Who is Jesse Ventura Working Under?

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Jesse Ventura launched his Conspiracy Theory TV show on December 9 2009 on the TruTV network. The subjects “researched” and discussed are the big secrets that the American Government and its agencies have covered up since the early 1950’s. The last five years, secret information of the corrupted US government are becoming widely known, but manifesting for a particular reason. Jesse Ventura captivates the alternative, grassroots, independent individual. His first episode drew 1.6 million viewers and maintained this level throughout the series. The numbers of the combined followers of these “public preachers” can provide the controllers of the New World Order an idea of what they are up against when they manipulate America into Martial Law.

A question people may ask, is the material presented true? The answer is Affirmative, the content is true; however, the staged acting, the refusal to mention Israeli involvement in 911, the covert production of fear, the underlying teaching to uprise, and several other dynamics of the show are extremely questionable.

Working for Who—Time Warner?

The controversial issue is whom Jesse Ventura is working under? Hearing that the program will be on TruTV, an automatic thought crossed my mind that the network is independent as in the proclaimed independent politician of Jesse Ventura. TruTV is owned by Time-Warner through its subsidiary Turner Broadcasting, who also owns CNN, HBO, DC Comics and is under FCC regulations, to my suprise. TruTv is a new name with the theme “Not Reality. Actuality.” after the old name of Court TV.

Contemplating that the show is broadcasted under the corporation of the illuminati there is reason to doubt Ventura’s true intention of joining the revolution? Indeed, the designed production is to cause an uprising in America that will justify the actions of Martial Law and disposing of the constitution. Generating Martial Law in America and subduing the opposition under the deception of “security” will begin the domination of the New World Order and all countries will follow in the American path.

The Apocalypse and Holocaust:

The third show about “secret societies” focused on only one secert group, but with the indication that the agenda is to holocaust 90% of people off the earth to gain control. The interviews with key individuals are set up, and staged, to hook the viewer in—mission accomplished; except for that there is a subliminal dirty deceitful intention within the network show of “conspiracy theories”—Jesse Ventura may not even be aware by focusing on his name and the money making popularity.

The New World Order control freaks will manipulate an apocalypse through Haarp and other means to produce natural disasters and biological warfare. But, think deception—why would the powers of the darkness strive thousands of years to deceive humanity just to wipe out the masses? The Lower Entities, Et’s, and their illuminati cohorts need slaves, and they desire all human spirits, not just 500,000,000 like the “secret societies” episode teaches. The demonic lower entities continually without letup work at keeping humanity under deception, without human slaves the lower entities and the alien counterparts will loose energy.

From the past forty years Hollywood has taught the situation of an apocalypse on the screen, the last few years there is an augment of movies of the apocalypse saga. However, the apocalypse is not of God, but the deception is to make the public conjecture that God is bringing the destruction. The timetable of these events occurring is the mystery. If your asking the question could the world leaders produce a calamity in 2012, the answer is Yes, it is a high possibility. The Y2K fluke is still in everyones mind, henceforth, the calling for “Gods help” could commence the advent of the Man of Lawlessness. However, the illuminati will want to dispose of the “patriotic” movement of Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones before the AntiChrist arrives. The numbers of supporters are rising into the single millions in America; Conspiracy Theories allow the manifestation of possible numbers of the opposition.

Aside from this possible apocalypse many other situations are called for, such as the deception of the Antichrist. A World War III, or a major natural calamity could generate the arrival of the Man of Lawlessness; the ignorant will accept the antichrist as their savior. The other scenario is awakening humanity to the alien grays that has lived underground in the US since 1947 and who dubiously deceived Eisenhower into a peace treaty in exchange for technology and human experiments for the aliens in 1954. The Alien Grays are the reason for advanced technology, high tech military, and the negative influence in America. As the American Government experienced deception from the dubious grays, in turn, they would present themselves as friendly, although agents of the lower entities.

Nazi,Denver Airport, underground city

Denver International Runway

The underground cities will provide the refuge for the New World Order powered through the highly advanced technology of the ET Grays. Anybody that enters their domain will be chipped and enslaved. When Jesse Ventura manifested the Denver International Airport and the underground complex during the 2012 episode, there are several points he left out such as the runway is designed as a Nazi Swastika: Nazism never died out the movement went underground in the US. Additionally, his idea is that the government is keeping a secret about 2012. For the regular viewer, it would seem affirmative according to the ideology of the show.

Through the propaganda based on fear and hopelessness the mind controlled ignorant individual will welcome the New World Order. The context of the teachings of the new age preachers is a two fold process.

