots of ads with little animals. A LOT.


Other than the fact that it SUCKED musically, here’s some interesting information. The band was THE WHO. The stage was the middle of an eye, and there were a bunch of flashing lights around it that made it look like a huge eye. Disgusting. One of the songs started with the who’s arrow in the lights, and then the lights started to say “who are you?” Connection to people having lost themselves? Who are you…. well… we’re gonna TELL you!!


After half time, a notable commercial was by the company Vizio. This one portrayed people in what looked like “a wall of cubicles and in each one the person was going about their own business”. Then the big robotic hands started taking people out of the cubes and putting them into one place (i think, someone was trying to talk to me while I was watching it, so not to be rood, had to pay them some attention). That commercial was uber creapy.

And now by this time I had already had to make a couple trips, so I missed a lot. But the last noteworthy one was of a gothic looking girl just walking down tha street and a bunch of boys guys following her drooling n shit. This says “evil is sexy”.

There you have it folks. Vigilant Flix Reporting from the barstool.

Every Violent Act in 2010 Superbowl Commercials.


Looking to watch more? Search—-> 2010 Superbowl Commercials on Youtube.

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