The Volcanic Ash and NATO Exercises End as British Airspace Opens.

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Ironic circumstances, or just a coincidence? Britain’s Airspace opened and most Airlines are allowed to fly as of Yesterday 10pm GMT. Between today and Friday 8 different northern military exercises will be ended. Analyzing the Military Exercise List, the largest NATO exercises of the year occurred during the supposed Volcanic Ash Plume. On April 12th large Naval ships from 10 NATO countries departed ports to convene in the area of the Baltic sea. Iceland’s Volcano Eyjafjallajokull erupted March 20 2010, the media released very little information.

Two days after the beginning of major military exercises in Northern Europe, all airspace closed due to Volcanic Ash from Iceland. Today on Wednesday April 21 the airspace is open and the Telegraph reports are that British Airways claims the shutdown is ‘unnecessary’.

The post picture is of Eyjafjallajökull looking a little Alien.

The Brilliant Ardent reports of cancelled flights on Monday and Tuesday, but no word of any flights cancelled over the weekend of April 16th through the 18th.

The List of Military Exercises in Northern Europe during the Volcanic Ash Episode:

  • April 12 – April 21, 2010 FORTEL 2010 – France, Large scale national land/air exercise “Forces en Terrain Libre” in the Chalon Ecury / Rethel area involving drones, helicopters and fighter aircraft.
  • April 12 – April 22, 2010 BRILLIANT ARDENT 2010 – Germany, Large scale NATO air exercise.
  • April 12 – April 22, 2010 BRILLIANT MARINER 2010 – Denmark / Germany, Large scale NATO/NRF maritime exercises.
  • April 12 – April 23, 2010 FRISIAN FLAG 2010, The Netherlands International air exercise in the northern part of Holland.
  • April 12 – April 23, 2010 JOINT WARRIOR 101, United Kingdom, Large scale national air/maritime exercise.

Today’s News Excerpts from the The Daily Mail:

The UK no-fly zone was dramatically lifted last night after a game of brinkmanship by British Airways boss Willie Walsh.

The BA chief executive sent 26 long-haul flights towards British airports and demanded that the air authorities allow them to land.

All longhaul flights to operate from Heathrow and Gatwick from today. It will take ‘considerable time’ before airline restores full flying programme. There will be shorthaul cancellations to and from London airports until 1pm today and possibly beyond.
easyJet: Some services to resume across UK and Europe today.

At first the planes heading towards Heathrow and Gatwick were turned away but last night Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority and air traffic control body NATS caved in and finally ended the flying ban.

All UK airports were opened at 10pm – and the Government dramatically changed the rules on flying through volcano dust by giving airlines more responsibility to conduct their own tests for ash.

Last night Mr Walsh was stinging in his criticism of the authorities who closed the airports, leading airlines to lose £200million a day.

He said: ‘I don’t believe it was necessary to impose a blanket ban on all UK airspace last Thursday. My personal belief is that we could have safely continued operating for a period of time.’

Mr Walsh’s anger was intensified by the sight throughout yesterday of rivals – such as Germany’s Lufthansa – flying over the UK above 20,000 feet on their way to the U.S.

Interesting Timing: Less Ash and More Lava.

Icelandic Met Office reported that seismic signals indicated that lava flow might be beginning and that the ash-producing phase of the eruption was coming to an end. A change in eruptive style from ash-producing to lava-producing could be under way, Icelandic scientists have suggested.

The Questionable Possibilities of the Volcanic Eruption of Iceland:

Multitudes of onlookers on Internet message boards are questioning the combined events of Iceland’s Volcano Eruption, the closing of Northern European Airspace, and the NATO military exercises. Ironically, as the military exercises end, the 6 day closure of Northern European Airspace opens.

The Mainstream Media refrains to combined the events together, instead the focus is upon the chaotic travel difficulties and $300 million a day economic loss of the Airline Industry.

Even the Illuminati/Zionist mole Alex Jones declines to report the combined events.

For any observer of conspiracy events, there should be no doubt that NATO was conducting something extremely Top Secret in Northern Europe and using the Volcanic Ash as a cover. Most likely more preparation of the New World Order.

Considering the possibility of controlled volcano eruptions could be highly conceivable, contemplating that Eyjafjallajökull began its eruption on March 20th, major ash began April 14th—at least from what the media reveals—and now dissipating on April 21st as the combined events of military exercises end.

Ironic circumstances, or just a coincidence?

Volcano Update and EU airspace: 4/27/2010:

There should be no doubt of the “Problem, Reaction, Solution” scenario that the New World Controllers are manipulating to produce a “Single Sky” from the Volcano Ash and closing the AirSpace in Europe for six days.

From the European Union aimed to fast-track proposals by the end of the year for an integrated European airspace, with a “single sky” to replace the current system of each country monitoring its own airspace.

The New World Order is of consolidation and enslavement.

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  • Bush May 6, 2010, 9:09 pm

    Well, would You check one thing out- on the 10/04/10 (or 04/10/10 for the US) the president of Poland dies. Everybody knows, that long before that, an increased Russian intelligence activity in the UK, France, Belgium and Germany had been recorded. Check also the “misunderstanding” between the UK and the Russian in their relations since 2005 and spy-catch scandals as their background.
    Summing it up, don’t you find any links between the polish president’s death in 2010, Russian “Zapad-09” (“West”) military demonstration in 2009, building of Nordstream gas pipe in 2010 and the “visitation” of nearly 200 Russian marines from the Baltic Fleet in Świnoujscie [read: Schveen-O-oo-ystiee, the future localization of Russia-independent gas pipe (exactly gas terminal)], the blockade of the western airspace and NATO exercises in the Baltic sea, mentioned in the article?
    Well, as the polish citizen I see too much, but not in our, polish, media.

    • Shawn May 7, 2010, 9:16 am

      Thanks for the added information. There is a much bigger pictures that surrounds this episode of the Volcanic Ash and the deaths of Poland’s Government, there is a separate post concerning Poland.

  • JohntheGreek June 24, 2010, 3:35 am

    What can you tell me about Lyndon LaRouche? I have read some of his ideas and find them to be credible.
    But I am not convinced. What is your opinion? Thank You.