The Manchurian Candidate and 911:

On the second show of Ventura about the “Manchurian Candidate and Mind Control of Mk-Ultra, Jesse did not advert to about “Operation Paperclip” that smuggled top Nazi mind control scientists to the US. The focus is toward the American Government, only; that empowers the American opposition to uprise which is a manipulation. The propaganda is extremely sly to cause a justified Marshal Law in America.

LooseChange 911 released it first documentary in 2006 and its final release December of 2009. After watching this video and reading the account of Christopher Bollyn there is no doubt that Israel attacked America on 911. The Israeli intelligence is extremely good at hiding its trail, but Christopher Bollyn dug deeply that threatened the exposure of Israeli involvement and pressured Bollyn to move out of America.

It is said that 85% of Americans still don’t believe that 911 was an inside job.

The Big Red Flag:

This is the red flag concerning Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones—they never tie Israel with the corruption of America. America and Israel are attached at the hip and the American Jews dominate the giant Media networks such at Time-Warner, Hollywood, the banking system and large parts of the Government and its agencies. David Icke is starting to manifest as an illuminati mole by supporting an uprising besides preaching an awakening.

The Prophets, Jesus and the Apostles taught that in the last days there will be a powerful deception befalling the earth. Entering the last decade before the Antichrist is expected to arrive the deception is in full swing.

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  • Jon Carlson October 29, 2010, 5:56 pm

    The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 20
    The Nazis Do Katrina

  • Scotty November 18, 2010, 3:14 pm

    I’ve noticed that in earlier years the health of the general population was pretty bad (the fast food, high tobacco use, etc.); guess the ‘control freaks’ wanted to keep everyone lazy and dormant for the time while they worked their ‘dark ways’ behind the scenes to bring us to the point we are now. But now in the past few years I’ve noticed the push to ‘be healthy’, avoid tobacco products, exercise, etc. (and then we have all the ‘energy’ drinks). Looks like they want everyone ‘revved up’ and ready to go so that an ‘uprising’ can be organized and initiated, so this ‘police state’ they desire can be activated. There are actually a lot of ‘strange’ things going on in the world, but people are so ‘dazed and asleep’ not many seem to notice; we’re almost like cattle to the slaughter. If not for God’s grace we all pretty much would be.

  • jaimie November 27, 2010, 9:37 am

    God help us all , everyone better wake up and do something about this .We are in so much trouble,and us little people need a miracle. My uncle told me this was going to happen a long time ago.It shows me how much I don’t know and I was taught this stuff when I was a small child .When I saw the show ,being nieve as I am I was so glad to see someone telling what was going on,but deep down I knew it was to good to be true to be true.Now ,that I read your website it all seems so much clearer.So much deceit ,liars theives and murders,and people like me just don’t know what to do.So I guess we’ll see what this great country has in store for us .So much for the rich ,money has a price too, but I pray that my God will take me home before all this gets started. And my family and loved ones don’t suffer in this HELL. God forgive them for they know not what they do. I pray.For as much as I know this can get me in big trouble.That is, if this is like the show I watched about people being watched and called a threat.Well, I guess I have said as much as I can at this time being one of the dumb ones out here. GOD BE WITH US ALL AND FORGIVE US PLEASE?

  • Anony Mouse October 1, 2011, 7:08 pm

    The people I feel sorry for most are those who live in rural America. They aren’t exposed to what we see in the city and they aren’t exposed to as many people who are “enlightened”. This makes them complacent, thinking the rest of us are nuts. They still believe our President calls the shots and that we are a sovereign nation. Most of them buy the official 9/11 story and think changing parties in the White House can make a difference.

    We just had an American citizen assassinated in Syria. Everybody thinks that’s just great. What they don’t realize is that one man, our President, usurped the Constitution and called for the head of that citizen. They don’t think it could happen to them. I remind them of Janet Napolitano’s “hit list” from 2009 that listed “potential domestic threats”. At the time, I knew she was just setting the stage for what is to come and I believe it even more, now. Why else would you put out a list like that? What could the purpose possibly be but to plant the seed and get us acclimated to the idea that if we “resist” we will be considered enemies of the state and shot?

    God Bless America.

  • TruthSeeker January 17, 2012, 6:20 am

    This was so informative and nail it in the rock thing. I already felt something was too odd about these people trying to expose the truth because they seem to make it so scary and fascinating. These simply justify my conclusion that they are con mans. Thanks again for helping me answer some questions about these mysterious people in the net trying to hijack people’s persona about things.