WikiLeaks Playing the Game of Deception for the New World Order

the deception of wikileaks working for israel

The controversy of Wikileaks has been on the front page of world news internet sites for the last two weeks. Any organization that stirs up a high profile controversy needs to be questioned. A problem situation must be produced that can justify a reason to pass laws for internet censorship for the activation of the New World Order which will began at the end of 2012. The problem situation of Wikileaks can, and most likely, be used as a prime reason to create worldwide stringent internet censorship laws that will be enforced during the New World Order of Enslavement.

The development from the past few days should explain to the open-minded individual that wikileaks is a disinformation organization that is intended to produce a “problem situation” for the governments, or they are just unwittingly idiots allowing themselves to be used by the controllers of the Illuminati. Several sources are claiming that Wikileaks are working for Israeli intelligence and the disinformation released originates from Israeli sources.


We should obviously all support WikiLeaks and its founder and spokesperson, Julian Assange, who has just been arrested in Britain, in this dirty war by states around the globe against transparency and openness. But in the world of politics, sadly, things are never as innocent as they appear. According to new revelations, Assange had allegedly struck a deal with Israel before the recent ‘cable gate’, which may explain why the leaks “were good for Israel,” as the Israeli prime minister put it.

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From Pakalert Press

Reports have come in today, tying Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, directly to Israeli intelligence and “Israel friendly” media outlets. We are told Assange, while at a Geneva meeting, agreed to allow Israel to select or censor all Wikileak output.
Despite the dramatic arrest of Julian Assange for rape, a story long hyped by the media, Assange “the martyr” now appears to be Assange “the Israeli spy.” Reports from inside Wikileaks differ greatly from the image presented by the press, an Assange tied to ultra-nationalist Israeli groups, an Assange with an extremist agenda, an Assange who sees himself as a geopolitical player, willing to censor, willing to fabricate and willing to betray.

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As time continues toward the activation of the New World Order more fabricated problem situations will occur. The world governments and the elite illuminati must have the NWO laws in place before they stage the alien war. The Alien War will shift the mentality of the collective consciousness. After the war will be the time of complete controlled totalitarian rule under the hand of the darkness.

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  • a new world order July 23, 2011, 11:07 am

    the hacker group anonymous that is crusading for wikileaks is also a deception. more than likely CIA hackers to fuel this fire along.